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A Change of Heart episode 12 recap

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I just love how fast paced this series is and the spectacular acting of the casts. This is my favorite tvb series this year so far guys. 🙂

Not everyone is alike in this world. Everyone got different views and background on things. Looks like Joey got upset that Michael is changing. Trying to think of her position. If your boyfriend change his character, would you still lie him? Benjamin asked Michael if he wants to pull out the ads. Michael told Benjamin he doesn’t want kids to get the wrong idea and he has to fix it no matter how much it costs. Joey looked at the profiles at the model and isn’t satisfied. Benjamin told Joey that Michael has approved signing Christina J as the model. Yuet told Niki that Mandy is a thief and sold a client’s watch.Yuet told Niki that a triad boss got drunk at night shadow and lost his watch the next morning. Yuet told Mandy everyone saw her wearing that watch but she didn’t want to take it off. Mandy sweared if she stole that watch she will never find a boyfriend. Niki told Yuet to check it first since Mandy might not stole it. Vincent told Yuet based on what he said, Mandy might not be the suspect. Vincent said the most obvious suspect is always innocent.

Boss Hung’s triad captured Mandy in the car. Yuet and Vincent found his colleague that stole Boss Hung’s watch but he already pawn it. Yuet received a call that Boss Hung got Mandy. Yuet told Boss Hung that Peter pawned his watch. Boss Hung asked his men to chop Mandy’s hands. Yuet sked Boss Hung to chop his hands instead. Before the men tried to chop Yuet’s hand, Yuet tell them stop and he asked them if Mandy looks pretty. Then Boss Hung ordered his men to chop Yuet’s arms. Lucky Vincent arrive in time showing the watch. Boss Hung told Yuet, Mandy, and Vincent that his wife punch him because he lost his watch. Niki heard a voicemail from Yuet that Brother Hung kidnapped Mandy. As Niki barge in Brother Hung’s basement, she saw Yuet and Brother Hung’s men party.

Yuet told Mandy he was just kidding about the kiss promise to her if she was innocent. Mandy kissed Vincent and went to her room. Yuet told Vincent one kiss is worth more than 100,000 taels. Mihchael refused to admit to Joey that he worked hard to get Christina J as their model. Joey told Sheung that she will come with Michael to his new noodle shop. Joey tasted Sheung’s noodle. Joey told Sheung that Michael isn’t happy with the other barber shops and he won’t listen to her. JJ told her colleagues if they understand the people’s heart then they can help their clients. JJ said they can keep their center open to keep from people wandering at night. Elaine told JJ they’ve done that but didn’t succeed. JJ said they should try harder. Elaine got mad and said everyone already tried their best. JJ asked her colleagues to sit with her for lunch. Elaine and her friends rejected JJ. Michael talked about the case to JJ and Benjamin. Elaine told Niki that she’s not mad at JJ for taking up her post, but because she knows nothing and boss her around. Elaine told Niki that they have no budget but have to come up with special activities. JJ’s boss told JJ and Elaine that she likes the idea of the cyclist but if they work together they can excel this project. Elaine seems to have prejudice over JJ.

Joey told Michael that Sheung got bored running his noodle shop so he’s back in the barber shop. Sheung accepted Michael’s money and trembled. Niki asked her colleagues to help JJ’s company. Michael saw Joey called the Loving Heart Charity that she donated 500,000 dollars so more people could donates. Michael gave JJ 500,000 dollars to donate to her company. Michael told JJ he gave her his personal cheque since he doesn’t want others to know he’s sponsoring for them.

Michael and Niki participated in the bike marathon sponsored by JJ’s company. Michael told the youngsters whom wanted to give up the bike marathon, he used to to be poor and done many jobs when he was child. Michael told the kids that with hard work they can have power. Michael told the kids he’s more successful than they are but not as healthy. Michael said a kinda doctor gave him his heart. Michael showed his scars to the kids. Michael said he almost died and got a second chance to live. Michael told the kids if they have the heart, they can reach their goals. The youngsters, Niki and Michael watch the sunrise after the bike marathon.

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