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Karma Rider episode 19 recap

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Kong Tai Ping assassinated Evergreen Mak and Master Tung. Kong Tai Ping took Boss Woon to the cellar and said their mom has been searching for them. Kong Tai Ping said after he killed Evergreen Mak, he fell on the scallion cake stall, Helena’s hands is so warm when she touched his scar on his right eye. He saw her crying. She gave him a scallion cake and showed him her piece of jade. Boss Woon said when he was fifteen, his father owes a lot of debt then died from sickness. Boss Woon said he stole two buns and gave Helena one. He became a stranger after she gave birth to her three kids. Boss Woon said one night Helena slapped him for stealing and hit him with a cane. No one would share burden with him when he’s in trouble. Kong Tai Ping told Boss Woon if he dines with Helena then he will give him back the gold. Constable Ching got in jail. Kong Tai Ping took the maid and her sister to see Helena. Helena eat with her four children. Boss Woon told Kong Tai Ping if he doesn’t show him the gold then his mom and his sisters won’t be alive. Boss Woon’s men got arrested. Helena cried since Boss Woon wanted to kill her.

Kong Tai Ping told Boss Woon that his family his safe and he won’t see the gold. Then Raymond and Master Tung came. Kong Tai Ping told Boss Woon he brought him away so his mom could be sad. Boss Woon slapped Raymond for ruining his plan. Boss Woon told Raymond that he is the top person and can file a report against him and then handle the case. Matt came with a magistrate to arrest Boss Woon. The magistrate showed Boss Woon an arrest warrant. Flashback of Master Tung listening to Boss Woon ordering Constable Ching to kill Kong Tai Ping. Boss Woon pointed a sword toward his neck and said no one can kill him. Boss Woon killed himself and fell on Kong Tai Ping.

Priscilla got a heartache. Evergreen Mak woke up. Flashbacks of Kong Tai Ping brought Evergreen Mak to Rachel. Priscilla told Raymond that her heart keeps on aching but she will try to open her eyes to see him. Priscilla held Raymond’s hands and said they can wait till the day of thousand peach blossoms grow.

One more episode to go. Woot!

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