Beauty at War episode 21 recap


Muk Do Yee told Seung Ling she can choose what she wants to do now. Seung Ling told Muk Do Yee that marriage is important and she can’t let anyone ruin her life. Seung Ling told Muk Do Yee should should be mad at Bacha for hiding the death of her siblings and forcing her to marry Ma Goong Goong. Seung Ling told Muk Do Yee that if she tells the empress she doesn’t like Ma Goong Goong then the empress might reconsider the marriage. Seung Ling told Muk Do Yee they will leave the palace together.

Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi he will be rewarded for having her in his heart. A prostitute rehearse a poem to Lau Fei about fate. Seung Ling told Yue Yuet when she went back to her hometown, it isn’t the same anymore. She looked at the streams and thought the streams should carry her away to a place she can see her children again. Seung Ling cried and said she just wants to put an end to it all but Lau Fei came and saved her. Flashbacks Lau Fei told Seung Ling it takes one hundred years to have a blissful marriage. Lau Fei and Seung Ling lost their lover. Master Ko’s flute played the tune of her pain and suffering. Lau Fei hugged Seung Ling through the rain.

Ying Kam told Chau Yuen to not take too much opium or it will hurt his health. Chau Yuen told Ying Kam if she can’t stand the smell of the opium then go back to her room. Ying Kam and Seung Ling listens to Lau Fei’s flute. Yue Yuet smelled the scent that Yuen Sau use and find it similar to the scent that Lau Fei use. Seung Ling told Bacha that gossiping won’t do anything. They must accept their children’s death. Seung Ling told Bacha Muk Do Yee is still his daughter and if he arrange her marriage, it will bring misfortune to her. Yue Yuet told her maids to prepare snacks for Seung Ling and her. Yue Yuet told Seung Ling the more she is tangled with love, the harder it is for her to let go. Ying Kam told Chau Yuen she wants to have a baby with him.

Lau Fei told his eunuch before he perform on stage, he must look good. Seung Ling told Muk Do Yee it is her own choice to stay in the palace. Seung Ling told Muk Do Yee she is staying in the palace to take care of her. Seung Ling said palace politics is complicated and it is better to face it than running away from it. Lau Fei accidentally tripped during his performance. Yue Yuet told Yee Ho to send a message to Doctor Yeung. Yue Yuet said Yuen Sau will never guess that she took part in hurting Lau Fei. Yuen Sau told Ma Goong Goong she investigated that the floor is covered by oil used by the attending office. Ma Goong Goong told Yuen Sau he’s being set up. Yuen Sau asked the guards to spank Ma Goong Goong. Seung Ling asked Doctor Yeung if Lau Fei’s injury is bad. Doctor Yeung told Seung Ling that Lau Fei took a misstep in the palace and it’s not their business to help him.

Yue Yuet told Seung Ling she must not let anyone know about the love between Lau Fei and her. Yue Yuet told Seung Ling she was really ill before the princess died; an imperial guard was there for her. Yue Yuet told Seung Ling no one will remember their good deeds but only remember their mistakes. Yue Yuet said they have to turn a blind eyes on their true love. Yee Ho told Chin Yiu that palace rules can stop people’s action but can’t control people’s heart. Yue Yuet wouldn’t have shared her story with Seung Ling if she she didn’t knew that.

A Change of Heart episode 15 recap

Michael managed to pull Niki up. Vannessa told the paparazzi that she committed suicide due to love problems. You can sense the evilness in Joey Meng. Are you enjoying seeing Joey as the main villain? Vanessa said the incident helped her realize that life is precious. Flashbacks of Joey telling Vanessa that if she do what Joey says, then she will star in their next film. Mandy told Niki that Michael is amazing because he’s rich, good looking, and loyal. Michael, Niki, and Joey are all thinking about the scene when Michael pulled Niki up from the building.

Yuet wait for Michael to discuss about the wine contest. The shareholder praised Joey for solving the incident about Vanessa and making her more famous. The shareholders told Michael that his recent changes on the promotional campaign lost many customers. Benjamin received a call about the Sleepless City project and left with Michael.

Vincent meet with Benz and told him that he’s investigating the case about Niki’s mother’s death. Benz read the news. Benz went to the Dream City Night Club. Benz remembered he danced with a woman the bar and joked with that he will marry her. The woman slapped her. Then the woman disappeared. Benz treated Niki and Elaine some pork and curry. Niki and Elaine can’t stand the spice in the curry. Niki gave a blue scarf for Elaine’s sister.Niki asked Elaine’s sister if she looks like Elaine. Benz put the cup in the kitchen then went out to get a Ziploc bag. Eliane went in the kitchen and drank the cup of water. Benz went back to the kitchen and put the cup inside the bag.

Michael told Joey he rather give up the Sleepless project if the project isn’t safe. Joey told Benjamin he must help convince Michael to ask the shareholder to invest in the project.

Yuet told Benjamin he wants to create a contest in the night shadow where the movie stars will be the judges.Benjamin told Yuet not to waste his time. Niki told Yuet if he wants to get ahead, then he should think of something his boss can’t. Niki saw a flyer about developing third world countries and suggest this idea to Yuet. Yuet and Niki research ideas to improve Michael’s business. Vincent watch Yuet and Niki sleeping on the couch.

Benz took the DNA report and thought that if Niki is her daughter, he wouldn’t tell her anyway. Benz threw the report in the trash. Benz looked at a girl yelling at her dad about breaking his promise buying her a doll. Benz picked up the report in the trash. The DNA report confirmed that Niki is Benz’s daughter. Vincent called Benz that he found more info about Niki’s mother’s death. During the case, the suspect grabbed Niki. Niki was surprised that Benz hit the suspect very hard.

Michael didn’t have an agreement with the business client. Michael went to the store and grabbed the white chocolate and Yuet was also holding one too. Michael told Yuet he works hard as a bootlicker. It’s an employee’s duty to keep his boss happy but he needs true talent and hard work to get ahead. Yuet suggests Michael to give loans to SME with proper financial checks. Joey told Benjamin that Michael has been acting weird. Joey told Benjamin they need more money to invest on the loss to make Michael realize he’s wrong. Yuet told Michael that Niki took part giving him ideas for the SME loan plan. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to try get ahead? The act itself is neither right or wrong. It depends on oneself. Hurting others to benefit oneself. Win or lose. We need a good heart as well as intelligence. What do you think?

TVB fb fanpages DMCA takedown!

For the past few days I’ve been pretty mad and sad about My TVB Fanatics Club FB fanpage received a DMCA from TVBUSA fb fanpage. I found out not only my fanpage got removed but also two other TVB Fanpages: TVBDramaclub and TVBDiscussion got removed on the same day 2 days ago.

This is what we received.

Admin Anne and I was like “What???”. Another TVB fb admin offered me to be an admin to his fanpage and update some news and stuff. I’m still thinking about it since I’m pretty tired and scared of this. At least my blog didn’t receive a notice. I’m still kinda scared to blog and write reviews. My motivation is so down at the moment. I feel kinda encouraged when Some tvb fans said they hope I create a new tvb fanpage or co-admin with another tvb fb admin. They said they love reading my series updates. :). Some fans said they are going to miss seeing my tvb news update all over their wall. If it was a few years go, maybe I would have the motivation to create a new tvb fb fanpage. Since tvb series has downgraded a lot, I don’t really have the motivation to create a fb like page. Plus I already have a blog. xd.

Anyway Thanks for your support!

A Change of Heart episode 14 recap


Joey told Michael that the editor sent her a photo of him and Niki hoping to get a story out of her. Michael told Joey he’s glad she’s so understanding. Joey told Michael he must watch for his heart when he goes out to bike. Niki’s boss told Niki’s subordinates that the crime rates of the youngsters has lessened thanks to their bike marathon. Tomato C has been chosen to be on the TV program.

Yuet, Mandy, and Vincent peeked on Niki buying food at the market. Yuet, Mandy, and Vincent took Niki home and asked her to drink some coffee. Niki got mad at Mandy for exposing her secret about her mother died. Niki left the house. Yuet searched for Niki outside. Yuet slides on the stair and fell down. Yuet told Niki if she believes that nothing last forever, she will forget them easier when they disappear. Yuet said without loss, there’s no pain. Yuet asked Niki how many years she will try to find the killer and what if she never finds the killer. Niki told Yuet that if she sees a smiley cloud right now, it means Yat and her mom are giving her the energy to heal her pain. Yuet and Niki looked at the smiley cloud.

At the clothing store, Mandy told Niki to change her styles if she wants to forget her past. Niki tried some dresses. Niki told Mandy she remembered when she she was a child, she used to lie to her friends that her dad has a PHD and her mom is a teacher. Niki said Mandy is the only one who listens to her secret. Mandy told Niki she wants to be more lady like. She wants to change herself for her crush. Niki wore her new red dress and put her hair down for dinner. Mandy wore glasses and asked Yuet if she looks like a teacher.

At the restaurant, Tomato C asked Jack to switch seats with her since a guy keep staring at her. Jack Wu showed Tomato C the episode she hosted. Mandy told the restaurant owner that her milk tea is so watery today. The restaurant owner told Mandy that it looks like she ordered something wrong and wanted another one. Elaine told Mandy she can ask Vincent to do a lab test with the milk tea. Elaine and her friends think that Vincent likes Mandy since he lets her take advantage of him. Mandy apologized and said she can only blame herself to be good at nothing. Mandy told Elaine to give her a buttered bun and milk tea.

Michael told Joey to join Vincent during dinner. Vincent saw Niki at the restaurant and he asked her to sit with him and Michael. Joey told Michael on the phone she won’t be coming to dinner. Niki asked Michael if he can support her the money for the event. Vincent received a call from the hospital to work. Niki saw Michael took out the white chocolate. Niki and Michael watch watch each other hands and see who has more calluses. Michael asked Joey if she mind that he was with Niki. Joey said she is fine. Niki got frustrated thinking about Michael as Yat. Niki told Vincent that ever since Michael has a heart transplant, he acted like Yat. Niki told Vincent that Michael knows how to draw and eat chocolate like Yat. Vincent told Niki it’s all an illusion.

Tomato C told Sammy and Jack she wants to quit her job and become a model.Tomato C gave her resignation letter to Niki. Niki asked Tomato C is she is sure.Niki told Tomato C being a model is different from being a cop. Vanessa, the model got molested at the bar. Tomato C told Niki she changed her mind and want to be a cop again. Niki joked to Tomato C she has submitted her resignation letter. Vanessa called Tomato C that she got fired and wants to jump down the building.

Michael told Joey being molested is a big deal. Michael told Joey she is thinking about saving the company reputation while he is thinking about the principle of running a business. Michael told Vanessa the problem lies on the assistant not her. Michael promise Vanessa he will find her a good job. As Niki tried to grab Vanessa, Niki accidentally fell down the building. Michal holds Niki’s hands. Suicide cannot solve anything. One must solve one’s pain. One must learn to overcome it. If you overcome it, you’ll become stronger.

Flower Boys Next Door episode 12 recap


Shi Yoon told Shin Hye he can’t forget the expression when he took her to the beach. Shi Yoon said he will take her to an even better place next time and they are going to eat more delicious food. Shi Yoon told Shin Hye he liked her in the past, he likes her in the present; and he will like her in the future. Ji Hoon asked Kyung Pyo how much money does he needs at the moment. Kyung Pyo said his job’s pay isn’t enough although he likes to draw. He has to take many shift jobs. Ji Hoon told Kyung Pyo he can’t finish the webtoon without him. Shi Yoon told Shin Hye to start dating him. Shi Yoon showed Shin Hye a quote ‘”Love is like an extremely close friendship.” Shi Yoon asked Shin Hye if she wants to leave because of Ji Hoon and Soo Jin. Shi Yoon told Shin Hye he wants her to write a story about her traveling around the world. Shi Yoon told Shin Hye that Ji Hoon’s TV really sucks. Shin Hye said he already saw Ji Hoon’s tv. Shi Yoon asked Shin Hye if she can leave him being hurt. Shi Yoon showed Shin Hye his game.

Soo Jin knocked on the door and asked Shi Yoon to tell Shin Hye to come out. Soo Jin asked Shin Hye what did she do wrong and why can’t she laughed when she meets her. Soo Jin told Shin Hye she likes when others gossip about Shin Hye and the teacher. Soo Jin told Shin Hye that she liked him first but Shin Hye deceived her. Soo jin told Shin Hye she lied to her so she wouldn’t lose her as a friend. Soo Jin told Shin Hye she just sat there and took all the rumors. Shi Yoon told Ji Hoon that Shin Hye has to say something. Shin Hye stood up and asked Soo Jin if she was supposed to apologized to her and comfort her. Shin Hye told Soo Jin that everyone treated her like a piece of crap. Shin Hye told Soo Jin her friend is long gone. Soo Jin told Shin Hye she is tough for hanging on although everyone called her a loner. Soo Jin said she needed other friends. Shin Hye told Soo Jin although she only has her as a friend; it was enough. Shin Hye said she was happy having only her. Shi Yoon gave Shin Hye a cup of pencils and asked her sharpen it since she’s sad. Shin Hye told Shi Yoon she’s going to go out. Shi Yoon hugged Shin Hye and said there are many things to do.

Ji Hoon told Shi Yoon he saw Shin Hye for the last time at the hospital and he will now give her to him. Shi Yoon told Ji Hoon if Shin Hye moves out, he can’t be by her. The Flower Boys cooked dinner to Madame and said Shin Hye is moving out. Shi Yoon told Madame to tell the security guard to deposit 100,000 dollars then no one will move out. The security guard told Madame he loves her. Shi Yoon told Ji Hoon and Kyung Pyo he has a video game seminar and would like them to video tape it. Kyung Pyo told Shi Yoon he will do it for three hundred and fifty dollars. Ji Hoon told Shi Yoon he doesn’t think Shin Hye will go to the seminar since there are many people. Shi Yoon asked Shin Hye to come with him to the seminar.

Shi Yoon told the audience that Saint Exupery, who wrote The Little Prince, wrote about a young prince came up to the acoholic man and asked him why does he drink so much. The alcoholic man said he drinks to forget his embarrassment. Even five to ten minutes after playing that game, it doesn’t leave your head. You feel embarrass wen you lie and hide about the game. Shi Yoon asked the audience would they feel ashamed lying they didn’t play the game. Shi Yoon told the audience when they are confident, their addiction will go away. When everyone is sleeping, and they turn on the game then they start to hate yourself and feel less confident. They start to hate themselves. Shi Yoon told the audience don’t be ashamed of playing the game.

Ji Hoon and Shin Hye watch Shi Yoon play soccer. A girl told Shin Hye that Shi Yoon is not a human but a fairy. The girl said it is hard for Shi Yoon to live as a fairy because he must put humans before himself. People don’t believe in fairies so fairies are always lonely sad. If gloomy stuff like shadow darkness are by a fairy then the fairy will disappear. Shin Hye stared at Ji Hoon and Shi Yoon at the bus station. Shi Yoon carried boxes of shoes and asked Shin Hye to try. A fan took photos of Shin Hye and Shi Yoon hanging out.

Soo Jin told Ji Hoon she saw his webtoon Flower Boy Next Door which he confesses his love for Shin Hye. Ji Hoon told Soo Jin she can stop her feelings for him. Shin Hye watch Shi Yoon writing on the board to sleep well. Kyung Pyo saw his boss at the bar. Kyung Pyo told his boss he didn’t expect her to show up since he was just saying he was going to call her. Kyung Pyo’s boss told Kyung Pyo she is curious about where she works so she came to check on him. Kyung Pyo defended his boss at the bar when some girls mocked his boss dark circle eyes. Shin Hye read a sticky note saying to watch the Flower Boy Next Door cartoon. Shin Hye watch Ji Hoon’s Flower Boy Next Door cartoon. Shi Yoon rang the door bell and didn’t see Shin Hye. Shi Yoon and Ji Hoon saw some words on the wall “Drop Dead”.

A Change of Heart episode 13 recap

Mandy told Niki that her mom had gong to play mahjong and she was left alone at home. She was crying by the door but no one answered. Mandy said Niki would hold her hands so she could sleep. Niki told Mandy she was holding her hands so hurt that it hurts. Michael received a call from Vincent that Joey’s father has lymphoma and wants to see Joey. Sheung trembled using his scissors to cut Michael’s hair.

Sheung begged Michael to let him retire. Michael asked Joey why did she threatened Sheung. Joey told Michael she wanted him to be happy so she asked Sheung to come back. Michael told Joey to visit her dad. Vincent told Michael that Joey’s dad doctor said Joey’s dad doesn’t have cancer cell but he have some bacteria. Joey yelled at his dad why did he has to fake illness. Joey remembered when she was a child, she waited for her dad in the rain and saw her dad celebrates Vincent’s birthday. Joey remembered before her mom died in the hospital,her dad wouldn’t visit her. Vincent told Michael he hopes that Joey could put her past down. Michael told Vincent he will help him and Joey reconciled with his family.

At the bar, Mandy told Yuet to leave the bar with her. Yuet told Mandy she eat and drink more than him and she looks happier than him. Yuet asked Mandy she didn’t have a bad past and the only sad past that she has is that she is an orphan. Mandy said her mom is a prostitute. Mandy said her mom sacrificed herself to raise her up so she could go to college and live a proper life. Mandy said a psycho killer killed her mom when she was five. Mandy said she workerd very hard and wanted to be a cop to find the killer. Mandy said if her mom knew she worked in Night Shadow, she would kill her. Mandy said other people will make fun of her if they know about her past. Mandy told Yuet to keep this secret. Mandy told Yuet to tell her a secret. Yuet said when he was in school, he played a prank on a teacher but she thought it was his brother who did it so she punished him instead. Yuet carried Mandy home and left.

Kuen got suspected for stealing money at the shop. Kuen told Benz that he has a theft history previously but he didn’t participate in this current case. Kuen told Niki he started a new leaf and she must believe him. Elaine told JJ she can follow Kuen’s case and she is not as incompetent as her. Elaine saw JJ following the case. Elaine told JJ she will follow the case with her. JJ and Elaine saw Kuen hanging out with his triad friends. JJ and Elaine told Michael and Niki that not many people wants to hire people with criminal background. Michael said youngsters should be given a chance to turn a new leaf. Niki told Michael it is easy to say but prejudice is hard. Michael told JJ and Elaine he can plan for the youngsters to work in his company. Yuet hires Kuen as a bartender. Yuet showed Kuen how to make wine.

Mandy ordered Kuen to bring her some food and drinks. Keun got mad and told Mandy to get it herself. Kuen told Mandy he’s not here to let her boss him around. Yuet told Kuen a trip or two won’t hurt him. Mandy told Yuet that the girls wanted to bully her but she used his name so they can respect her. Yuet yelled at Mandy and said what if his boss thinks he’s flirting with girls at work. Mandy used her past to calm Yuet down.

Yuet saw Vincent reading a book about psycho killer. Yuet asked Vincent if someone grew up in a tragic family, would she has psychological problem. Yuet told Vincent that Mandy’s childhood is more tragic than him. Mandy’s mother was a prostitute and got killed by a client Mandy was five. Yuet told Vincent that Mandy used her past to bug him. He can’t stand women who cries. Yuet and Vincent search a murder case about brothel. Vincent read a case about Niki’s mom.

Joey told Benjamin to fire the two new assistants since one is absent minded and the other irritates people. Joey asked Benjamin why didn’t Michael tell her that he hired those youngster to make a difference. Benjamin said Michael may think it is just a small thing.

Yuet took Mandy to a basement and told her he found her mom’s killer. Yuet told Mandy to use the tool to kill her mom’s killer and dump him in the sea. Yuet pushed Mandy’s hands with the knife into the body. Mandy got scared and said she’s sorry she lied and her mother didn’t get killed. Mandy saw Vincent Yuet and said it was cheap for them to lie to her. Mandy said she borrowed Niki’s mom case.

Yuet told Michael that Kuen fins the job hard and he always wants to leave.Yuet told Michael he is good at business and kindhearted. Yuet asked Kuen what does he wants to do with his life. Yuet told Kuen he can be a dog, ox,or a toy. He can work like an ox to his boss; to work to his boss like a dog, Yuet told Kuen he doesn’t know how to please girls. Yuet told Kuen he has to work hard to gain respect and there’s no gain without the pain. Kuen told Yuet he has no future being a bartender. Yuet told Kuen many people starts from the bottom up. Yuet told Kuen he can always climb up if he fails. Yuet juggled some wine bottle in front of Kuen and he said it took him years to learn it. Kuen make wine in front of Yuet, Niki, JJ, and Elaine. Kuen said he wants to learn more so he can take part in the competition. Niki told JJ and Yuet it is takes a long time to tell if a man is good or bad. Kuen texted Michael and thanked him for giving him a chance to turn a new leaf.

Niki told Michael she always thought he wanted fame but now he put his heart into hiring the youngsters. Michael told Niki since the heart transplant, he wanted to live a different life. Michael told Niki he promised Yat if he gets well he will be a good person.Niki stared at Michael and think of Yuet. Niki asked Michael if she can touch his chest to listen to Yat’s heartbeat. Joey received a picture of Niki listening to Michael’s heartbeat.

People change with time and circumstances. When you are changing, people find it hard to adjust to you.Is the change a good thing.

A Change of Heart episode 12 recap

I just love how fast paced this series is and the spectacular acting of the casts. This is my favorite tvb series this year so far guys. 🙂

Not everyone is alike in this world. Everyone got different views and background on things. Looks like Joey got upset that Michael is changing. Trying to think of her position. If your boyfriend change his character, would you still lie him? Benjamin asked Michael if he wants to pull out the ads. Michael told Benjamin he doesn’t want kids to get the wrong idea and he has to fix it no matter how much it costs. Joey looked at the profiles at the model and isn’t satisfied. Benjamin told Joey that Michael has approved signing Christina J as the model. Yuet told Niki that Mandy is a thief and sold a client’s watch.Yuet told Niki that a triad boss got drunk at night shadow and lost his watch the next morning. Yuet told Mandy everyone saw her wearing that watch but she didn’t want to take it off. Mandy sweared if she stole that watch she will never find a boyfriend. Niki told Yuet to check it first since Mandy might not stole it. Vincent told Yuet based on what he said, Mandy might not be the suspect. Vincent said the most obvious suspect is always innocent.

Boss Hung’s triad captured Mandy in the car. Yuet and Vincent found his colleague that stole Boss Hung’s watch but he already pawn it. Yuet received a call that Boss Hung got Mandy. Yuet told Boss Hung that Peter pawned his watch. Boss Hung asked his men to chop Mandy’s hands. Yuet sked Boss Hung to chop his hands instead. Before the men tried to chop Yuet’s hand, Yuet tell them stop and he asked them if Mandy looks pretty. Then Boss Hung ordered his men to chop Yuet’s arms. Lucky Vincent arrive in time showing the watch. Boss Hung told Yuet, Mandy, and Vincent that his wife punch him because he lost his watch. Niki heard a voicemail from Yuet that Brother Hung kidnapped Mandy. As Niki barge in Brother Hung’s basement, she saw Yuet and Brother Hung’s men party.

Yuet told Mandy he was just kidding about the kiss promise to her if she was innocent. Mandy kissed Vincent and went to her room. Yuet told Vincent one kiss is worth more than 100,000 taels. Mihchael refused to admit to Joey that he worked hard to get Christina J as their model. Joey told Sheung that she will come with Michael to his new noodle shop. Joey tasted Sheung’s noodle. Joey told Sheung that Michael isn’t happy with the other barber shops and he won’t listen to her. JJ told her colleagues if they understand the people’s heart then they can help their clients. JJ said they can keep their center open to keep from people wandering at night. Elaine told JJ they’ve done that but didn’t succeed. JJ said they should try harder. Elaine got mad and said everyone already tried their best. JJ asked her colleagues to sit with her for lunch. Elaine and her friends rejected JJ. Michael talked about the case to JJ and Benjamin. Elaine told Niki that she’s not mad at JJ for taking up her post, but because she knows nothing and boss her around. Elaine told Niki that they have no budget but have to come up with special activities. JJ’s boss told JJ and Elaine that she likes the idea of the cyclist but if they work together they can excel this project. Elaine seems to have prejudice over JJ.

Joey told Michael that Sheung got bored running his noodle shop so he’s back in the barber shop. Sheung accepted Michael’s money and trembled. Niki asked her colleagues to help JJ’s company. Michael saw Joey called the Loving Heart Charity that she donated 500,000 dollars so more people could donates. Michael gave JJ 500,000 dollars to donate to her company. Michael told JJ he gave her his personal cheque since he doesn’t want others to know he’s sponsoring for them.

Michael and Niki participated in the bike marathon sponsored by JJ’s company. Michael told the youngsters whom wanted to give up the bike marathon, he used to to be poor and done many jobs when he was child. Michael told the kids that with hard work they can have power. Michael told the kids he’s more successful than they are but not as healthy. Michael said a kinda doctor gave him his heart. Michael showed his scars to the kids. Michael said he almost died and got a second chance to live. Michael told the kids if they have the heart, they can reach their goals. The youngsters, Niki and Michael watch the sunrise after the bike marathon.

Beauty at War episode 20 recap

Yue Yuet told Yuen Sau that rumors are rumors and there’s nothing to do in the palace. Yue Yuet told Yueng Sau tha the maid who wanted to return home in the story is similar to Seung Ling. Yue Yuet told Yuen Sau she is curious about the conspiracy of the rumors. Yuen Sau told Yue Yuet that maybe someone lost her son and tries to blame on others. Yue Yuet asked Yuen Sau why does she assumes that people have bad intentions instead of good. Lau Fei’s eunuch told Lau Fei about the rumor of the paired up maids. Lau Fei’s eunuch said there may not be a kind waiting for the maid even if she leaves the palace. Lau Fei’s eunuch said the maid has a guard lover by his side. Kat Hoi told Yuen Sau he’s fixing the roof just as he looked at the stars to protect her safety. Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi it is understandable if she blames Seung Ling on the prince’s death. Yuen Sau asked Kat Hoi what he would do. Doctor Yeung told Yue Yuet that Seung Ling has nowhere to go except her to her husband. Yue Yuet asked Doctor Yeung if she thinks Seung Ling only has a choice of going back to her husband. Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi she doubts what is Yue Yuet thinking in letting Seung Ling leave at this moment. Yue Yuet told Doctor Yeung that Seung Ling left the palace this early morning but still haven’t reached home when it’s dark. Yau Heung told Yuen Sau she still doesn’t understand about the mind of Seung Ling committing suicide. Kat Hoi said Yue Yuet feels Seung Ling’s pain and wants to end it all. Yue Yuet told Doctor Yeung if Seung Ling doesn’t have anything to do then suicide is her only option unless someone comes to save her life. Lau Fei holds the umbrella for Seung Ling during the rain.

Chau Yuen told the consorts that Lau Fei’s performance still suffers. Chau Yuen told Lau Fei if he knew his beyond techniques, he wouldn’t failed. Chau Yuen asked Lau Fei to perfrom the beyond techniques to the consorts. Lady Shun invited Lau Fei to accept the silk as gifts. Lau Fei refused to accept the gifts. Yuen Sau told Lau Fei if Chau Yuen pushes his limit then she won’t forgive him. Ma Goong Goong told Lau Fei he admires him for having so many lady admires inside the palace. Lau Fei told Ma Goong Goong if he has the time to worry about him then worry about Chau Yuen. Ma Goong Goong told Lau Fei that Chau Yuen has a strong backer so he wouldn’t worry about him. Lau Fei told Ma Goong Goong he’s worried about what Chau Yuen will do to him.

Yue Yuet told Yee Ho that Chau Yuen has a grudge on Lau Fei, he won’t let him off. Lady Shun insisted in keeping Lau Fei in the palace so it leads to rumors. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet since Seung Ling left the palace, she can’t use her to set Lau Fei up. Yue Yuet asked Yee Ho how did she know that Lau Fei wasn’t there for Seung Ling. Yue Yuet said she is using Seung Ling’s lost children to push her to Lau Fei. Yue Yuet said she will make Seung Ling come back in the palace soon. Chau Yuen bought an opium pipe for 50 taels. Ying Kam asked Chau Yuen to let Master Cheung stay with them. Chau Yuen told Ying Kam that people in the palace only tries to gain favors from him to say some good words to the majesty. Chau Yuen said it is an embarrassment for her father to use him.

Chau Yuen told his friend that many people in the palace such as Bacha wear a mask. Yue Yuet asked Bacha about Seung Ling. Bacha told Yue Yuet he found a perfect man for Muk Do Yee. Bacha told Yue Yuet that Ma Goong Goong has been good to Muk Do Yee. Ma Goong Goong told Muk Do Yee that her father asked Yue Yuet to pair her up with him. Muk Do Yee asked Kat Hoi if he believes Ma Goong Goong about the pair up. Muk Do Yee told Kat Hoi her dad used to buy her all the apples from the stalls. When she came to the palace when she was thirteen, she found out what kind of man her dad is. He always asked her to help him with the money dealing. Yue Yuet told Yee Ho that Muk Do Yee is an invaluable tool now since Seung Ling left. Yue Yuet said she sees Bacha as a tool to get Seung Ling back. Sit Goong Goong told Ma Goong Goong he worked hard to promote Chau Yuen for money but Muk Do Yee embarrassed him. Ma Goong Goong punched Sit Goong Goong.

Yuen Sau told Yue Yuet if she keeps on mourning about her lost son, she will be sick. Yuen Sau told Yue Yuet she asked Lau Fei to come alone to sing some tunes for her. Yuen Sau saw Ma Goong Goong beat up Kat Hoi. Ma Goong Goong told Yue Yuet he beat up Kat Hoi because he broke a jade. Lau Fei’s eunuch told Lau Fei to beware of Ma Goong Goong. Lau Fei and Seung ling walked across each other.

A Change of Heart episode 11 recap


Is Love blind? Would I choose the guy with the same personalities or different personalities from my ex boyfriend. Yuet told Niki he just wants to make her happy. Niki told Yuet it isn’t his concern if she’s happy or not. Yuet said Yat must be feeling sad for falling for a dull woman like Niki. Benz saw Vincent on the street. Benz asked Vincent why is he sneaking. Vincent told Benz he likes to investigate cases during his free time. Vincent pointed to the two dogs to Benz and said he’s investigating a drug case. Benz took photos of the two dogs. Michael yelled at Benjamin for not being able to find young and good looking model for their company. Joey asked Michael to let her be in charge of Wonder Eyes. Elaine’s colleagues complained that JJ asked them to redo 46 assessments since they didn’t follow the instructions. They gossiped that JJ is a spoiled rich girls and buy fake handbag. When JJ asked Elaine for her report, she slammed on the desk and yelled at JJ she doesn’t know anything. Elaine asked JJ to do the proposal if she’s so smart. JJ asked Elaine if there is some misunderstandings between them. Haha that’s what I would like to know too. :P.

At home, Benjamin asked JJ why is she mad. JJ told Benjamin that her colleagues thought she wears fake handbags. Benjamin said they are genuine brands. Benjamin told JJ her colleagues are jealous that she is rich. JJ said her colleagues assumes she got the job through connections. Benjamin told JJ that she got an education background and she doesn’t need to care what others think. JJ told Benjamin every job has its difficulties and she must not give up. JJ gave Yuet her lotus soup she cooked.

While investigating the case, Niki told Sammy that he’s pretending to be a better and he needs to stop trying to look good. Vincent called Niki and asked her if she’s investigating the case about the two dogs. Niki called Benz and asked him why did he leaked the info. Niki asked Yuet if he took Great Aunt to a cheap place. Yuet told Niki he took her to his house so he can take care of her. Great Aunt told Yuet and Niki there’s no place like home. Yuet and Niki cracked eggshells. Yuet wiped the eye for Niki. Yuet told Niki to tell him sorry for not trusting his integrity.

At the bar, Yuet asked Michael if something’s bothering him. Michael said he forgot what’s bothering him. Michael and Yuet when to see Sheung for Mihchael to get a haircut. Michael called Sheung but he wouldn’t answer. Michael and Yuet knocked on Sheung’s door. When Michael talked to Sheung in his flat, he trembled. Sheung said he wanted to retired for a long time. Sheung told Michael he’s afraid he might scare his clients. Michael held an antique and told Sheung that he treats him as his friend but he’s scared of him. Michael left Sheung’s flat and asked Yuet to give Sheung’s retirement funds in two days.

During the arrest, Niki fainted when the two dogs came ran toward her. Great Aunt told Yuet that after Yat dies, Niki only focused on work. Great Aunt worries that Niki will become a leftover gal. Great Aunt asked Yuet to match Niki with a good guy. Great Aunt gave Yuet a key to check on Niki. Yuet poured some water for Niki. Niki looked at Yuet and thought about Yat. Niki then woke up and asked Yuet why is he in her room. Niki asked Yuet to get out. At the restaurant, Niki saw Benz told his colleagues that Niki should have told the dog “Good Boy”.

Vincent receive a call from his dad and told him to rest. Vincent asked Michael how Joey’s doing.Vincent told Michael that his dad has a cyst in the neck and he might die. Vincent told Michael he’s becoming nicer.

The police came to JJ’s company and asked for a suspects named Chow Ka Chi whom committed robbery. JJ asked Elaine if she couldn’t follow the case why didn’t she hand it to her. JJ said she could ask for financial help so Chow Ka Chi wouldn’t sell drugs. Elaine told JJ if she wants to follow this case then ask her husband to do it. Elaine said Ka Chi doesn’t have proof of income but Benjamin fiance company gave him a loan which caused him in this mess. JJ came to Benjamin’s company to find him. Joey told JJ that Benjamin is busy working. During dinner, Joey told JJ that she is not happy with her job. JJ told Joey whenever she wants to help her colleagues, they think she is giving them extra work. JJ said everyone takes on Elaine’s side whenever she yells. At the office, Michael told Benjamin to turn down the commercial since it will brainwash the kids. Michael to Benjamin to not target the young kids for the next season’s plan. Benjamin told Joey that Michael took off the commercial business plan so they have to think of a new business plan for next season. Joey told Benjamin to spend more time with JJ. Joey told Benjamin to let her know how is Michael feeling.

At home, Michael told Joey that her dad got a cyst on his neck and she should reconcile with her dad. Joey told Michael that she doesn’t have a father.Joey said her dad treated her mom badly. Joey asked Michael what is wrong with him since he gave money to charity. He didn’t fire his worker for selling counterfeit wines. Joey told Michael he never cared about he family but now he cares.

A Change of Heart episode 10 recap

Niki told Michael that she is thinking of charging KY. What makes you fall with someone? His looks? But a fire can take it away. His talents? Talent can dry up. Character? But people change. Benjamin apologized to JJ at the hospital. Benjamin told JJ he didn’t listen to what she wanted. JJ told Benjamin she thought about a lot of things when she was kidnapped. She thought if she could never come back, she would regret yelling at him. Benjamin teased JJ that he thought about finding jobs with her, but since she decides to be a housewife, they can save the effort. JJ said “No Way!”.

Joey asked Yuet if he knows that Michael had a heart surgery. Joey told Yuet to not put Michael in danger. Joey asked Yuet why he let Michael tag along during the kidnapping. Michael told Yuet to not take Michael for granted. Joey told Yuet he may have saved Michael but it doesn’t guaranteed he will have a promotion. Joey told Yuet he’s a nobody. Yuet said he did save Michael’s life and the company needs to reward him. Yuet said he’s not working for the company for money but a promotion will motivate him. Joey told Yuet that she checked that he came to work late or left early and he should be fired a long time ago. Joey told Yuet to work hard and stop making troubles. Benjamin saw Yuet on the way out of Joey’s office. Benjamin asked Yuet in the elevator if he’s been scold. Benjamin said no boss likes to be yelled at and he has to hang on. Benjamin told Yuet to give Joey some faces. Benjamin asked Yuet to go to Happy Hour since he saved JJ. Yuet made wine for Benjamin. Yuet told Benjamin that something’s wrong with the wine. Mandy stole Yuet’s wine. Yuet asked Mandy if she took his bottle of wine at the bar. Mandy at the chicken and said she just wants to enjoy her life. As Yuet left the lounge, Mandy drank the wine and fainted. Yuet went back in the lounge and saw Mandy lying down on the floor.

Michael asked his man if he bought counterfeit wines. Michael broke the wine wit his golf stick. Michael’s man said he needed money so he bought counterfeit wine. Michael told Yuet he is his good luck charm. Michael promoted Yuet to be a deputy manager and Senior Bartender. Joey apologized to Mandy about causing her to faint. Joey told Mandy she paid the private hospital fee for her. Joey wanted to give Mandy 50,000 dollars, then as Mandy asked for more, Joey lower the money. Joey ends up giving Mandy 5,000 dollars. Joey told Mandy that greed doesn’t pay anything and she asked her not to be too greedy next time.

Mandy told Vincent not to tell Niki that she was in the hospital because she always nag. Vincent ordered plain congee for Mandy. Niki asked Mandy if she is sick. Mandy told Niki she is lonely. Niki told Mandy to get a boyfriend. Elaine brought some buns. Vincent told Mandy she can’t eat it. Elaine’s boss introduce JJ as the new officer. Elaine looks quite upset. Niki invited Elaine for hot pot. Mandy picked the beef that Elaine wanted to eat. Vincent told Mandy it is not good for her stomach. Elaine told Vincent and Niki that Mandy has already recovered and they don’t need to worry about her. Elaine told Mandy that it is her forte to abuse other people’s kindness. Mandy told Vincent she’s the princess and she doesn’t mind the empress. Elaine yelled that no matter how hard she works, she always gets stuck on the bottom and the credit goes to someone else.

Elaine cried and told Vincent that nobody cares about her and it is not easy being a social worker. Vincent let Elaine wipe her tears on his shirt. Vincent told Elaine to think positively that she has a good family and friends. Elaine kissed Vincent. Mandy ate a cup of noodle and drank beers. Mandy asked Niki if she misses her fiance. Niki asked Mandy why doesn’t she find a boyfriend. Mandy said men are womanizer. Niki told Mandy that Vincent is a good man. Mandy told Niki to use Yuet as a substitute of Yat. Niki told Mandy to cut it.

At the restaurant, Vincent listens to Elaine talking to his dad about her promotion got stolen. Yuet asked Vincent if he likes Elaine. Yuet asked Vincent if he used Elaine and dumped her. Vincent said Elaine only kissed him that one night. Yuet told Vincent he should kiss her back. A lady walked the dogs then fell down after a car bumped into her. Mandy asked Yuet to get her some fish ball since he’s hungry. Yuet’s colleagues asked Yuet to get him some fish balls too since he’s the manager. As Yuet bought some fishballs, Michael asked Yuet to get in his car on the way to the barber shop. At the barber shop, Michael asked Yuet to give him some fishballs. Michael threw up and said it isn’t crispy. Michael said when he used to sell fishballs, he has to cook it until it is crispy. Michael told Yuet to learn from his failure. Benjamin told Yuet it’s not good to be too close to his boss cause the staff wouldn’t like it.

JJ invited Yuet to dinner to thank him about saving her life. Joey wouldn’t give a toast to Yuet. JJ told Michael she cooked her hometown dishes. Michael and Joey told Benjamin and JJ to count them in their functions. Michael told Yuet he knew he would be bored during dinner so he brought the Mastermind game. Michael told Yuet last time he played with him he guess it all right but he lost when he played with Joey. Joey watch Yuet and Michael play. Yuet let Michael set the code and he’ll break it. Benjamin and JJ came to watch Yuet and Michal play. Yuet said he lost which means they are not related.

Vincent saw the dogs of the lady who bumped into the car earlier. Vincent told Niki that the lady felt uneasy when she saw the police. Vincent told Niki it seems more than a shock. Niki received a call that Yuet has not paid for the nursery home for two months. Niki yelled at Yuet and asked him to grow up. Yuet told Niki to stop comparing him to Yat and stop using him as a substitute. Niki left and rode the bike to the shore. Yuet rode the bicycle with the flags of happy face to cheer Niki up. Niki looked at Yuet and thought about Yat.