Brother’s Keepers episode 24 recap




Ruco lied to Linda that a guest’s child went missing so he had to look for hm. Ruco said he had to jump in the pool to save him. Ruco gave Linda a booklet of his schedule. Ruco checks the stock 3394 and bought it. Linda parents saw Ruco and Fabio at the banquet. Fabio told Linda’s parents that Ruco is her bodyguard. Fabio told her mom that Linda is Ruco’s girlfriend and she designed her dress. Linda’s dad got irritated that Linda and Ruco is working for Fabio. Linda’s mom told Linda that she saw Fabio hanging her arm around Ruco at the banquet. Linda’s mom told Linda that Fabio is a lady’s man and Ruco can be easily attracted to her. Ruco gave Linda a necklace then showed her the shop which he bought again. Ruco said he won the stock 3394 and he used it to buy the shop back for her.

Lam Lam ordered expensive food in the restaurant. Louis told Lam Lam that she’s not her type. Lam Lam told Louis that she only wants to be his friend. Lam Lam told Louis she she has a crush on Edwin but she didn’t tell Edwin since he is dating Krystal.Lam Lam told Ruco she can tell that he has a crush on Krystal. Krystal checked for the ten boxes of almond cakes in the account book. Edwin’s dad said a customer bought the ten boxes of almond cakes but he didn’t mark it down. Krystal yelled at Edwin’s dad that he needs to follow the rule. Edwin told Krystal that it is just a small matter. Louise encouraged Krystal to spend more time with Edwin instead of always focusing on the shop. Krystal asked Ruco to ride the motorcycle wit her. Edwin and Krystal eat barbecue together. Krystal got mad at Edwin for only worrying about the shop.

Louis explains about the insurance policy to Fabio and Ruco. As Louis returned to pick up his keys, he saw Fabio talking to Ruco about the cocktail party. Fabio asked Ruco to unzip her dress for her. Fabio took off her dress then Ruco left. Fabio told Ruco some info about the stock. Fabio and Ruco drink and cheers about their stock rising. Fabio kisses Ruco again. Fabio asked Ruco if he is using her. Ruco told Fabio he doesn’t want Linda to be happy and he will send his resignation letter. Fabio told Ruco he asked Linda to design the dress for her. Fabio told Ruco if he doesn’t want Linda to know about his affair then he should stay working for her. Ruco apologized to Linda about lying about the New Year’s Eve. Ruco told Linda that he kissed Fabio. Linda got angry and left the house. Linda’s mom came to Fabio’s office and said she knows that she likes to steal other people’s boyfriend. Fabio told Linda’s mom she should learn being a concubine like her. Linda told Edwin she decided to break up with Ruco. Ruco told Edwin that it was just a kiss and Linda doesn’t need to break up with him just because of this small thing. Ruco drinks at the bar and saw Fabio. Ruco kissed Fabio and made out with her.

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