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Karma Rider episode 15 recap

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KK told Raymond he knew he was the boy he saved when he first saw him. Rachel told Evergreen Mak that she remembered when her parents forced her to marry a man whom is thirty years older than her. He kept on hitting her. She wanted him to hit her harder. She wouldn’t suffered if she died. She pushed him on the water while he was drunk. She turned herself in. The constables saw her injuries so they sentenced her to five years of imprisonment instead of lifetime. Evergreen Mak asked Rachel told Rachel she came back and open the bathhouse because she wanted to imprison herself. Raymond told Evergreen Mak that the maid used to knife to kill Master Tung’s son.

Raymond told Priscilla that Yoyo teamed up with her maid to stage the kidnapping since she didn’t want to marry someone she didn’t like. She didn’t expect that the kidnapping would be real. Raymond told Priscilla that the maid could be Helena’s daughter. Raymond said the maid has the second piece of jade. Helena’s son has been arrested. Helena’s daughter has escaped. Raymond told Priscilla he will support her even if she goes astray. Raymond told Priscilla he will keep her company for the night and will bring Yoyo to KK the next morning.

Raymond stared at Yoyo and remembered she dreams of her being Zhu Yingtai. Yoyo cried and told Raymond that if she didn’t pull the knife from her maid then Master Tung’s son wouldn’t die. Raymond told Yoyo that her dad misses her too. While Raymond piggyback Yoyo, she told him about how the bald guy asked her to follow the pair of butterflies. Yoyo assumed he got caught by the kidnappers. Yoyo said she can’t fall for anyone except bald head. Yoyo said she made her dad worried and someone died because of her. Helena bowed to Master Tung and said the maid is her daughter. Master Tung told Helena that he wanted his son to be the top scholar and bear him a grandson. Master Tung asked Helena to get out.

Tong Kai Ping gave Yoyo a cake in prison. Cilla looked at Master Tung’s so poem and asked the scholar what the poem means. The scholar said it means “There will be a day when it comes to an end.” Cilla read the poem on the wall and hopes that Kaki will return home.

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