HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Herbalist’s Manuel episode 19 recap

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Kenneth apologized to Frankie that he missed his appointment cause he hung out with Michelle. Franki’es brother told Rebecca he wants to be her baby’s foster fatehr. Frankie’s brother gave Rebecca more money he earned from testing the Mongolian medicine. Kenneth got a stomach ache after eating Michelle’s crab bun since he ate Persimmon (I had to look at the name of this fruit Persimmon online since I didn’t know the name of this fruit). Michelle told Rebecca she doesn’t mind being best friends with Kenneth.

The priest told Law Lok Lam that someone died from their pills. The queen asked the majesty to reconsider trying those pills. Law Lok Lam told the majesty to not worry since he already used it. The queen asked Law Lok Lam to try the pill in front of the maejsty. Law Lok Lam drink a pill and said he feels stronger. Law Lok Lam told the priest he doesn’t feel comfortable after drinking the pill. Selena feels upset that Frankie spent less time with her. Frankie told Michelle it’s better to be with Kenneth. Frankie told Michelle he will wish Kenneth and Michelle for the best. Michelle cried and told Rebecca that Frankie wanted her to be with Kenneth so he can be with Selena. Rebecca told Michelle to give up.

Michelle told Selena that she felt disappointed when Frankie told her to be with Kenneth. Michelle told Selena that her love is only once sided. Michelle buried her necklace and cried. Kenneth piggyback Michelle in the rain. Kenneth told Michelle that she and Frankie loves each other but have to refrain from being together. Kenneth told Michelle he also felt that he lost terribly after he found Selena is Frankie’s wife. Kenneth said someday he will find a girl who will appreciate him. Kenneth told Michelle she has good qualities such as smart and generous. Selena made ginger soup for Michelle. Kenneth sent a picture map of a plant to meet her at the mountain. Kenneth gave a flower to Michelle and said they will remain being friends. Kenneth asked Michelle to wear a sunflower ring. Frankie saw Kenneth and Michelle both run and laugh together on the street.

Michelle’s dad brought plenty of his medical meals. Frankie ate lots and lots of it. Kenneth and Frankie saw Law Lok Lam came to the Mongolian store.

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