HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Herbalist’s Manuel episode 23 recap

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Michelle told Kenneth she wants to sell her restaurant and give it to Selena. Kenneth lead Michelle the way to smell the flowers. Law Lam gave the priest’s book to Michelle’s father. Frankie checked Power’s father pulse and told him he needs to cure him using poison. Michelle’s father cured a patient and gave Law Lok Lam the medicine. Kenneth took off the cloth for Michelle. Michelle is thrilled she can see clearly. Kenneth is upset that Michelle is leaving. Selena told Frankie she wants to leave. Frankie told Selena he won’t let him leave. Selena said a marriage document doesn’t matter. Selena and Michelle discuss about what Frankie likes.

Frankie and Kenneth peeked at Law Lok Lam discussing with the priest about bringing the poison pill to the majesty. Law Lok Lam gave a pill to the majesty. Frankie and the queen went to the majesty’s room. Frankie gave a medicine to the majesty. Frankie told the majesty that Law Lok Lam wants to poison him. The majesty asked his men to search the priest’s lab room. Felix told the majesty that there’s only vitamins and he didn’t see any poison. The majesty felt sick. Law Lok Lam accused Frankie of giving the majesty poison instead of medicine earlier. Law Lok Lam said Frankie wants to submit his herbalist’s manuel and be the top person in the world. The majesty gave an order to arrest Frankie.

Selena told Michelle she’s leaving. Kenneth told Selena that Frankie got arrested. Law Lok Lam wants to destroy Frankie’s manual. Michelle asked her dad to leave. Michelle pretends to be blind and gave a fake letter from his dad to Law Lok Lam’s son. Felix brought the guards and searched for Frankie’s manuel. The guards surrounded Selena by the seashore. Selena jumps down the sea with the manual.

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