What we can blog vs what we don’t blog

I watch TVB, Korean, Mainland, Taiwanese, and Vietnamese Dramas. I can recap Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Mainland Dramas old dramas too since I can watch it in viet dubbed but I don’t. I feel that many fans are knowledgeable about dramas and have potential to blog but they don’t blog because they find it time consuming or they just don’t like to write. I admit though I’m a blogger, there are many more knowledgeable fans than I. The reason I blog about TVB Dramas cause I grew up with it and I always watch it as new dramas out and I find it easier to blog about TVB and than other types of dramas. Old TVB Series have better viet dubbed than other asian countries’ dramas. No offense but I find it really hard to blog about mainland dramas unless you are familiar with the history of China or novels. I do give you fans kudos who can recap Mainland Dramas or give it a try. For Taiwanese Dramas, I can’t get into modern Taiwanese Dramas and it’s just not my type. I am Vietnamese and can speak Vietnamese fluently but I don’t really watch Vietnamese Dramas. I know it would be cool to blog about Vietnamese Dramas since no one is doing it but I’m not that into it. For Korean Dramas, if there weren’t eng sub then I wouldn’t watch it. I can watch Korean Dramas in viet dubbed but I just don’t like the viet dubbed. Lucky Dramafever and other sites have eng subbed or else I wouldn’t watch a lot of good kdramas. I don’t watch Japanese Dramas but I do watch some animes. I kwow there are some good Japanese Dramas too but just lazy to watch it.

When I created this blog I didn’t want to blog only about TVB so I wanted to mix another asian drama along with TVB so I decided to blog about Korean and TVB Dramas since it is easier to find kdramas plus kdramas are really good. I wouldn’t do a solo blog about only one country dramas. If I want to blog, then I have to create a blog about diverse asian dramas. I watch mainly TVB Series but I know there are other country’s drama that are a lot better than TVB Series. Every country has some really good dramas. I tried to create a blog about TVB on blogspot but always fail to do it. I prefer the layout on wordpress. What about you guys? Do you think there are some dramas you guys can talk about but you just don’t blog about it?

Factors that caused me to blog about HK and Korean Dramas:

1. I love TVB Series and hope more people can know about it.

2. Most of my real life friends watch Korean Dramas and even some of my TVB Buddies migrated to Korean Dramas. It’s pretty fun to discuss about both TVB and Korean Dramas online and in real life.

3. Korean and TVB has decent amount of International fans.

4. I like TVB and Korean Dramas all genre.

11 thoughts on “What we can blog vs what we don’t blog

  1. I know what you mean, there are many more knowledgeable fans than me even though I’m a blogger. T_T I guess for me, it’s whether I know I have enough to write about the drama, or if I feel motivated to write about it. Sometimes I will watch a drama but have no motivation to write about it. Other times, the drama is super super good but I can’t really express my thoughts well about it..so I don’t write about it.

  2. I understand how you feel, I speak/understand Japanese and Mandarin but I’m very limited when it comes to watching Japanese or Taiwanese dramas. I recently got into HK dramas but since I watched a few, I find it hard to write about them, maybe after I will watch more and get used with HK shows I will write about it. To be honest, I find it the easiest to write about Kdramas because it has a larger fandom (?) and its easier to find people to talk about with. The hardest thing for me when it comes to blogging is that most of the time I have so many thoughts and ideas in my head but it’s so hard when I have to actually write them down… orz

  3. Yes, I share the same view. I stick to Asian dramas. In the past, I rejected all non-Cantonese dramas because I didn’t understand it. Luckily, I am really open-minded now. I love learning Chinese, Korean,and Japanese. I learned a bit of Vietnamese too, but I struggle with pronunciation and comprehension.

    I want my blog, Wehaiyo!, to become similar to your blog. Initially, I want to focus on Cantonese and Korean entertainment in English. If I ever have the time or staff power, I want to include other Asian dramas. Right now, I am struggling with time and I even caught a cold. I dislike WordPress and love Blogger.

    Why do I like TVB? The actors are familiar. Instead of learning about every Hollywood star, I only can remember HK stars. The show theme are highly focused on family live and I love that.

    Why K dramas? The quality of the acting, sometimes the script, are very good. The stories and acting touch my heart. I love the Korean culture of respect and love. Positive themes even though there are a lot of melodramas out there. I think koreans produce great dramas that make me think about life.

    1. If I had a lot of time or did this for a full time job, I would do a blog about asian dramas focusing on Japanese, Korean, HK, Taiwanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese Dramas. But it is so time consuming for me to blog about tvb and korean dramas. My blog is dominated by tvb recaps and I barely have time to recap a bunch of korean dramas though I would like a mix of Korean and TVB.

      1. I know…I hope to make it a full time job one day. Right now, I am trying to get some experience. I only blogged for a little over a year.

        To save energy, I recap a show overall instead. The Dramafever work is an exception.

  4. Hi, I’ve been watching dramas for a long time and I think I’m good at writing reviews. My question is (if you’re not offended), can anyone earn by writing kdrama reviews?

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