Brother’s Keepers episode 25 recap



Linda anxiously tries to find her bracelet which Ruco gave to her. Fabio told Linda that Ruco loves her. Fabio showed Lina a picture of them sleeping together. Linda yelled at Ruco. Ruco hugged Linda and said he only loves her. Linda ran on the street and bumped into the car and fainted. Ruco burst in Fabio’s office. Fabio told Ruco that she wanted to prove to Linda’s mom that Ruco loves her so she took a picture of them sleeping together. Ruco told Fabio that Linda is innocent but she got in coma at the hospital. Fabio drinks and feels really bad. Krystal hurted her foot. Edwin saw the news that Linda bumped into the car, and he nervously called Krystal to take care of store as of the night. Linda cried and told her sister at the hospital that Ruco slept with Fabio to receive info about the stock. Krystal got upset that Edwin cares for Linda more than her. Linda’s dad yelled at Linda for lying on her bed silently. Linda’s dad told Linda to get up and go back to work.

Linda’s dad punched Ruco and gave him four million and said he wants to buy his boutique. Linda’s dad told Ruco that everytime Linda went to the boutique she kept thinking of him and Fabio. Linda’s dad told Linda that he bought the boutique back as a gift for her. Edwin came to the boutique and asked Linda to give Ruco another chance. Fabio brought flowers for Linda. Ruco told Fabio to leave and let him apologize to Linda alone. Linda saw Ruco and Fabio outside of the boutique and yelled at them. Fabio apologized to Linda. Linda fainted. Linda woke up in the hospital and got amnesia. Linda watches a guy playing trumpet on the street. Ruco took photos of Linda. Linda picked up a brochure for Ruco. Ruco asked Linda if she saw flies in the exhibition. Ruco said he was busy catching flies so he couldn’t be bored. Ruco showed Linda the photos he took of her. Linda told Ruco he can send her the pictures while chatting with her on ICQ. Ruco asked Leanne to let him be friends with Linda. Ruco hung out with Linda and ordered her favorite chocolate cake.

Edwin saw his old friend at the restaurant. Edwin saw a pretty brooch in the restaurant at home and wants to give it to Linda. At the gift store, some clients praised Edwin’s peanut brittle. Linda heard it and got a headache. Linda walked in the street passed by the car and remembered everything. Linda returned the magazines and brooch to Ruco and said they shouldn’t be friend since she has a bad feeling about her last boyfriend. Linda told Edwin to keep the secret that she recovered from amnesia.

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