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Beauty at War episode 25 recap

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Lau Fei told Luk Hei that Yue Yuet must be bothered by the gossips between Seung Ling and him. Lau Fei gave a letter to Luk Hei to send it to Seung Ling. Lau Fei told Yuen Sau he would trouble her if he stays in the palace. Yuen Sau told Lau Fei she will soon take over Lady Shuk and Yue Yuet. Seung Ling happily saw Lau Fei’s letter in the umbrella. Nam Mung took the pip away from Ying Kam and asked her not to be like this. Ying Kam yelled at Nam Mung that Chau Yuen has changed after he let him in the troupe. Chau Yuen asked Ying Kam to stop ranting. Chau Yuen told Ying Kam he didn’t bribe in Rehe and she’s the one who cheated on him. Ying madly told Chau Yuen the baby doesn’t belong to him. Chau Yuen slapped Ying Kam. Ying Kam fainted.

Lau Fei told Yue Yuet he is only good at delivering good theme in the play and he didn’t know she has a taste. Lau Fei told Yue Yuet she should have put aside the love stories of the commoners. Ying Kam woke up and sadly wiped the blood. Seung Ling sadly shows to Yu Yuet, Lau Fei’s rejection letter. Yee Ho burns Seung Ling’s embroidery and letter. Chau Yuen saw Ying Kam coughed. Chau Yuen told Lau Fei he only has eyes on the women who’s men he hates. Nam Mung told Lau Fei that he’s worried abotu Ying Kam since she keeps on fighting with Chau Yuen. Lau Fei asked Nam Mung to stop playing the tune for the night.

Seung Ling touched the firefly. Chau Yuen told Lau Fei he can runaway from Seung Ling but his heart can’t. Lau Fei said he never considered himself a gentleman since he hurted many girls. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet he always work extra hard to clear the path for her. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet she burned Seung Ling’s handkerchief. Yee Ho told Yue Yuet it is not her regular attitude to hurt others by putting their family’s honor down so she decided to end it all to free her from this dilemna.

Lau Fei introduced himself to Muk Do Yee. Muk Do Yee Yelled at Lau Fei for touching her hands. Lau Fei hugged Muk Do Yee during the sandstorm and said her hands are soft like silks. Sit Goong Goong told the eunuchs they should tell Ma Goong Goong about Lau Fei seduing Muk Do Yee. Lau Fei got beaten up. Kat Hoi told Yuen Sau that Lau Fei must leave the palace. Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi that he might be her lucky star. Lau Fei asked Master Cheung to not tell about his situation. Lau Fei said he got different views on people, things, and and love. Lau Fei said if someone is to be tormented, let it be him. Lau Fei told Yuen Sau he doesn’t know who beat him up. Lau Fei asked Yuen Sau to let him resign. Yuen Sau asked Lau Fei if he thinks she couldn’t see through his scheme. Yuen Sau told Lau Fei that she’s in the game when it comes to rumors.

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