Brother’s Keepers episode 21 recap




Becky warned Ruco to keep his hans clean or his friends and family will be hurt by his wrongdoings. Ruco interfere Stephen from questioning Frog about the case. Frog told Stephen he collaborated with Ruco. Ruco remembered he harassed Frog to give him info about Gold Tooth whereabout. Stephen’s subordinate told Stephen that they checked that Ruco received two million dollars but he gave it to Linda to run the boutique. Stephen asked Kwok Sir for permission to freeze Ruco’s bank account. Kwok Sir said that Ruco is one of his best police and he needs to be fair.

Stephen interrogated Linda about the two million dollars being spent. Stephen reminds Ruco that he’s a cop and he knows the law. Stephen said he will investigate this case thoroughly. Linda gave Ruco, Becky’s keys so he can return to her. Ruco Sneaked in Becky’s house and looked at the information Dino’s case which the police in Macau are investigating. Stephen saw Ruco outside of Becky’s house and he followed him. Ruco told Louis that the police thinks that Chan Kwok Sing, a triad boss in Macua is involved in this case.

Mrs. Hung called Becky for help since two Thai guy kidnapped her. Mrs. Hung told Stephen that Chan Kwok Sing ordered someone to kill him since he has conflicts with Dino. A police told Becky that she found out that the killer used the same metal as Dino’s killer and has the similar height. Kwok Sir asked Stephen to stop investigating Ruco. Stephen told Kwok Sir that he heard the recording that Ruco sent his boys away so the killer can escape. Kwok Sir told Stephen he knows he wanted to revenge Ruco for causing hm to be demoted. In the elevator, Stephen told Ruco that he knew he was being investigated so he used his triad spy to cover up for him. Stephen told Ruco he has patience and will prove that he’s a bad cop.Ruco told Linda that he’s so upset about his suspension that he is considering of quitting his job.

Krystal helps Edwin selling his peanut candies. Krystal gives Edwin a big kiss on his cheek. Edwin and Krystal helps their food stall rival beating up the triad. Edwin got an idea of opening a second shop. Edwin and Krystal is surprised that Edwin’s father calmly told him to save up money before buying another shop. Krystal told Edwin that Ruco is right about collaborating with the triad. Edwin supports Ruco of quitting being a cop. Linda introduced Ruco to Fabio as her boyfriend.

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