HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Herbalist’s Manuel episode 21 recap

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Frankie asked Michelle’s father if Michelle’s alright. Michelle’s father told Frankie that Michelle has been staying in her room silent alone. Michelle’s dad told Frankie that no one is at fault in this love triangle. Kenneth told Frankie that Michelle really cares for him so he shouldn’t go astray. The majesty sat on the rooftop and feels like he’s flying. The majesty said he had a dream of seeing his beloved concubine. Frankie saw Michelle walking out of the restaurant and couldn’t see him. Frankie and Michelle’s dad peeked at the priest and Law Lok Lam creating the medicine. Law Lok Lam became crazy from practicing his medicine. Then Michelle’s father came and checked Law Lok Lam’s pulse. Michelle’s dad made a medicine for Law Lok Lam.

Law Lok Lam asked Michelle’s dad if he would like to be his doctor. Kenneth took Michelle to the mountain to feel the fresh air. Michelle told Kenneth she caused Selena and Frankie to break up. Kenneth told Michelle he feels bad for her. Kenneth asked Michelle to pick some flowers. Law Lok Lam’s son beat up a man who flirted with Michelle at the restaurant. Michelle’s father pretends to argue with Frankie for dumping Michelle. Michelle’s dad asked Law Lok Lam to give him a higher rank than Frankie.

Michelle went to the temple and asked Buddha if there’s a way out of this love triangle. Selena saw Michelle. Selena’s maid yelled at Michelle for being the third party.Rebecca told Selena that the one that Frankie loves the most is Michelle. Rebecca told Selena she is happier than Michelle. Michelle drinks alone and thought she is speaking to Rebecca when Selena came. Michelle asked Selena why loving someone is a crime. Selena found out that Michelle is blind. Michelle told Selena not to tell Frankie. Michelle accidentally spilled tea on the customer. The customer flirted with Michelle. Selena yelled at the customer. Selena told Michelle she will serve the customer for her from now on. Selena helped Michelle cook. Selena told Michelle that no one is wrong in this love triangle, it’s just the cause of the wrong timing. Selena told Michelle she should know how to treat her eyes.

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