HK-Korean Drama Expression

The Herbalist’s Manuel episode 24 recap

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Kenneth got mad at Felix for arresting Frankie and chasing Selena. Felix told Kenneth he has to maintain his status so he has to go against his conscience. Felix told Kenneth he rather give up his wealth for him. Felix, Power, and Power father pleaded the majesty to forgive Frankie’s family. Felix told the majesty he is willing to give up his post to let the official investigate this case thoroughly. A kid gave Kenneth the sachet of Selena. Kenneth and Michelle met Selena at the temple. Power told Michelle that Law Lok Lam fabricate the evidence, and Frankie will be executed tomorrow. Michelle asked Law Lok Lam’s son to let her go in jail to visit Frankie to get the manuel to help her father. Felix told Kenneth he hated himself for not being able to help Frankie.

Michelle told Selena she will save Frankie from the prison tonight. Michelle brought a soup for Frankie. Michelle asked Frankie where’s the manuel. Michelle gave the guards bowls of soup. The guards fainted. Michelle took Frankie inside Power’s horse carriage. Law Lok Lam told his son that Frankie escaped with Michelle. Kenneth and Michelle ran and went in the carriage to mislead Law Lok Lam’s son while Frankie and Selena goes another path. Michelle’s blind symptom has occur. Michelle told Kenneth she rather take all of the guilt so Frankie can happily lives with Selena.

Frankie saw a patient got injured at the mountain. Frankie and Selena picked up herbs at the mountain.Frankie took the snake bite for Selena. Selena carried Frankie. Frankie got sick. Selena search in the swamp for minerals. The patient sold the minerals and Law Lok Lam’s son heard the whereabouts of Frankie. Frankie and Selena visits Selena’s parents. Frankie told Selena she will let her stay with her parents. Frankie told Selena he will leave with Kenneth and Frankie. Frankie told Selena to take care.

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