HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Herbalist’s Manuel episode 20 recap

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Frankie’s brother feels dizzy. Rebecca dip food for Frankie’s brother. Frankie’s brother called Rebecca “Honey!”. Kenneth took Michelle Yip in a horse carriage to the opera. Frankie got upset. Frankie’s brother told his friend not to take too much Mongolian pills. Frankie’s dad checked Frankie’s brother’s friend pulse and said his liver has poison. Frankie’s brother’s friend died. Frankie’s brother fell asleep and saw Rebecca as his wife. Frankie’s brother felt better after going to the restroom. Frankie’s brother told Rebecca he will remember her teared up for him.

Frankie told Kenneth he treats him not only as his student but also as his brother. Someone attacked Frankie but Kenneth fought with him. The majesty refused to believe Felix, Frankie, and Kenneth that his pill he took is poison. Kenneth gave Michelle flowers in front of Frankie. Frankie remembered when Michelle picked up the flower at the mountain. Frankie told Michelle’s dad he has to let go of Michelle.

Frankie told Selena from now on he will learn to appreciate and drink tea with her. Frankie told Selena he done so little for her. Frankie took Selena to the opera. Michelle saw Frankie and Selena and wants to leave. Kenneth asked Michelle to stare at them. Kenneth showed Michelle her necklace and said if she dares to wear it, it means she can let go of her past relationship. Frankie went to buy some snacks for Selena then saw Michelle. Michelle hugged Frankie and cried. Frankie apologized to Michelle for breaking her heart. Selena saw Frankie and Michelle hugging each other. Selena cried and ran away. Selena asked Frankie if he likes Michelle. Selena told Frankie that he only marries her for responsibilities. Michelle’s eyes turned blind. Selena tore the paintings and told Kenneth she regrets taking painting classes for Frankie. Frankie’s mother asked Selena to stay at her house.

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