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Karma Rider episode 14 recap

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Yoyo hurt the maid and left the house. Yoyo hid in Rachel’s bathhouse. Master Tung’s son wrote a poem for Cilla. The maid told her sister she doesn’t want to hurt Yoyo again. The maid’s sister told the maid that their mom left them when they were seven. The maid’s sister told the maid that their mom left them to find the two sons. Helena’s four children are all bandits. The maid’s sister told the maid they must find Yoyo. Rachel saw Yoyo hiding on her bathhouse. Yoyo anxiously told Rachel that she got kidnapped at the age of five when she was dressed like a boy. Now she got kidnapped again when she’s dressed like a boy. Rachel asked Yoyo to turn herself in and everything will be fine. The maid and her sister came and searched for Yoyo in the bathhouse. The maid’s sister pushed Rachel on the spa. Evergreen Mak came and saw Rachel drowned. Evergreen Mak hugged Rachel. Rachel told Evergreen Mak not to save her since there is a cause for misery.

Master Tung’s son found Yoyo hiding in his chest. Cilla went in Master Tung’s son room and saw Yoyo. Master Tung’s son asked Cilla to help Yoyo. The maid pointed a knife toward Yoyo. Cilla fought with the maid. Master Tung’s son took the stab for Cilla. The maid’s sister pointed a knife toward Yoyo and took her out. Master Tung’s son told Cilla he wants to see ever everyday. When it’s sunny they’ll eat watermelon. When it’s raining, he will cover up the rain for her with his shirt. He wants to see her smile all the time. KK checked Master Tung’s son’s wound. Yoyo grabbed the knife and told the maid’s sister she won’t let her off. The maid grabbed the knife and asked her sister not to kill Yoyo. Yoyo stared at the butterfly and remembered Raymond told her the butterflies will lead her the way. Yoyo followed the butterflies and saw Raymond. The maid’s sister was about to stab Yoyo but Raymond grabbed her.

Master Tung’s son bleeds and told Cilla that the smartest thing he did was meeting her. Master Tung’s son died. Master Tung came and hugged his son. Master Tung asked his wife why didn’t she look out for his son. Cilla went in Master Tung’s son room and stared at the poem he wrote. Cilla grabbed a knife and tried to kill herself but Priscilla prevented her. Cilla grabbed Master Tung’s son shirt and cried. Master Tung promised his wife he will find the maid to revenge for his son.

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