HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Herbalist’s Manuel episode 22 recap

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Frankie’s mom asked Selena to return home. Selena doubts if the wedding documents is that important. Frankie tries to find Selena at the moonlight festival. Frankie bought a doll for Selena but she threw away. Selena gave Frankie the divorce letter she wrote and asked him to go away. Selena told Michelle that Frankie doesn’t love her. Selena told Michelle that Frankie only love her a as a family. Michelle and Selena eat hotpot together. Frankie saw Selena defended a housewife from being bullied. Frankie tries to make the same tea that Selena made for him. Selena stares at Frankie’s doll.

Law Lok Lam’s son told Michelle that her father is working for his father.Michelle’s dad secretly gave Law Lok Lam pills for Frankie and Kenneth to test. They found out there’s poison in the pill. Frankie told the queen that the majesty is using a poisoned pill. The queen told Frankie sometimes she envies his wife for truly love her husband. Law Lok Lam and his son pretends to leave for a while. Michelle’s father peeked on the book and accidentally touched the flour that Law Lok Lam’s son put in the box.

Selena asked Michelle how to cure her eyes. Michelle told Selena she doesn’t need anyone to pity her. Selena told Michelle she has to love herself. Selena told Michelle to have the courage to cure her eyes. Frankie asked Selena to try the tea he made for her. Selena hurriedly go to the lake to find Michelle. Selena told Frankie that Michelle is blind. Selena saw Frankie hugging Michelle by the lake. Michelle refuses to let Frankie treat her eyes. Kenneth told Frankie that Michelle only wants to stay blind to repent her mistake. Frankie asked Kenneth to cure Michelle eyes. Frankie told Selena he won’t sign the divorce paper.

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