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Karma Rider episode 17 recap

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Boss Woon told Tong Kai Ping that Master Pak might betray him some day. Tong Kai Ping showed Master Pak two gangsters’ heads then killed him. Evergreen Mak locked the bathhouse so Rachel won’t remember her sad past. Kong Tai Ping stared at Master Tung and was about to kill him but saw Raymond. Raymond came to ask Master Tung to let Priscilla burry his son with Cilla. Master Tung asked Raymond why does so many innocent people die but so many criminals living. Priscilla gave Mrs. Ma some preserved plums.

KK told Raymond and Priscilla that Mrs. Ma hit the peach blossom with an axe. Mrs. Ma told KK that the peach blossom shouldn’t grow again. Mrs. Ma chopped the peach blossom tree. KK kneel and apologized to Mrs. Ma. KK told Raymond that Mrs. Ma is right that he is not fit to be a mentor.KK said he has failed Mrs. Ma. KK told Raymond that he can tell that he and Priscilla are destined to be together. Priscilla has a heartache on the stream.

Raymond told Yoyo she is the bald boy who told her to follow the butterfly lovers. Yoyo told Raymond that she only sees him as her brother after he returned. Yeah that happens when you used to like someone but you see them again “Oh oh, I only like you as a friend.” Raymond told Yoyo he wants her to let go. Yoyo told Raymond he saved her two times. She will need to save herself for the third time. Raymond gave Yoyo some caramel treats. Raymond watch Priscilla performing the Butterfly Lovers. Raymond told Priscilla that he dreamt that he is Liang Shanbo and she is Zhu Ying Tai. Raymond hugged Priscilla. Priscilla showed Raymond the tattoo of the butterfly lovers that Kaki made for her. Raymond promised Priscilla she won’t be alone anymore. Raymond told Priscilla he will take care of her forever. Raymond told Priscilla they will be a pair of butterflies who will never part.

The next morning, Raymond visits Priscilla. Helena’s cake is burnt. Priscilla asked Raymond to grab a bite. Raymond told Priscilla he will take one and she will take the other. Raymond brought the cake for Helena’s daughter in jail. The maid and Kong Tai Ping also ate one. Raymond told Priscilla he wants to travel with her and he wants her to eat a lot cause he doesn’t want her to be too skinny.

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