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Beauty at War episode 28 recap

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Master Cheung told his friend that play seems like an illusion but it feels more real than what is happening around us. Chau Yuen punched Lau Fei and asked him where’s his wife. Lau Fei told Chau Yuen that Ying Kam can’t handle his abuse. Eddie hugged Ying Kam and apologized to her. Eddie told Master Cheung he never cared for his grandchild nor him. Muk Do Yee looked at Kat Hoi’s hands and said he still cover for Ma Goong Goong though he beat him up. Kat Hoi told Muk Do Yee that it will bring troubles for him if she stands up for him. Lau Goong Goong told Yuen Sau that Muk Do Yee fools around with Kat Hoi. Lau Goong Goong told Yuen Sau that he saw Muk Do Yee smiles everytime she’s with Kat Hoi. Luk Hei told Chau Yuen that Lau Fei has been coughing more often. Chau Yuen showed Lau Fei’s cup to Luk Hei and said Lau Fei got injured after being assaulted but didn’t want Seung Ling to know. Luk Hei told Seung Ling that Lau Fei has been coughing blood. Yee Ho told Chin Yiu that she will leave Lau Fei and Seung Ling alone. Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi that Muk Do Yee might have a crush on him. Kat Hoi told Yuen Sau he will stay away from Muk Do Yee from now on. Yuen Sau told Kat Hoi to think carefully how he will leave Muk Do Yee. Yuen Sau said if they lie low in the palace, they can leave the palace faster.Seung Ling told Doctor Yeung that she heard someone wants to dig his father’s failure to serve the late majesty again. Doctor Yeung asked Seung Ling why did she use his father’s name to threatened him. Seung Ling told Doctor Yueng he many one be able to save one’s life but he can take one away.

Lau Fei told Doctor Yeung that no one in the palace is gentle. Doctor Yeung told Kat Hoi they share the same fate. Kat Hoi told Doctor Yeung it is unpredicatable to figure out women’s heart when they hate them. Doctor Yeung said they can’t stay away from falling. Kat Hoi told Muk Do Yee he’s not worthy to be her friend. Muk Do Yee looked at the rope getting down the well and wondered how long does it take one’s to climb from it. Kat Hoi is about to push Muk Do Yee down the well. Bacha told Seung Ling that if she allows Ma Goong Goong to marry Muk Do Yee, he will help her. Seung Ling looked at a maid carrying the umbrella. Chau Yuen told Nam Mung that Ying Kam became crazy after losing the baby. Kat Hoi remembered Muk Do Yee gave him her real birth date. Kat Hoi got arrested by Ma Goong Goong at night. Ma Goong Goong punched Kat Hoi for being with Muk Do Yee. Ma Goong Goong saw Muk Do Yee’s birth date.

It’s raining. Lau Fei holds the umbrella for Seung Ling. Chau Yuen reads the letter from Yee Ho. Lau Fei told Seung Ling that the world is big and it is destiny to find the one we love. Seung Ling asked Lau Fei if he is in love with Muk Do Yee. Lau Fei held the umbrella and told Seung Ling that umbrella is used to cover herself from the rain and it is inappropriate to use for something else. Lau Fei told Seung Ling she doesn’t need to return the umbrella. Lau Fei left. Lau Fei told Luk Hei that only Yue Yuet makes it hard for him in the palace. Lau Fei told Luk Hei they can still make choices although they are in the lower rank. Seung Ling remembered she told Doctor Yeung that she wants to revenge of what Yue Yuet has done to her. Seung Ling said the one who’s been in love knows how to hate. She never doubts if she has the heart to get rid of Yue Yuet.

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