Brother’s Keepers episode 20 recap



Ruco gave Louis his reward money. Edwin called Ruco for help. Ruco told Edwin to find Mr.Yik. Edwin saw the triand and freaked out and left with Krystal. Louis called Ruco and said Edwin didn’t show up. Edwin told Ruco he should not hang out with those triad. Edwin refuses to compromise with the triad. Edwin hit the lock with a stick and restart his peanut candy business. As Krystal helps Edwin selling his peanut candies, Edwin kissed her. Linda’s parents passed by her boutique and looked at her working productively. Linda’s mom told her husband that Ruco bought her the boutique.

Stephen asked Ruco to give him the files of his team since he suspects Ma Sir of being corrupt. Lee Kwok Lun told Stephen that he and Ruco are hardworking like him. Lee Kwok Lun asked Stephen to be fair in solving cases. Linda’s dad chat with Ruco during dinner. Ruco told Linda he’s saving money to buy her a house. Ruco put the key ring in Linda’s finger and said he’s proposing to her. Linda told Ruco that if she wants to marry him, she will propose to him one hundred and ninety nine times.

Ruco gave Louis some money for giving him info. Louis gave some false info to Ruco. The police couldn’t find anything. A murder occurred. Louis told Ruco that one of his friend’s son bumped into Dino. Louis told Ruco he had not choice but to kill Dino but he ripped off his bracelet in the bathroom. Louis told Ruco to get the bracelet back. Ruco pointed a gun at Louis. Louis showed Ruco a tape he recorded between them. Ruco threw the tape into the sea. Louis told Ruco if he kills him now, news about their collaboration will be spread. Louis showed a partial clip of the tape to Stephen. Stephen laughed and doubts that Ruco may be involved with the case and someone is trying to expose him. Kwok Sir handed the Dino case for Ruco. Ruco took Louis’s bracelet in the bathroom pretending to investigating the case with Becky. Louis threw the bracelet into the sea. Louis told Ruco he didn’t leave any copies of the tape. Ruco angrily grabbed Louis for setting a trap so he can help him get off the hook of killing Dino.

Stephen and Kwok Sir told Becky that they suspect that Ruco is related to the Dino case. Becky exchanged gifts with Linda. Becky surprisingly saw Linda’s dress gift expensive. Becky saw the wedding dress that Linda drew. Ruco received a letter from Becky that CIB is opening a file on him.

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