Karma Rider episode 11 recap


Priscilla walked in the rain thinking about Raymond. Priscilla stared at the read and green butterflies on her right arm. Priscilla and Raymond stared at the butterflies flying away. Raymond said if the butterflies returned, he will put them in the shelter. Raymond said he also wants to put Priscilla in the shelter. Raymond held the umbrella and walked with Priscilla in the rain. Raymond told Priscilla she won’t be alone anymore. Raymond sworn in front of Liao Shangbo and Zhu Ying Tai that he and Priscilla will be siblings. This must broke Priscilla’s heart. Raymond had a dream of himself as Shanbo again.

Raymond stared at Yoyo on the street. Yoyo stared at Raymond. A masked guy captured Yoyo on the street. Yoyo’s servant told Raymond that Yoyo’s mother got lost during the lunar new year. Yoyo’s mother came home dirty.After the incident, Yoyo’s father would let Yoyo’s mother do everything. Yoyo told Whitney that something’s wrong with Yoyo’s room but he can’t figure it out. Raymond said he kept thinking about the butterflies decoration.

Priscilla’s sisters showed Priscilla her butterfly necklace and said something must be wrong with her relationship with Raymond since she never left her necklace behind. Kaki cried. Kaki told Helena and her sisters that she will leave with her crush. Kaki gave all of her savings for Priscilla to keep it. Kaki said he saved her three years ago at Fu Yung Town when she was stealing something at a house. She took care of him in a hut in the forest for three days. She wanted to know his identity. He played a tune on his recorder. He didn’t want to talk because he’s afraid his voice would be tray him. It was the first time she heard her voice. The next morning he left and he left the recorder for her. Kaki said her crush has been looking for her for the past 3 years and want to run away with her. Priscilla and her sisters cried and don’t want Kaki to leave. It was pretty touching about the hero saving Kaki. The acting of the casts definitely needs more improvements. Priscilla and Kaki remember that they promised to never separate from each others over boys. Priscilla held Kaki’s hands and wish she and her lover happiness. Kaki told Priscilla she can tell she misses Raymond. Kaki told Priscilla it will hurt her to keep it to herself that she loves him. Raymond and the constables found Yoyo’s earrings being pawned for thirty thousand taels.


Beauty at War episode 28 recap


Master Cheung told his friend that play seems like an illusion but it feels more real than what is happening around us. Chau Yuen punched Lau Fei and asked him where’s his wife. Lau Fei told Chau Yuen that Ying Kam can’t handle his abuse. Eddie hugged Ying Kam and apologized to her. Eddie told Master Cheung he never cared for his grandchild nor him. Muk Do Yee looked at Kat Hoi’s hands and said he still cover for Ma Goong Goong though he beat him up. Kat Hoi told Muk Do Yee that it will bring troubles for him if she stands up for him. Lau Goong Goong told Yuen Sau that Muk Do Yee fools around with Kat Hoi. Lau Goong Goong told Yuen Sau that he saw Muk Do Yee smiles everytime she’s with Kat Hoi. Luk Hei told Chau Yuen that Lau Fei has been coughing more often. Chau Yuen showed Lau Fei’s cup to Luk Hei and said Lau Fei got injured after being assaulted but didn’t want Seung Ling to know. Luk Hei told Seung Ling that Lau Fei has been coughing blood. Yee Ho told Chin Yiu that she will leave Lau Fei and Seung Ling alone. Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi that Muk Do Yee might have a crush on him. Kat Hoi told Yuen Sau he will stay away from Muk Do Yee from now on. Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi to think carefully how he will leave Muk Do Yee. Yuen Sau said if they lie low in the palace, they can leave the palace faster.Seung Ling told Doctor Yeung that she heard someone wants to dig his father’s failure to serve the late majesty again. Doctor Yeung asked Seung Ling why did she use his father’s name to threatened him. Seung Ling told Doctor Yueng he many one be able to save one’s life but he can take one away.

Lau Fei told Doctor Yeung that no one in the palace is gentle. Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi they share the same fate. Kat Hoi told Doctor Yeung it is unpredicatable to figure out women’s heart when they hate them. Doctor Yeung said they can’t stay away from falling. Kat Hoi told Muk Do Yee he’s not worthy to be her friend. Muk Do Yee looked at the rope getting down the well and wondered how long does it take one’s to climb from it. Kat Hoi is about to push Muk Do Yee down the well. Bacha told Seung Ling that if she allows Ma Goong Goong to marry Muk Do Yee, he will help her. Seung Ling looked at a maid carrying the umbrella. Chau Yuen told Nam Mung that Ying Kam became crazy after losing the baby. Kat Hoi remembered Muk Do Yee gave him her real birth date. Kat Hoi got arrested by Ma Goong Goong at night. Ma Goong Goong punched Kat Hoi for being with Muk Do Yee. Ma Goong Goong saw Muk Do Yee’s birth date.

It’s raining. Lau Fei holds the umbrella for Seung Ling. Chau Yuen reads the letter from Yee Ho. Lau Fei told Seung Ling that the world is big and it is destiny to find the one we love. Seung Ling asked Lau Fei if he is in love with Muk Do Yee. Lau Fei held the umbrella and told Seung Ling that umbrella is used to cover herself from the rain and it is inappropriate to use for something else. Lau Fei told Seung Ling she doesn’t need to return the umbrella. Lau Fei left. Lau Fei told Luk Hei that only Yue Yuet makes it hard for him in the palace. Lau Fei told Luk Hei they can still make choices although they are in the lower rank. Seung Ling remembered she told Doctor Yeung that she wants to revenge of what Yue Yuet has done to her. Seung Ling said the one who’s been in love knows how to hate. She never doubts if she has the heart to get rid of Yue Yuet.

Beauty at War episode 27 recap


Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi they have to be patience with the god to let them leave the palace. Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi that Yuen Sau won’t let him leave the palace easily since he knows many of her secrets. Kat Hoi burned his fingers. Kat Hoi told Yuen Sau that Ma Goong Goong assaulted Lau Fei. Kat Hoi told Yuen Sau that Ma Goong Goong beat up Lau Fei to embarrass her. Kat Hoi said Ma Goong Goong is using Yuen Sau to keep Lau Fei in the palace. Kat Hoi showed Yuen Sau his burned left hand and said he removed the trace on his hand to prevent troubles for her. Ma Goong Goong told Chau Yuen that his target should be Lady Shun instead of Lau Fei. Ma Goong Goong reminds Chau Yuen to be careful since his post is high and he can fall down any time. Ma Goong Goong said Lau Fei is always cautious. Muk Do Yee sent Kat Hoi some ointment. Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi to stay away from women. Seung Ling got upset over the news that LauFei will leave the palace. Yue Yuet visits Seung Ling and saw her hands got cut from sewing. Yue Yuet told Seung Ling that she tries to hurt herself for someone whom hurted her. Seung Ling told Yue Yuet they can’t judge the book by its cover. Either Lau Fei is possessed or he’s doing it for a reason.

Yuen Sau asked Yue Yuet to greet her. Yue Yuet asked Yuen Sau to let Lau Fei come back in the palace to teach Min Xin perform for his birthday. Yuen Su called Yue Yuet a hypocrite since he asked her to let Lau Fei leaves and now want him to come back. Seung Ling played the flute. Yue Yuet ran toward the sound ouf the flute wanting to see Lau Fei. Luk Hei told Yue Yuet that Lau Fei left the palace as demanded. Yue Yuet asked Yee Ho if she ever got mad at her for yelling her.

Lady Kai got mad at Chau Yuen for telling her to behave herself. Ma Goong Goong told Chau Yuen that he shouldn’t humiliate Lady Kai or she will bring troubles for him. Ma Goong Goong said Lau Fei knows how to handle women secretly. Ma Goong Goong told Chau Yuen he wouldn’t be in the palace without him backing up. Lau Fei coughed blood. Chau Yuen helped Yee Ho during the sandstorm. Lau Fei told Ying Kam if she’s bored then she can come back home anytime. Ying Kam said Chau Yuen has changed. Chau Yuen raped Yee Ho. Ying Kam hurt her belly.

Yue Yuet told Seung Ling she heard the tune. Seung Ling said she didn’t hear anything. Yue Yuet told Seung Ling that Yee Ho is stubborn and never been in love so she couldn’t tell her about Lau Fei and her love.

Karma Rider episode 10 recap


Matt guards Boss Woon’s election. Rachel yelled pointed to the cockroach at Evergreen Mak. A man in the black mask pointed his arrows toward Boss Woon and shot him. Evergreen Mak envisions Raymond got stabbed. Evergreen Mak went on the vacant house and got hit by the masked guy. Evergreen Mak told Raymond that he and Priscilla are both stubborn. Raymond looked at Evergreen Mak’s scar and asked him why it is so big. Evergreen Mak said he saved him when he was a child. Raymond cover his right eyes with his finger and went up to the vacant house pretending he’s the masked guy. Raymond and Matt checked the bow and found the both shorter. They think the masked guy couldn’t be Kong Tai Ping. Raymond had a dream of himself as Liang Shanbo. Raymond had a headache waking up at night. Boss Woon told Tong Ka Ping that the constables will suspect his competitors for shooting him. Tong Ka Ping asked Boss Woon if the thinks that their mothers is looking for him.

Master Tung’s son dressed as a commoner and asked Cilla out. Master Tung’s son asked Cilla what does she usually do. Cilla told Master Tung’s son whenever they accomplished to steal money from the rich, they would eat goose drumsticks at the butterfly restaurant. They’ll eat watermelon if they don’t have any luck. Master Tung’s son told Cilla he will teach a word per day. Master Tung’s son and Cilla run away together from the rain. Master Tung’s son covered Cilla with his shirt. Cilla stared at Master Tung’s son tattoo faded. Master Tung’s son and Cila wrote a word on the wall. Kaki bought some gloves. Kaki played the flute.

Priscilla saw KK throw a rock toward objects that Mrs. Ma might bump on. Flashback of KK told Mrs. Ma a story about Thousand Petal Peach Blossom: a star flew over the sky, it saw flowers on the ground. He thought the flowers were so miserable since they didn’t bloom. From that day, he flowered the flowers everyday because he missed it everyday. He did that for three hundred years. The flower bloomed and had one thousand petals. In the afterlife, the flower has to shed many tears to return the favors to the stars. In the present, Priscilla told KK he can cure Mrs. Ma’s blindness. KK asked Priscilla to help her take care of Mrs. Ma. KK told Priscilla her days are numbered. Mrs. Ma gave Priscilla a tissue and said she’s working in the Kau Lau Village to watch the play of the Butterfly Lovers. She has no feelings for it when watching it everyday. Mrs. Ma said she shed tears when she sleeps, eat, and sit. Maybe when she wakes up, she won’t have anymore tears. Priscilla said it is so painful to miss someone. Priscilla imagined Raymond sitting and waiting for her.

Not completely retired from azdramas

Looking at upcoming TVB Series, I’m anticipating some dramas next year. Guess I’m not that tired of TVB though I tend to bash how bad recent tvb series are compared to the ones in the 90s. I’m not a fan of the newbies though we should give them a chance and sometimes we have to upgrade ourselves. We don’t always want to see old people in the tvb series. As long as there are some of my few favorite casts in TVB, I will still watch TVB Dramas from time to time. Sometimes tvb will surprise us bringing one good drama. Will try to watch some korean dramas too. There are still some korean dramas I’m anticipating to watch but no time. Haha there’s never an ending of cycle of asian dramas for us to watch.

Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkong, Thai, Vietnamese hate it or not it is still asian dramas. <3. I've only watched Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkong, and Vietnamese Dramas though. Never watched a Japanese or Thai dramas before though I heard they are good.

❤ Jac.

Beauty at War episode 26 recap


Muk Do Yee asked Seung Ling why she must care for a lecher like Lau Fei. Muk Do Yee told Seung Ling that Lau Fei touched her hands. Seung Ling said Lau Fei is nice to Prince Min Xin. The wind blew the umbrella. Seung Ling followed the direction flow of the umbrella. Yue Yuet told Seung Ling to let go of Lau Fei. Seung Ling cried and told Yue Yuet that Lau Fei flirted with Muk Do Yee. Luk Hei told Lau Fei that Seung Ling chased the umbrella. So Goong Goong told Seung Ling that Su Lan told Yue Yuet that she has a crush on Lau Fei. Yue Yuet played along and pushed her in Lau Fei’s arm. Seung Ling told Lau Fei that Yue Yuet has been manipulated their love. Seung Ling told Lau Fei that Yue Yuet wants to get rid of him to protect Yuen Sau. Lau Fei told Seung Ling that Yue Yuet is after her. Lau Fei said he wishes he could take part in the scheming to earn more money. Lau Fei told Seung Ling he doesn’t want to waste more time on her. Lau Fei told Seung Ling that he’s after Muk Do Yee. That must have hurt Ada so much. Mose’s line was boring though.

Muk Do Yee told Kat Hoi that her dad arranged her marriage wit hma Goong Goong and is heartless to Seung Ling. Lau Fei is a womanizer. She doesn’t have control over her marriage. Muk Do Yee asked Kat Hoi to do the calculation for her. Seung Ling read the poem on the handkerchief” Not loving the palace widow is all lord’s whim.” Yuen Sau is promoted to noble consort. Kat Hoi happily said he can leave the palace. Yuen Sau told Yue Yuet she can have anything she wants. Yue Yuet told Yuen Sau she is happy for her promotion if she stopped having a grudge on her. Muk Do Yee told Kat Hoi she rather choose to be with him than marry to someone else. Muk Do Yee told Kat Hoi she will ask the empress to cancel the marriage and be with him. Kat Hoi told Muk Do Yee she will be dead if she do it. Muk Do Yee confronts Kat Hoi pretending to be crazy.

Yee Ho told Yue Yuet that Yuen Sau only cares for herself. Yue Yuet said Yuen Sau is willful but not reckless. Yuet told Yee Ho that some things in her room keep on being missing. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet that she should destroy all the objects that harms her. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet that they set up Seung Ling to fall in love not her. Yue Yuet yelled at Yee Ho she is nothing but a servant. Yue Yuet asked Yee Ho to give her back the embroidery. Chau Yuen told Yee Ho that many things are beyond their control. Chau Yuen told Yee Ho that they can walk in the rain though they might be sick. Seung Ling bleeds her finger while sewing her embroidery. Yee Ho played in the rain with Chau Yuen and said they should follow their own path. Seung Ling told Yue Yuet she couldn’t sleep because she hears the rain. The rain stopped when Lau Fei holds an umbrella for her. Seung Ling told Yue Yuet she is happy being with Lau Fei unlike being with her husband. Seung Ling cried and said it is only her wishful thinking to be with Lau Fei for life. Seung Ling hugged Yue Yuet and cried.