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A Change of Heart episode 13 recap

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Mandy told Niki that her mom had gong to play mahjong and she was left alone at home. She was crying by the door but no one answered. Mandy said Niki would hold her hands so she could sleep. Niki told Mandy she was holding her hands so hurt that it hurts. Michael received a call from Vincent that Joey’s father has lymphoma and wants to see Joey. Sheung trembled using his scissors to cut Michael’s hair.

Sheung begged Michael to let him retire. Michael asked Joey why did she threatened Sheung. Joey told Michael she wanted him to be happy so she asked Sheung to come back. Michael told Joey to visit her dad. Vincent told Michael that Joey’s dad doctor said Joey’s dad doesn’t have cancer cell but he have some bacteria. Joey yelled at his dad why did he has to fake illness. Joey remembered when she was a child, she waited for her dad in the rain and saw her dad celebrates Vincent’s birthday. Joey remembered before her mom died in the hospital,her dad wouldn’t visit her. Vincent told Michael he hopes that Joey could put her past down. Michael told Vincent he will help him and Joey reconciled with his family.

At the bar, Mandy told Yuet to leave the bar with her. Yuet told Mandy she eat and drink more than him and she looks happier than him. Yuet asked Mandy she didn’t have a bad past and the only sad past that she has is that she is an orphan. Mandy said her mom is a prostitute. Mandy said her mom sacrificed herself to raise her up so she could go to college and live a proper life. Mandy said a psycho killer killed her mom when she was five. Mandy said she workerd very hard and wanted to be a cop to find the killer. Mandy said if her mom knew she worked in Night Shadow, she would kill her. Mandy said other people will make fun of her if they know about her past. Mandy told Yuet to keep this secret. Mandy told Yuet to tell her a secret. Yuet said when he was in school, he played a prank on a teacher but she thought it was his brother who did it so she punished him instead. Yuet carried Mandy home and left.

Kuen got suspected for stealing money at the shop. Kuen told Benz that he has a theft history previously but he didn’t participate in this current case. Kuen told Niki he started a new leaf and she must believe him. Elaine told JJ she can follow Kuen’s case and she is not as incompetent as her. Elaine saw JJ following the case. Elaine told JJ she will follow the case with her. JJ and Elaine saw Kuen hanging out with his triad friends. JJ and Elaine told Michael and Niki that not many people wants to hire people with criminal background. Michael said youngsters should be given a chance to turn a new leaf. Niki told Michael it is easy to say but prejudice is hard. Michael told JJ and Elaine he can plan for the youngsters to work in his company. Yuet hires Kuen as a bartender. Yuet showed Kuen how to make wine.

Mandy ordered Kuen to bring her some food and drinks. Keun got mad and told Mandy to get it herself. Kuen told Mandy he’s not here to let her boss him around. Yuet told Kuen a trip or two won’t hurt him. Mandy told Yuet that the girls wanted to bully her but she used his name so they can respect her. Yuet yelled at Mandy and said what if his boss thinks he’s flirting with girls at work. Mandy used her past to calm Yuet down.

Yuet saw Vincent reading a book about psycho killer. Yuet asked Vincent if someone grew up in a tragic family, would she has psychological problem. Yuet told Vincent that Mandy’s childhood is more tragic than him. Mandy’s mother was a prostitute and got killed by a client Mandy was five. Yuet told Vincent that Mandy used her past to bug him. He can’t stand women who cries. Yuet and Vincent search a murder case about brothel. Vincent read a case about Niki’s mom.

Joey told Benjamin to fire the two new assistants since one is absent minded and the other irritates people. Joey asked Benjamin why didn’t Michael tell her that he hired those youngster to make a difference. Benjamin said Michael may think it is just a small thing.

Yuet took Mandy to a basement and told her he found her mom’s killer. Yuet told Mandy to use the tool to kill her mom’s killer and dump him in the sea. Yuet pushed Mandy’s hands with the knife into the body. Mandy got scared and said she’s sorry she lied and her mother didn’t get killed. Mandy saw Vincent Yuet and said it was cheap for them to lie to her. Mandy said she borrowed Niki’s mom case.

Yuet told Michael that Kuen fins the job hard and he always wants to leave.Yuet told Michael he is good at business and kindhearted. Yuet asked Kuen what does he wants to do with his life. Yuet told Kuen he can be a dog, ox,or a toy. He can work like an ox to his boss; to work to his boss like a dog, Yuet told Kuen he doesn’t know how to please girls. Yuet told Kuen he has to work hard to gain respect and there’s no gain without the pain. Kuen told Yuet he has no future being a bartender. Yuet told Kuen many people starts from the bottom up. Yuet told Kuen he can always climb up if he fails. Yuet juggled some wine bottle in front of Kuen and he said it took him years to learn it. Kuen make wine in front of Yuet, Niki, JJ, and Elaine. Kuen said he wants to learn more so he can take part in the competition. Niki told JJ and Yuet it is takes a long time to tell if a man is good or bad. Kuen texted Michael and thanked him for giving him a chance to turn a new leaf.

Niki told Michael she always thought he wanted fame but now he put his heart into hiring the youngsters. Michael told Niki since the heart transplant, he wanted to live a different life. Michael told Niki he promised Yat if he gets well he will be a good person.Niki stared at Michael and think of Yuet. Niki asked Michael if she can touch his chest to listen to Yat’s heartbeat. Joey received a picture of Niki listening to Michael’s heartbeat.

People change with time and circumstances. When you are changing, people find it hard to adjust to you.Is the change a good thing.

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