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Karma Rider episode 18 recap

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Rachel told Raymond and Priscilla that she killed someone before and wouldn’t think she was a burden to Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak looked at the Buddha figures and told Raymond that they are evil. When the good people are dead, the good people are punished. Raymond and Priscilla asked Evergreen Mak if he saw the back of the assassinator of Rachel. Butterflies surrounds Evergreen Mak. Evergreen Mak has an illusion of himself dying and Rachel getting hurt by Kong Tai Ping. Raymond fought with Kong Tai Ping. Raymond got stabbed by Kong Tai Ping. Evergreen Mak hit Kong Tai Ping’s head with the plates hard. Priscilla got hurt in the stomach and fainted. Priscilla woke up and hugged Raymond and said Evergreen Mak is crazy. Raymond told Priscilla he will get a butterfly tattoo like her. Raymond said that Evergreen Mak is the devil now and he can really kill Kong Tai Ping.

Matt, Whitney, and Raymond suspect that Boss Woon is behind all the chaos in Kau Lau town. Kong Tai Ping being injured kneeled in front of the Buddha figure. KK took Mrs. Ma out in the plain. Mrs. Ma asked KK who he is. KK put a seed on Mrs. Ma’s hand. Mrs. Ma recalled when KK gave her a seed and asked her to put water for it to grow. KK told Mrs. Ma she doesn’t need to shed tears for him. Priscilla got a heartache again and Raymond put a jacket on her.

Raymond told Priscilla that Evergreen Mak almost died when he was carrying him eighteen years ago. Evergreen Mak dragged Kong Tai Ping and said Buddha should deal with the bad guys. Evergreen Mak punched Kong Tai Ping back and forth. KK told Raymond that he can’t help Evergreen Mak because is has so many desires. He wants to revenge to change the fate. Evergreen grabbed a rock and about to place on Kong Tai Ping. Evergreen Mak stares at the Buddha evil Buddha and it broke to the nice Buddha. The civilians wait for Boss Woon. Kong Tai Ping woke up and about to punch Evergreen Mak.

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