The Herbalist’s Manuel episode 2 recap



Frankie’s brother told Frankie that his dad bowed to Chun Wong and begged him to forgive him. Frankie told his dad he will try his best on the exam. Frankie encountered a man whom injured his leg. The man said the crab bit him and his leg got infected when he was fishing. Frankie asked Michelle to treat the man. Michelle promised the man she will cure him without chopping his leg. Frankie told Michelle they should give him nutrients to eat so his body can be healthy. Michell said if they do it this way, it will be too late. Frankie accidentally bumped into Kenneth on the street. Frankie saw Kenneth holding a medical book that he wanted to use. Kenneth wouldn’t let Frankie borrow his book. Frankie told Kenneth that he has a lot of books but he not generous enough to lend his books. Frankie skimmed through the book. Frankie let Michelle stand on his shoulder to climb up the mountain. Michelle and Frankie pick up some fruits. Frankie placed his clothe on Michelle at night during the firewood. Frankie’s dad peed at Fankie studying. Luckily Frankie arrived home in time.

The man’s hand turned cold. Frankie told Michelle she’s actually good act curing patients. Frankie told Michelle to not take it to heart when her patient yells at her. Michelle told Frankie that it is her fault for giving the wrong medicine. The patient thanked Frankie for saving him. Michelle got upset and walked away. Frankie told Michelle she has the talent of curing patients and shouldn’t give up. Frankie told Michelle he is impressed how she is studying medicine. Frankie told Michelle he failed the exam two times. Kenneth saw Selena at the temple wanting to grab the lucky ink brush . Selena asked a guy to lend her the ink brush. Selena is willing to plant the crops in exchange for the ink brush. Kenneth find it touching that Selena is doing it for her crush. Selena fainted. The man lend Selena the ink brush seeing her so good to Frankie. Frankie’s dad told Frankie he has to pass the exam for Selena. Frankie sighed to his brother that he’s in love with Michelle but don’t want to upset Selena.

The Herbalist’s Manual episode 1 recap

It’s been hard for me to find an old tvb series in viet dubbed with good quality for me to watch. It’s even harder to find an old drama that I want to recap or I like. xd. This will be an ancient doctor TVB Series starring Frankie Lam, Michelle Yip, Kenneth Ma, and Selena Li.


Frankie snatch out green tangerine leaves to cure asthma for the patient. Frankie saw Michelle Ye curing a patient, he followed her and asked her some medical questions. Michell responded to Frankie that it won’t cause any harm to use those leaves. Frankie’s father drove him away and said those leaves are useless. Frankie’s father then tried the leaves on the patient and see it works. Frankie and his dad put a blanket around Chun Wong’s head to cure the flees. Frankie pretends to cough and leave. Selena told her maid that when she was four, she admired Frankie’s intelligence and only wants to marry him. Selena gave Frankie a painting of a plant. Frankie wants to be a doctor instead of being a magistrate which his dad wanted him to be.

Frakie told Michelle that his dad thought she was a god doctor so he gave his medicine to other patients. Frankie saw Michelle’s face and asked her why must she pretends to be a fairy. Michelle slapped Frankie and left. Chung Wong twisted his hands when trying to pick up a vase from falling. Chung Wong denies to let Frankie’s father to cure him since it pains his back. Frankie held the vase and throw it and picked it up. Chun Wong ran up to the vase. Frankie told Chun Wong that he was anxious about the vase being broken so he ran up to it diligently. Chun Wong tries to snatch the vase from Frankie and the vase fell down and broke.

Chun Wong arrived in front of Frankie’s house to arrest him. Frankie’s dad bowed to Chun Wong and begged him to forgive Frankie. Frankie saw blood from a tomb. Frankie doubted if the person isn’t dead. Michelle saw Frankie arguing with the men carrying the tomb. Michelle wipe out the sands to create a fog. The men left. Michelle and Frankie opened the tomb and saw a woman alive. Michelle and Frankie got the idea of using rabbit medicine on the patient. Michelle told Frankie that the guards are coming. Michelle sidetrack the guards by pretending to be the patient. Michelle told Frankie that women can’t be doctors so she has to pretend to be a god doctor to cure the poor patients. Frankie gave his dad a rabbit brain medicine to give to the patient. The patient got well after giving birth to her child. Frankie’s dad yelled at Frankie for being stubborn not focusing to study to be a magistrate. Frankie’s dad told Frankie he rather retired from medicine if he keeps on persisting to be a doctor.

Always and Ever episode 11 recap


Bobby told Esther that Ben blackmailed Mary with the piece of jade and even swapped the prince with the leopard cat. Esther apologized to Bobby for trying to get rid of him. Esther told Bobby she will stay near Ben to find evidence against him. Esther opened the figure and found the succession seal. Benjamin played the instrument to wake up Gongsun Ce. The four officers beat up the drum. Gongsun Ce woke up. At the brothel, Christine drinks with Lang Ching. Lang Ching got drunk and grabbed Christine. Zhan Zhao grabbed Christine’s hand and ran. Zhan Zhao flew with Christine while Lang Ching ordered the guards to shoot at Zhan Zhao.

The rumor of Lady Shu gave birth to a leopard cat has been spread. Ben told the majesty he still have Lang Ching. Bobby told the majesty he agrees to let Prince Ching be the Crown Prince. Esther found the five stone powder in Ben’s room. Bobby and Esther saw a recipe in the desert house. Esther saw Hong Gong Goong picking up the power in the house. Bobby and his crew discuss how Ben uses the powder to control Lang Ching and the stone to control the majesty. Bobby and Zhan Zhao found Prince Zhao Zhu in the well. Mary, Christine, and Esther hid in the temple while Lang Ching is staying there for the night. While Lang Ching is sleeping, he heard a noise when Mary, Christine, and Esther try to leave. Mary pretends to be a ghost and scares Lang Ching.

While Lang Ching took the post of being the Crown Prince, Bobby refused to kneel and said Lang Ching is an imposter. Bobby shows his anger and asked why all the places he’s been got fired when he’s trying to find the evidence. Gongsun showed the poison sachet that prince Hei gave him. Bobby told the majesty he saw Hong Gong Gong in the house with the five powder poison. Bobby told the majesty that Hong Goong Goong used the poison to poison him and blackmail Lang Ching. Zhan Zhao threw the powder at Lang Ching. Ben and Hong Goong Goong asked the majesty to forgive Lang Ching for using the powder. Christine carried Prince Zhao Zhu to the majesty. The baby has six toes like the majesty.

Always and Ever episode 10 recap


At the court, Mary told Bobby that she is a palace that whom the majesty slept with. After she gave birth to the baby girl, the baby girl died. She moved to the Mui Fa Village and met Lang Ching and his mom. Mary said Lang Ching impersonated the prince and pushed her down from the slope. Mary showed the real bellyband to Bobby and said the one that Lang Ching is holding is fake. Mary said she duplicate the bellyband cause she’s afraid someone might steal it. Mary said the silk on the bellyband is unique and no one can copies it. Mary said the bellyband is made from sillkworm and if he burns it, it won’t turn into ash. Ben told Bobby that it is a mandatory decision to make to burn this silk so they have to ask the majesty first. Bobby locked the two bellyband in the boxes.

Bobby and the majesty watch the two boxes at night for thieves. Mary sneaked in the palace. The majesty and Bobby saw her red handed. Bobby pleaded the majesty to not execute Mary. Mary hung herself up in the cellar. Flashbacks of Ben retelling Lang Ching that he stole Esther’s half piece of jade and match with Mary’s jade. Ben told Mary that Esther is her daughter and supposedly the princess. Mary told Ben that the duplication of the bellyband was Bobby’s trap to lure him to steal the bellyband. Ben told Lang Ching to not tell anyone that Esther is a princess.

Ben showed Esther a gift that Kucha gave the majesty. Ben asked Esther to hide this figure in Bobby’s room. Ben told Esther he won’t get Bao Zheng’s killed but she must remember her vows. Bobby told Esther he has many doubts about Mary’s case and she has the same last name as her. Flashbacks of Mary cried and told Bobby in the dungeon that Esther is her daughter. Bobby planned the hanging by imitate movies he watched, using wires. Mary told Bobby there’s this lady named Lady Lan that can confirmed her idenity. She kicked her out of the palace when she found out Mary is pregnant. Choi Goong Goong died when Bobby and Esther came to find him. Bobby and Esther dug the sands in the Mui Fa village and saw the girl in the village death. Esther played the instrument and cried. Esther told Ben not to go further anymore. Ben blames the incident on Bobby. Esther told Ben if there’s karma then the evil person will be punished. Ben said if they can get rid of Bao Zheng then there will be peace.

The majesty is happy and hopes that Lady Shu will give birth to a boy. Ben told the majesty that he did a divination on the baby and an evil spirit will stops him from being born. Ben asked the majesty to go to Lady Shu’s chamber to destroy the evil spirit. Esther helped Lady Shu during her giving birth. Lady Shu shockingly gave birth to a cat leopard. Ben told the majesty the evil spirit still appears in the room. Ben pointed to Lady Shu and accused her of being the demon. The majesty drinks and sighed that his son died one by one. Ben told the majesty to get rid of Lady Shu. The majesty gave the order of sending Lady Shu to the Cold Palace.

Bobby asked Esther to try the food which the awesome new cook made. Mary stares at Bobby and Esther eating. Esther hurriedly went to the kitchen to see the cook. Bobby nervously tried to stop Esther. Esther saw the chicken head on the table and it reminded her of her home. Mary cried in the close and Esther heard it. Esther told Bobby she needs to bring Mary to the court. Bobby told Esther she can’t arrest Mary because she is her mother.

Always and Ever episode 9 recap


Bobby told Esther he had a dream of himself shooting her last night. Esther told Bobby they can marry each other six months later instead of right away. Gongsun smelled his sachet then fell asleep. During the court, he held the ink block and madly tried to hit a woman for not teaching her son. Gongsun told the woman “How dare you bullying Ngar Ngar and Hei Hei!”. Gongsun woke up and couldn’t remember what he did earlier to the victim. A constable smelled Gonsun sachet and went crazy. Bobby tested the sachet and found drugs in it. Bobby doubts that Lady De could have been influenced by the smell of the sachet. Bobby said “Too bad with the current technology, we can’t find out what the sachet is made of.”

A maid bumped into Christine and stole her bracelet after Esther bid farewell to Christine. Esther told Zhan Zhao that she found Christine’s bracelet in herluggage Esther asked Zhan Zhao to do her a favor by returning Christine’s bracelet from her mother Lady Hui to her. Esther told Zhan Zhao to keep it as a secret and enter Christine’s house by the rooftop. Zhan Zhao stared at Christine from the rooftop and accidentally fell down why she took a bath. Christine yells and Zhan Zhao got arrested. At the court, Zhan Zhao admits guilty when Bobby questioned him. Christine kept on mumbling “Zhan Zhao please tell him you didn’t do it.” The majesty asked Bobby to execute Zhan Zhao. The four officers pleaded the majesty to not execute Zhan Zhao. This king is so indecisive as in the other Justice Bao dramas. Christine kneeled and told the majesty that Zhan Zhao went to give her back the bracelet since she knew she lost her mom, but he coincidentally sneaked in while she was taking a bath. Christine begged Bobby not to kill Zhan Zhao. The majesty spared Zhan Zhao life but asked Bobby to give Zhan Zhao fifty spanks. Zhan Zhao asked the four officers why do they hit him so softly. The four officers apologized the Zhan Zhao and spanked him harder. Christine gave Zhan Zhao a small pot of water.

Esther saw a madam (Mary Hon) with a scar picking up herbs. The guards badmouthed Zhan Zhao for peeking at the princess. The four officers got mad and fought with the guards. Lang Ching ordered the guards to arrest the four officers. Ben told Esther now they got ride of the four guards, Bobby only has Gongsun. Ben asked Esther to be careful when dealing with Gongsun Ce. Someone threw rice bags toward Gongsun CE and he fainted. Esther asked Ben how can he be so cold hearted for hurting Gonsun Ce. Esther told Ben there are many safe ways to convince Gongsun to leave. Mary saw Ben slapping Lang Ching for not memorizing the tactics. Ben told Lang Ching if the baby that Lady Shu’s carrying is a boy, then they must switch the baby. Mary tremmbled after Lang Ching walked out of the room. Mary remembered Lang Ching pushed her from the top of the hill and said he will give their family a title. Mary beats Bobby’s drum and told him that Lang Ching is a fake prince. Bobby held the majesty’s state sword and asked Lang Ching to come with him to the court.

Always and Ever episode 8 recap


Bobby asked Lady De “What are you doing holding Lady Yin’s son?”. Lady De told Bobby that her son’s spirit is trapped in the prince’s body. As long as he’s burned, Xin Xin will come alive. Zhan Zhao splashed himself with water and rescued Bobby from the fire. Esther do the CPR respiration on Bobby. Unfortunately Lady De died in the fire. Bobby and Esther suspect that someone is behind all those incident since Lady De couldn’t be that scheming. The two officers told Bobby that Lady De’s room is so clean after she died. Lang Ching told the majesty that Bobby is making a big deal investigating this case. Ben reminds Lang Ching to stay cold so people will not see his feelings. Lang Ching is scared of staying in the palace and being exposed he’s a fake prince. Ben told Lang Ching to hope that Lady Shu is giving birth to a girl. Bobby apologized in front of Lady De’s tomb for not saving her in time. Bobby told Esther to keep the music box. Hearing the music box is like seeing him.

Gongsun showed Bobby, Prince’s Hei’s sachet and smelled it. Bobby told Gongsun he’s not good with History; he learned about History by watching TV. Gongsun asked Bobby if people can come back from the dead in the future. Bobby said there is technology in the future but there’s not such technology to bring people back from the death. Bobby wished there was such technology to bring his wife back alive.

Bobby gave Esther a bouquet of roses and told her he will loves her no matter who she is. Esther found Bobby’s turtle in the flowers. Bobby asked Esther if she would let him take care of her the rest of her life. Bobby played the instrument to the villagers. Bobby kneeled to Esther in front of the villagers and asked her to marry him. Esther teared up and nodded. Esther told Christine she believes that Bobby is from the future and traveled to the past. Esther hopes that Ben will agreed to their marriage. Esther asked Ben to forgive Bobby for what he’s done.

The eunuch told Ben he ran into Gongsun and Prince Hei when he carried the bowl of water. Lang Ching searches for clues on the floor and saw powder of alum. Ben and Lang Ching tested their blood and found out Bobby’s trick. A servant gave Esther a letter from Ben to give to Bobby. Esther opened the letter and saw the powder. Esther came up to Ben and said she won’t marry anyone but Bobby. Ben told Esther that Bobby will be executed if he tells the king that he lied to him about the blood test. Esther told Ben she’s not his toy and she won’t marry him. Ben told Esther if he can’t have her then no one can. Ben told Esther if she wants to save Bobby’s life, she has to swear not to fall in love with anyone or she will be killed by Bobby.

Undercover Cops and Sacrafices

There are many sacrifices to be made as undercover cops in TVB Series. The main lead not only have to catch the bad guys but also sacrifice their family and relationships. But what if the undercover cops falls in love with the kin of the suspect?

In Net Deception, Jack Wu is an undercover cops who tries to get near Myolie Wu to catch her brother Wong Hei who is a top hacker. Jack has to either sacrifice his lover for his promotion or put Wong Hei in jail which is a tough decision to be made.

In Shades of Truth, Chilam Cheung is an undercover cops who tries to gets close to Gigi to gets evidence against the triad. Gigi plays the daughter of the triad boss. Chilam ends up falling fo her. Chilam also have another setbacks is his dream Gigi seducing him and he killed her from the previous lifetime.

In Yes Sir Sorry Sir, Mose gets close to Linda and pretends to fall in love with her to gets evidence against her sister. What’s setting appart from this love story of Undercover cops from the other ones is that Moses doesn’t love the kin of the suspects.

In Emergency Unit, Ron has to get close to Elanne Kong to gets evidence against her father. Ron ends up falling for Elaine Kong but have to sacrifice his love for his career.

Always and Ever episode 7 recap


Bobby asked Gongsun how to cancel the marriage of Esther and Ben. The four officers told Bobby that Ben and Esther makes a good pair. Zhan Zhao asked Bobby if he likes Esther. Esther told Ben that her mom left her when she was young and gave her a jade pendant. Esther looked at Bobby’s knot Lady De grabbed Christine when she gave her food. Christine told Esther that it seems like she doesn’t want to marry Ben. Christine told Esther she looks more relaxed with Bobby. Ether took out the necklace after dressing up for the wedding. During the wedding feast, Bobby came to stop Esther and Ben from marrying. Bobby said Ben and Esther are siblings. Bobby told Ben that Esther is his dad illegitimate daughter. Bobby asked KK to do a blood test. The blood test shows that they are related. The majesty cancels the wedding.

Bobby told Ether that Gongsun put alumn in the bowl of water so Ben’s blood match her blood. Esther showed Bobby her true love knot. Bobby continues to investigate the case about Lang Ching. Lady De dreams of her son. Bobby told Esther that Lady De has psychological illness. Bobby organized a buffet for Lady De’s birthday. Bobby told Esther that sweet food can make Lady De happy. Ether played the instrument while Lady De is sleeping. Bobby and Esther stares at the moon. Bobby shows Esther a sketch of how to build a music box. Lady De dreams of his son telling her to tell Bobby to shorten his lifespan for him. Hong Gong Gong asked Bobby to come to the former prince’s chamber in the order of Lady De. A fire occurs in the prince’s chamber. Lady De hugged the prince and said he will soon come back alive.

TVB Wuxia Dramas recommendation

How about a topic about TVB Wuxia Dramas. There are a lot of TVB Wuxia Dramas out there. I have too many topics on my mind that I wanted to write but this topic came up to me when Drunken Sword asked me for HK Ancient Dramas with a lot of actions. 🙂 So I decided to make a post about this. This topic would be appealing for those who are huge Wuxia fans.

Note: These are only some Wuxia dramas. Not all. With the exception of Jin Yong Dramas, these are some of the 90s and 2000s TVB Wuxia dramas.

Against the Blade of Honor 1996, Hitman Chronicles 1997, Lonestar Swordman 1993

Lofty Water Verdant Bow 2002, Battle Against Evil 2002, God of Honour 2001

Vagabond Vigilante 2006 , Treasure Raiders 2002, Blade Heart 2004,

Face to Fate 2006, Twin of Brothers 2004, Lethal Weapons of Love and Passion 2006

Guts of man 2005 , Strike at Heart 2005 , Lady Fan 2004

Devil Disciple 2007, The Four 2008, The Conquest 2006