Bounty Lady episode 5 recap



Kate ordered Rose tea at the restaurant. Elena saw Kate telling her friend on her phone to lend Helena’s book since she is heartbroken after breaking up with her boyfriend. Benz drunkenly slept on the bed with Louis at the hotel. Kate gave Elena some tips to promote her book such as running a class or be a coach. Louis received a call from Benz to catch Lala’s boyfrined. Louis went to the hotel and saw Benz being drunk. Lala’s boyfriend knocked Louis and put him on the bed with Benz. Louis and Benz woke up and saw each other naked on the bd. Lala blackmailed Benz to give him 300,000 dollars or she will post the photos of him and Louis online.

Dayo asked Benz if he brought the teenage model in the house. Dayo saw Benz preparing lots of meal and asked him if something’s wrong. Benz told Dayo he must remember he will always be his nice older brother. Kate’s boss handed the project for Kate. Dayo found out that Benz owed 300,000 dollars to Lala.

During the function, Elena asked Dayo to swear he has never hurted a woman before. Dayo thought about his ex-girlfriend. Dayo asked Elena if she’s never been hurt by a man. Dayo upset left the function. Dayo’s boss yelled at Dayo. Dayo told his boss he quits.Benz told Dayo he went gambling in Macau and got in debt. Dayo checked his box and found out Benz took his money. Jazz visits Toby but Toby refuses to see him.

In the office, Benz itched his eyes. Louis checked Benz eyes. Sharon stared at Benz and Louis and thought they are gays. While walking on the street with Kate, a box of paint fell on Elena dirtied her clothes. Kate took photos of Elena and got an idea of having Elena on the magazine cover of her book about Windy despite men, a man threw paint on her and she is standing firm. At the restaurant, Elena looked at Kate’s scarf, and Kate gave it to her unwilling. Elena gave Kate a book in exchange.

Dayo tries the food sample at the supermarket and shop. Dayo told Kate he recorded her giving her scarf to Elena at the restaurant. the debt owners knocked on Dayo’s house and demanded Benz to pay his debt. Dayo remembered when the debt owners came during their childood, Dayo promised Benz if he ever got a good job he will help him. Benz and Louis ate hotpot with Sharon while Elena is away. Benz and Louis sneaked in Elena’s room searching for men’s suits. Sharon asked Louis to hide in her bedroom since Elena is coming home. Elena came home and saw Benz. Louis stood outside Sharon’s bedroom window.

Upcoming tvb series

Looking at the upcoming tvb series, I’m not sure what to say about those series. TVB is definitely lacking casts and have a bunch of newbies. Which of these looks good and which are you anticipating?

I’m looking forward to “Love Me Please Leave Me a Message” for Raymond Wong and Priscilla Wong and the theme of love text messages and technology.

I’m looking forward to Tiger Cubs 2 for Linda’s role but not sure cause they have too many newbies. I’m also looking forward to Ruse of Engagement and Midas for action and the casts. Not sure about the rest of the series, it’s a 50/50 bet for me.

Currently Airing

(M) Come Home Love – 愛‧ 回家 (500 Episodes) (Sitcom) [Discussion] (May 14, 2012 – Present) [8:00-8:30pm HKT]
(M) The Hippocratic Crush II – On Call 36小時II (30 Episodes) (Anniversary Series) [Discussion] (November 4 – December 13, 2013) [8:30-9:30pm HKT]
(M) Bounty Lady – MY盛LADY (20 Episodes) [Discussion] (November 25 – December 20, 2013) [9:30-10:30pm HKT]

(A) RETURN OF THE SILVER TONGUE – 舌劍上的公堂 – 25 EPISODES (DECEMBER 17, 2013 – JANUARY 17, 2014) [Replacing: The Hippocratic Crush II]
Cast: Roger Kwok, Kristal Tin, Priscilla Wong, Evergreen Mak, Rachel Kan, Jerry Lamb, Grace Wong

(M) COFFEE CAT MAMA – 貓屎媽媽 – 20 EPISODES [Trailer] (DECEMBER 23, 2013 – JANUARY 17, 2014) [Replacing: Bounty Lady]
Cast: Bosco Wong, Nancy Wu, Eliza Sam, Michelle Yim, Jerry Koo, Vincent Wong, Mimi Chu, May Chan (Siu Bo), Cheung Wing Hong, Otto Chan, Tat Dik, To Yin Gor (To Sir), Miki Yeung
Info: A series revolving around a coffee shop. Michelle is a strict person, she eventually got a divorce with her husband To Sir due to the personality differences. She later partners up with Nancy to open a coffee shop, fulfilling her ex-husband’s dream; Nancy is a tutor, she is laid back and later marries To Sir, but he eventually dies. Now a widow, Nancy teamed up with Michelle to fulfill To Sir’s dream. Bosco has a 8 year old son, he fell in love with the clever Eliza Sam, but her mother (Michelle) breaks them up; Regen is Eliza’s younger sister and Michelle’s youngest daughter, she is a slick girl; Miki Yeung is Bosco’s ex-wife; Vincent Wong is Nancy’s friend from childhood and has a crush on her. He later becomes Siu Bo’s boyfriend; Jerry Koo Nancy’s brother and Bosco, Vincent and Tat Dik’s good friend. Jerry’s brother and Tat Dik lives with Bosco, so they could raise his 8 year old son together; Mimi Chu is Nancy and Jerry’s mother. She has a relationship with Vincent, even a passionate kiss scene.

(M) OUTBOUND LOVE – 單戀雙城 – 20 EPISODES [Poster], [Poster+Info], [HK FILMART Trailer] (JANUARY 20, 2014) [Replacing: Return of the Silver Tongue]
Cast: Ruco Chan, Tony Hung, Aimee Chan, Lin Xiawei, Elaine Yiu, Matt Yeung, Samantha Ko, Mary Hon, Vivien Yeo
Plot: Traveling between Hong Kong and Malaysia, sweet sisters on bike tour in search of love. Ruco plays Luk Kung Ji, he’s a Malaysian tour guide, loves to play and sweet talks, but his real job is a Hong Kong music producer. He fled to Malaysia because he broke up with girlfriend Hong Yi Kiu (Elaine Yiu), then met Law Sik Sik (Aimee Chan), who also fled to Malaysia because she broke up with her fiance Ching Jin Pok (Matt Yeung). Aimee becomes the head of the travel agency after going to Malaysia and meets Ruco there. They became a bickering couple and developed feelings, but Ruco still had a knot in his heart and so they were unable to develop further; Ching Jin Chan (Lin Xiawei) is a silly girl who easily falls in love. Because Ruco showed some care for her, she fell in love with him and later falls for dessert chef Chin Chun (Tony Hung) too. Since she loves desserts, she asked Tony to be her cooking teacher and later finds out he has a crush on Aimee. She captured it on video and used it to threaten Tony to fulfill 3 wishes for her; Tony and Aimee are best friends, like sisters, but Tony secretly loves her. He’s a strict person and is a hardcore instructor to Lin Xiawei; Elaine is a singer-songwriter, dated Ruco before; Matt and Lin Xiawei are siblings, and Aimee’s ex-fiance. In front of Aimee, he acts very loving and caring, but in fact he’s a player. He cheated on her with Wong Kei Ying (Samantha Ko); Samantha was Aimee’s good friend, but the intimate clips of her affair with Matt were exposed at Aimee and Matt’s engagement party, the couple broke up instantly.

(M) MEET THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAWS – 新抱喜相逢 – 15 EPISODES (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 7, 2014) [Replacing: Coffee Cat Mama]
Cast: Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Pierre Ngo, Evergreen Mak, Henry Yu, Anderson Junior, Jonathan Wong
Info: 2014 Lunar New Year series. A modern comedy revolving around two good friends, Angela and Joyce in an artist training class together, but when they entered the entertainment industry, they were against each other and continued the battle when they each married into the wealthy family. They married the brothers Pierre and Evergreen respectively and meets their picky mother-in-law Nancy Sit. Henry Yu plays Nancy’s husband.

List of 2013 Series


(M) RUSE OF ENGAGEMENT – 叛逃 – 25 EPISODES [Poster], [Trailer], [HK FILMART Trailer (DVD)]
Cast: Louise Lee, Ruco Chan, Ron Ng, Aimee Chan, Yoyo Mung, Kenny Wong, Eddie Kwan, Chris Lai
Info:It’s easier to prevent terrorist attacks than to predict somebody’s heart. A group of elites join together to fight against terrorism with strict principles in their mind. Ruco is an undercover; Ron is a ATF officer; Yoyo is an undercover spy disguised as a reporter; Aimee is an analyst; Ruco-Aimee paired; Yoyo crush on Ruco; Ron crush on Aimee.

(A) GILDED CHOPSTICKS – 食為奴 – 25 EPISODES [Poster+Info], [Trailer]
Cast: Wong Cho Lam, Ben Wong, Joey Meng, Nancy Wu, Louis Cheung, Bob Lam, Susan Tse
Info: Since the original cast – Raymond Lam (emperor), Ron Ng (imperial chef), Fala Chen (Lui Sei Leung) and Sharon Chan – were unable to take part in this series, due to unwilling to shave head (Raymond) and still filming other series (Fala, Ron), producer Wong Wai Sing invited Linda Chung to pair with Raymond, but she was still filming Brother’s Keeper and was going on a 2 month vacation. Producer Wong Wai Sing decided to change the concept and replace the original cast with the [Inbound Troubles] cast. The initial plan was for Roger Kwok to pair up with Joey again, but he accepted another series and can’t be in it, Ben Wong will replace him as Emperor Yongzheng. Louis plays a semi-evil character, the ‘Eighth Royal Prince’. Cho Lam plays an imperial chef and the emperor’s right hand man. Joey is Lui Sei Leung, a heroine skilled in martial arts. Bob is a cook in the imperial kitchen. Susan is the Empress Dowager; Nancy had a relationship with Cho Lam before entering the palace, she becomes Ben’s concubine and later Empress Xiaoshengxian.

(M) NO RESERVE – 巾幗梟雄之諜血長天- 30 EPISODES [Poster], [HK FILMART Trailer]
Cast: Wayne Lai, Myolie Wu, Edwin Siu, Sire Ma, Susan Tse, Yoyo Chen, Eric Li, Law Lan, Lee Sing Cheung, Bob Lam (guest)
Info: News Article. A love story set during the war in the 1920s. Wayne plays two roles, the older brother is a businessman in Japan, and the younger brother is part of the Chinese guerrilla warfare. Eventually the brothers go against each other; Myolie is a spy, has a life of ups and downs. She’s been through war, fleeing to another place, been hurt and many other unfortunate events including the death of her family, she faced a lot of setbacks; Edwin’s role is psychotic, who deeply loves Myolie. Although he had many other women before, deep down he only has his eyes for Myolie. He tried to rape her, there will be many rape scenes and one where he goes crazy, going around sexually harassing women, possibly Law Lan and Susan Tse; Sire is a descendant of a family from the Qing dynasty.

Cast: Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Maggie Siu, Evergreen Mak, Natalie Tong, Adrian Chau, Tracy Ip, Rachel Kan, Katy Kung, Cilla Lok, Lee Yee Man
Info: A story about a murder case in the family. The male lead (probably Steven) returns to his hometown after serving in the military. His family runs a silk business and he’s the third brother in the family. When he learns someone in his family had been murdered, he works with the female lead (probably Tavia) to investigate who the murderer might be. Steven and Evergreen are brothers; Adrian Chau’s role influences Natalie in doing drugs. The series will be filming in Guangzhou.

Cast: Gardner Tse, Shirley Yeung, Tat Dik, Kayi Cheung, Coffee Lam, Eileen Tsang, Lawrence Cheng, Gregory Lee

Cast: Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, Timmy Hung, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo, Grace Wong, Patrick Tang, Matthew Ko, William Chak, Nancy Wu, Jade Leung, Sam Tsang, Jerry Koo
Info A total of 10 stories, each 2 episodes long. The sequel incorporates more dramatic elements that would make audience want to keep watching, such as the resentment among the SDU brothers. There are more large-scale scenes in this sequel compared to the last. The characters from part 1 will continue in the sequel with addition of new characters. Joe continues as “Jin Sir”, he has become even more matured since part 1; Linda plays a cold CIB madam, who is an undercover in the triad. The triad eventually discovered her true identity and traumatized her, which turned her into a ruthless and violent madam. She develops a relationship with Joe, but it won’t be your traditional love stories. The two experience many things together and may not even have good results; Oscar and Christine are now married in this sequel; Him Law gets into a love triangle with Mandy and Grace; Mandy becomes part of the SDU team as a trainee; Timmy plays a SDU instructor; Nancy Wu, Jade Leung, Jerry Koo and Sam Tsang are main characters in one of the stories.

(A) COLD MOUNTAIN, HIDDEN DRAGON – 寒山潛龍 – 30 EPISODES [Poster+Info], [Trailer]
Cast: Kenneth Ma, Selena Li, Lin Xiawei, Pierre Ngo, Power Chan, Raymond Cho, Yoyo Chen, Charmaine Li, Candy Chang, KK Cheung, Law Lok Lam, Mary Hon, Aimee Chan
Info: An adventurous story with modern elements. Kenneth and Selena’s two roles are in a love triangle. Selena has two roles — one is Kenneth’s wife and the other is a famous prostitute who likes him; Lin Xiawei plays a martial artist and paired up with Pierre.

Cast: Raymond Wong, Priscilla Wong, Elaine Yiu, Tony Hung, Vincent Wong, Leung Ka Kei, Cheung Wing Hong
Info: The series revolves around the wide use of mobile communication (texting) among today’s young people. Elaine plays a gynecologist, Raymond is her husband and they have a cute daughter. Raymond later falls for Priscilla, but she’s not a third party. Priscilla and Tony had been in a relationship for many years, but because Tony enjoyed freedom, the two broke up. Vincent is romantically linked to Priscilla as well.

(M) M CLUB – 女人俱樂部 – 30 EPISODES [Trailer]
Producers: Eric Tsang, Chan Wai Koon
Cast: Flora Chan, Carmen Lee, Angie Cheong, Loletta Lee, Gloria Yip, Elvina Kong, Fennie Yuen, Cheronna Ng@Super Girls, Kandy Wong@SugarClub, Annice Ng@AOA, Anjaylia Chan, Winki Lai, Venus Wong, Jeannie Chan, Lawrence Ng, Jerry Koo, Joe Tay. Matthew Ho, Amigo Chui, 6Wing@FAMA, Lawrence Cheng
Info: News Article. An adaptation of Korean film “Sunny” (써니/陽光姐妹淘). A story about classmates from the 80s reuniting years later and centers around the popular 80s aerobics craze. Carmen Lee and Lawrence Cheng are married. Lawrence loves his wife and his mother. She finds her former classmates, such as Lawrence Ng. She has to face her husband, daughter and face confrontation with her mother-in-law; Loletta Lee is a villain, she’s pitiful, but has the spirit of Ah Q. She has a relationship with Joe Tay; Elvina Kong has an obsession for dancing. She meets Carmen on the streets again, which triggers her memories of the olden days when she and her girl friends were in the dance class together. Meeting her girl friends again years later, she discovers they had all gave up on their dreams, except for her, who continues to pursue her dreams; Flora Chan is the CEO and the spokesperson of Aerobic Club. She is a very successful and wealthy perfectionist, but she looks down on others and is very unhappy with her girl friends; Fennie Yuen is a high official, she’s really strict and talks in a bureaucratic tone and never talks about her background. As a young woman, she was actually very outgoing, but her personality was impacted by one incident. She has two sons, but she rarely gets to see them. She was married, then divorced and had an extramarital affair; Angie develops a “sister-brother” relationship with 6Wing@FAMA, 15 years her junior. He sees her as a beautiful elder sister and a goddess, while she’s looking for her youth and wants an energetic life again.

Produced, Directed and Written by: Wong Jing
Cast: Liza Wang, Angie Chiu, Hawick Lau, Tang Yan, Kimmy Tong, Monica Wang, Edwin Siu, Kenny Wong, Wayne Lai (guest), Selena Li (guest)
Info: News Article. A family fuel drama. Filming in Tianjian and Beijing. CHO KWAN YEUT NAM (Liza Wang) is a legendary woman. In the early years, her husband (Wayne Lai) committed suicide because of a failed business. As a single mother, she raised three boys and an adopted daughter, and established her own company. YUET NAM progressively handed over her company to her children to take over, but unexpectedly the big brother CHI WANG (Kenny Wong) secretly pursued his adopted younger sister HAU YEE (Kimmy Tong). Unfortunately, HAU YEE only loved her second brother CHI YUN (Hawick Lau), but YUN had his heart for someone else. Their relationship went through subtle change. Because of YUN’s girlfriend fell ill and dies, he concentrated solely on his career and got into a dispute with his elder brother, whom was suppose to be the successor of the company. Beautiful girl SONG CHI WAH (Monica Wang) stormed in on WANG’s life, not only did she start working at the company, but also provoked WANG to act violently towards his wife. YUET NAM decided to hand her company over to YUN. WAH told WANG that he is actually not YUET NAM’s biological son. The two plotted against YUN and framed him. YUN ends up in prison and WANG takes over the company. (Liza plays a strong businesswoman, head of the household. She has three sons — Edwin, Hawick and Kenny; Monica is her adopted daughter; Natalie Meng plays Edwin’s wife; Selena plays young Liza and Wayne is her husband)

Cast: Roger Kwok, Ron Ng, Kristal Tin, Jason Chan, Kiki Sheung, Louis Cheung, Matt Yeung, King Kong, Lisa Lau
Info: Roger was a very positive lawyer, but because of Ron, he gets into a car accident and leg to paralysis of his legs. He believed he could get back up and start over, but because of his finances, he encountered a lot of trouble. He worked hard to get his barrister license and met a wealthy man; the cases he accepted brought him fame and when he later accepted Kristal Tin’s case, he had to choose between money and justice. He chose to battle the case for money, thus he gets stuck in between black-white and runs into the gray area; Ron is a righteous and a very strong police officer. He looks strong on the outside, but actually he’s a very sensible person. When he found out his girlfriend’s father got in trouble with the law, he wanted to put him behind bars, but unfortunately he didn’t have enough evidence. How can he choose between love and justice and face such a big challenge; Kristal came from a low-income family, she grew up in Portland street and there is no ideology in her world. To survive, she can do things by illegal means. Her boyfriend is a gangster, but she doesn’t think her boyfriend did anything wrong. When her boyfriend later gets her involved in a legal case, she finally wakes up and goes back on the right path; Kiki Sheung is Ron’s mother, she is the CID superintendent, very righteous and is a heroine who cracked many major cases; Jason is a lawyer, a colleague of Roger’s and often goes against him; Matt is Kristal’s boyfriend, a gangster; Louis is a lawyer and the villain of the series; Lisa Lau is Ron’s girlfriend.


(M) MIDAS – 點金聖手 – 30 EPISODES (Filming Ends: ~ NOVEMBER 2013)
Cast: Bosco Wong, Kate Tsui, Sharon Chan, Nancy Wu, Ben Wong, Elena Kong, Toby Leung, Pal Sinn, MC Jin, Stephen Wong, Oscar Leung, Jack Wu, Jazz Lam, Michael Miu
Info: This is a finance-themed series. The script was originally written for Michael Miu, but since he withdrew, there was no replacement. Instead, the producer modified the story to make the role younger. Bosco plays a financial expert, Nancy Wu is his wife, who is a high executive at the bank. Kate gets involved in their marriage as the third party; Sharon and Toby are sisters, both are Criminal Crime Bureau(CCB) officers, Sharon is the chief inspector; Ben is the CCB sergeant under Sharon, was Bosco’s good friend, but later enemies; Ben and Sharon are a couple; MC Jin is a CCB officer; Kate is an employee at the bank Bosco-Nancy works at, she has a relationship with Bosco. She pretends to be a lesbian to get close to Nancy and Toby. Kate disclosed she’ll have kiss scenes with the two ladies; Elena Kong is Ben’s girlfriend; Nancy and Pal Sin will have a relationship.

(M) MEN GETTING MARRIED – 男大當婚 – 20 EPISODES (Filming Ends: ~ NOVEMBER 2013)
Cast: Wayne Lai, Louisa So, Elaine Yiu, Natalie Tong, Tony Hung, Stanley Cheung, Susan Tse, Mary Hon, Amy Fan
Info: Wayne plays a near 40 year old bus driver, he and his girlfriend has a 6 year old son. His girlfriend later leaves him, and Louisa So hires him as a personal driver, the two slowly develop feelings for one another; Louisa plays a CEO of a large corporation. She has two step mothers who dislike her as a CEO and often tells her personal drivers to listen in on what she says in the car. She later develops a relationship with her personal driver Wayne, but because of their large gap in social class, they had many barriers in their relationship; Tony plays a wealthy young man. He’s Louisa’ younger cousin. Because a woman kidnapped him as a child, he grew up anti-social and had a fear of being around people, especially women. He doesn’t like to communicate with other people, he just enjoys watching anime. His male cousin, Stanley Cheung takes him out to a party, where he meets Natalie Tong; Natalie is an energetic and distracted girl. At one Cosplay party, she disguised herself as one female anime character who Tony happened to really liked. That night, the two had a very passionate encounter; Stanley is Tony’s cousin, and likes to party; King Sir plays a wealthy businessman, Louisa’s father; Susan Tse is King Sir’s wife, Louisa’s step mother; Mary Hon is King Sir’s second wife, Louisa’s other step-mother; Amy Fan is a good friend of Wayne’s and had a crush on him for many years.

(M) MEET THE DAUGHTER-IN-LAWS – 新抱喜相逢 – 15 EPISODES (Filming Ends: ~ DECEMBER 2013)
Cast: Nancy Sit, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Pierre Ngo, Evergreen Mak, Henry Yu, Anderson Junior, Jonathan Wong
Info: 2014 Lunar New Year series. A modern comedy revolving around two good friends, Angela and Joyce in an artist training class together, but when they entered the entertainment industry, they were against each other and continued the battle when they each married into the wealthy family. They married the brothers Pierre and Evergreen respectively and meets their picky mother-in-law Nancy Sit. Henry Yu plays Nancy’s husband.

(PM) THE GREAT PHARMACIST – 大藥坊 – 30 EPISODES (Filming Ends: ~ FEBRUARY 2014)
Cast: Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Pierre Ngo, Shirley Yeung, To Yin Gor (To Sir)
Info: A story revolving around a pharmacy. Linda plays a rich girl, whose family runs a large pharmaceutical business. But the pharmacy later gets hit by a huge epidemic. Linda is the first female pharmacist in China, she helps resolve the issue in a strong manner; Linda-Ruco-Raymond-Natalie will be involved in a love square; Linda and Natalie are both pharmacists and best friends, later become love rivals; Natalie and Pierre are siblings; To Sir is Linda’s father, Shirley is his mistress and Linda’s step-mother; Shirley and Pierre have a relationship; The story is similar to popular Korean drama “Jewels in the Palace”.

(A) VINEGAR LADY – 醋娘子 – 20 EPISODES (Filming Ends: JANUARY 2014)
Cast: Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Him Law, Louis Cheung, Alice Chan, Eliza Sam, Gigi Wong, Susan Tse, Derek Kwok, Jerry Koo
Info: A light-hearted comedy. Myolie and her mother Gigi roams around selling and cheating people. One time when Myolie was being chased, Him Law rescued her and it was love at first sight. It turned out she and Him had an arranged marriage. Later, the two were married with Ron’s help. Him’s family owns an vinegar production business, after marriage, Myolie learned how to make vinegar. When Gigi was accused of murdering her husband, she was jailed and Him’s family forced Myolie to draw a line with her mother. Him doesn’t help her, but instead falls for Eliza and she later becomes his mistress. Ultimately Him divorces Myolie; Ron and his sister Jade Leung owns a bath house, he has skin disease and gets cheated by Myolie and her mother. Later Myolie cures his skin disease and they became good friends. Myolie eventually realizes Ron was the one who was by her side protecting her; Alice is Him’s elder sister and does not get along with Myolie; Jade is Ron’s elder sister, marries Him’s father Jerry Koo as his second wife; Derek and Koni are a married couple.

(M) HOUSEWIFE MADAM – 師奶Madam – 20 EPISODES (Filming Ends: JANUARY 2014)
Cast: Edwin Siu, Priscilla Wong, Mandy Wong, Raymond Cho, Anderson Junior, Susan Tse, Jacqueline Wong, Rachel Kan, Leung Ka Kei, Stanley Cheung, Mary Hon
Info: A modern comedy. Edwin is an undercover cop who gets close the housewives in the village to investigate a case; Priscilla Wong is an undercover explorer who disguises herself as a housewife to fit in with the housewives in the village; Mandy is a housewife, married to Raymond Cho; Priscilla and Edwin eventually develop a relationship; Edwin also has a relationship with Mandy; Susan is Priscilla’s mother.

(M) OX HEAD LOVES HORSE MOUTH – 牛頭愛搭馬嘴 – 20 EPISODES (Filming Ends: JANUARY 2014)
Cast:Johnson Lee, Joey Meng, Oscar Leung, Mak Ling Ling, Harriet Yeung (Ha Tau), Rebecca Zhu
Info: A comedy series. Bobby’s schedule conflicted with this series, thus he had to withdraw. Johnson Lee takes over as the first lead actor, Oscar Leung joins the cast. Johnson and Joey Meng will be a pair instead. Johnson plays a police officer; Mak Ling Ling is a chief magazine editor.

credit: aeu

The King of Dramas episode 8 recap



Anthony announced to his colleagues that Sung Min Ah is confirmed to be added to their casts list for Gyeongsong Morning. Hyun Min bathe the kids to do some charity work to reduce his bad reputation of drunk driving. A kid picked his nose and put it on Hyun Min’s finger. Hyun Min asked the kid to eat it. Hyun Min is happy after hearing the director telling him he’s going to be acting with Sung Min Ah. Sung Min Ah told Oh Jin Wan she decided to film with Anthony. The director told Oh Jin Wan it’s better for Sung Min Ah to cause Anthony to go down after this knowing who the director is.

Lee Go Eun eat with Sung Min Ah. Sung Min Ah complained to Lee Go Eun that her character doesn’t appear until the end of the first episode. Sung Min Ah asked Lee Go Eun to revise her script. Sung Min Ah asked Lee Go Eun which poor writer did she get trained under. Sung Min Ah said they did not choose to cast her, she chose this drama. Lee Go Eun told Sung Min Ah this drama is not only for her so she can’t rewrite. Sung Min Ah asked her colleague who is the new drama director.

Director Nam told Lee Go Eun that Sung Min Ah is their strong actress, and he hopes that she can bear with her demands. Lee Go Eun denied of revising the script for Sung Min Ah. Bit Na asked Hyun Min to promise her not to fall for Sung Min Ah when he films. Sung Min Ah photoshoots with Hyun Min. Sung Min Ah refuses to shake hands with Hyun Min.

Sung Min Ah asked Anthony if he would fire Lee Go Eun if she can’t revise her script. Sung Min Ah told Anthony she’s going to make him like her. Anthony told Lee Go Eun if she doesn’t want to revise the script, she has to fight against Sung Min Ah and no one is going to be by her side.

Lee Go Eun meets Sung Min Ah at the spa. The director gave Anthony a warning to leave this field. Lee Go Eun told Sung Min Ah there are no small parts in the drama but only small minded actor. She refuses to make the revision. Lee Go Eun saw Anthony drinking soju alone. Lee Go Eun happily revised the script after Anthony told him she has to take a step back when she’s an amateur. Hyun Min is angry at the revised script requiring him to swim. Anthony grabbed Hyun Min and asked him if he doesn’t participate in the drama, he’s going to release the clip of faking visiting his mother. Hyun Min arrived at the presentation with Sung Min Ah. The director introduce Mr. Genji to Anthony. Mr. Genji told Anthony he’s going to withdraw money from the World Production.

How to recap Dramas?

I never thought of there was different ways fans to recaps until Heisui wrote the post about the blogging process

Recaps doesn’t only consist of writing but also taking good screencaps along with it.

Recap: It was surprising to see many different ways fan write recaps: Some fans would rewatch the episode 2-5 times to understand the series before writing their recaps. Some would take notes on the important scenes. Some would use the screencaps to remember what to write.

Screencaps: Some fans would take hundreds of screencaps and use the process of elemination to choose the right screencaps. Some fans would retake the screencaps many times to get the right shot. Some fans do go to other streaming sites to take screencaps of better quality videos.

Software: Some fans would use picture editing softwares to edit their screencaps. Some fans would do avatars of their favorite scenes.

Time: It can take fans up to 2-3 hours or 4-6 hours or even more to write the recaps.

How do I recap?

I recap the episode as I watch the drama. I pause some of the scenes and write down the recap. I take screencaps of the scenes I like. Sometimes I would rewind some of the scenes if I missed the dialogues.

The reason I recap as I watch is I can’t remember everything. I want to save time. I’m lazy to rewatch an episode several times and it would take too much time writing a recap after watching the series. I merge my screencaps using paint shop pro software which I have.

So what are you ways of dong recaps and how do yo do it?

Bounty Lady episode 4 recap



Judy sadly told Kate and Dayo that people only care about her looks. Judy told Dayo that Ho Ka Tsun looks too average for him. Dayo told Judy that she’s trying to look for a prince. Dayo showed Judy that Ho Ka Tsun carrying two hundred pounds of rock for her. Ho Ka Tsun showed Dayo he’s carrying the two hundred pound rocks to see how it feels to be heavy. Ho Ka Tsun told Judy he likes her quality of being straightforward. Judy told Ho Ka Tsun she is willing to be his girlfriend. Ho Ka Tsun piggyback Judy. While eating hotpot, Dayo asked his friends who took the money from the village heads. Louis told Benz he’s too much for spending money on the teenage models. At the bar, Louis refused to give money to the teenage model. Sharon saw Louis fighting with the teenage model and looked disgusted.

As Louis was about to sit next to Sharon the bus, she hit him. Louis picked up the wallet for Sharon after the bus ride. Sharon fell on the stair and kissed Louis. Sharon prevented Dayo from eating Louis food and said Louis has herpes. Dayo asked Louis who has he been fooling around with. When Dayo asked Louis who’s he been arguing with on the street, he ran. on the elevator, Louis pretends to kiss Sharon. Sharon hit him. Kate laughed and told Sharon that Louis only have food allergies.

Dayo, Benz, and Louis saw Jazz washing feet for ladies at the massage room for his ex girlfriend. Jazz met his ex girlfriend Paul at the bar played by Toby Leung. Dayo called Elena wicked Shrewd. Elena recorded the conversation on the phone. Elena plays the role of Sharon’s Aunt Sum. Elena showed Sharon the video clip. Sharon called Kate that Elena is coming to her company but she has conflicts with Dayo. Kate happily told her boss that Elena is coming. Kate saw Dayo in the parking lot and chased his car. Sharon tries to reach Elena. Dayo is against Elena’s book of separating couples. Sharon told Kate that Elena raised her. Elena had a checklist to find a perfect man but she couldn’t find the right one so she wrote books to teach people happy being single.

List of Drama Recappers

Recaps help us understand the drama better and some of you prefer to read recaps during your own spare time. I’ve compiled a list of some of the Awesome Drama recappers and blogs.

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TVB Series recaps

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Chinese Drama Recaps

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My Drama Tea A mix of Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean, and TVB recaps

Bounty Lady episode 3 recap



Kate called Sharon to replace her exercising with Judy. Sharon threw the badminton ball so fast that Judy couldn’t catch them. Judy fell on Sharon while doing push ups. Judy couldn’t catch up on Sharon while hiking. Judy is craving for food seeing Sharon eating snacks. Judy cried and sighed to Sharon that she failed to lose weight. Judy tries to Chinese Herbs as Sharon asked and she surprisingly lose weigh. Judy took four packs of Chinese Herbs instead of two as the instruction said. The next day, while hiking with Sharon, Judy fainted in the heat. At the hospital, Judy sadly heard Kate told Sharon that Judy can’t lose weigh in a short time. Judy eat snacks and cries. Dayo told Judy that there are lots of people who are homeless, hungry, and not boyfriends. Dayo told Judy she has only one of those three problems. Dayo told Judy to keep eating. Judy denied to eat Kate’s soup and said Dayo is her true friend. Kate fell down and Dayo ate Kate’s soup thanking her for making it for him. Kate chased Dayo.

The boss fired Sharon. Kate persuaded the boss to keep Sharon. While the employees gossip about Kate flirting with the boss in the office, Sharon pretends to cry to stop the gossip but failed. Kate laughed and explained to Sharon that she only shed a few tears and is not dating her boss. Dayo asked Kate to give him his phone back so he can delete the clip. Dayo told Kate “Hongkong guys have no manners, leftover girls never keep their promise.” Dayo asked Judy to dressed up less trendy. Dayo tied Judy up and ate snacks with his friends in front of Judy. Dayo exercises with Judy and eat snacks in front of her at the gym. Judy cried and said she can’t hang on. At the reastaurant, Sharon heard Louis, Jazz, and Benz giggled and talked about Kate and her boss. Sharon yelled at them for making fun of Kate. Kate asked Sharon if her friend lied to her, would she still care for her.

At the gym, Dayo compared Judy to a hippo to Ho Ka Tsun. While Judy runs on the treadmill, Dayo called her a hippo. Kate looked at Judy craving for the desserts. Kate asked Judy to eat them. Kate saw a photo of a good looking man who is an estate agent in Judy’s cell phone, she doubts if if it scam. Dayo eat cakes in front of Judy. Judy cried and asked Dayo to stop. Dayo got a stomach ache, and Kate asked Dayo how much did he get paid to eat it. Dayo threw up in Kate’s purse. Dayo peeked at Judy talking to the estate agent but it turns out that the estate agent treats Judy as his client. The estate agent told Judy she’s a nice girl to be his friend but too fat to be his girlfriend.

Bounty Lady episode 2 recap



At the meeting, Judy flirted with a handsome young guy. Dayo paid a young handsome man to ask Judy about the beautiful Kate. Judy got mad and asked “Is that even so called pretty?” Dayo told Judy that Kate is only using her. Dayo influenced Judy to sing on stage to prove she can sing better than Kate. Judy asked Kate to sing on stage with her. Judy sighed to Dayo that no one applaud her. Judy said her biggest dream is having someone falling for her. Judy fell on Dayo. Kate thinks that Dayo told Judy he likes her. Judy told Dayo and his friends that she wants to date a cute actor like the korean actor Hyun Bin. Judy flirted with the guys at the restaurant and the guys got scared and left. A guy name Ho Ka Tsun told Judy he met her at the fitness and wants to eat with her. Another guy introduces himself as the director of state agency to Judy. While drinking Mojito, Kate spoke english to a customer in the restaurant.

In the company, the employeees gossip that Kate flirts with the boss. Dayo held a phone with the cup of water and asked Kate to hold the cup of water for him. Kate spilled the cup of water on Dayo thinking that he spread the gossip. Sharon apologized to Kate and said she didn’t know she and her boss were there last night and she happens to shoot the scene and send it to the office. Dayo asked Kate if it is hard to say three words “I am Sorry” or two words “So what.” Ho Ka Ka Tsun and Judy met at the gym. Dayo told Judy if she was dating Ho Ka Tsun, she would have broken his back. Judy plays mahjong with Dayo, Benz, and Louis to lose weigh. Dayo won the game. Judy turns over the mahjong table. Dayo got injured. The teenage wants to break up with Benz since he hardly spend time with her. Benz gave the teenage model some money. Louis and Jazz followed Benz and the teenage model. Judy visits Dayo at the hospital. Kate told Judy she will help him apologize to Dayo. Kate told Judy she needs to lose weight.

Kate sneaks in Dayo’s room and take his phone and tries to erase the video. Dayo chased Kate in the hospital. Kate saw an old picture of Sharon when she used to be fat. Kate introduces Sharon to Judy. Kate play badminton with Judy.

Bounty Lady episode 1 recap


This series starts with Kate attractively looking at Ben while Dayo attractively looking at Kate’s friend. Dayo, Ben, Kate and her friend hung out at the bar. Dayo drunkenly slept with Kate instead of her friend. Dayo told the client in his company he wants to use the men to sell ladies pad. The client got angry with the plan and left. Kate freaked out seeing Dayo in the lounge. Dayo told Kate that he’s the boss. Dayo told Benz he’ll go down if he keeps on sponsoring teen models. Sharon told Kate that everyone in the firm ignores her but her. Sharon explains about Dayo and his colleauges to Kate. Kate asked Sharon if she heard the kpop band “Super Junior”. Sharon and Kate laughed about Dayo and his colleagues are too old to be Super Junior.

Samantha is a car model but switched places with her friend who is absent as the lipstick model. Samantha put on the lipstick costume to advertise for her company but her mom happens to shop for cosmetic and saw her and and yelled at her. Kate came up to Samantha and distract her about lipstick brand. Kate looked at the video clip of Dayo on her phone and realized that her video must be on Dayo’s phone. Kate tries to seduce Dayo to steal his phone.

As Dayo looked at the photos of the models, a fat woman thought Dayo was starring at her legs by the elevator. Kate called the fat woman beautiful and asked her to join the gym training with her. The woman intrudes herself to Kate as Judy. As Kate walked out of the fitness machine for a moment, Dayo took her place. Judy race with Dayo on the treadmill. Judy pushed Dayo. Benz party with the teen model at the bar. Benz and Dayo sneakingly went home at the late night. Dayo showed Benz the car bill he bought for the teen model. Benz told Dayo it’s because of him their parents died and he had to drop out of school to raise him. He just wants to make up his loss of dating time. Dayo told Benz he used his scholarship to pay his school and he even helped him pay his rent. Benz told Dayo the company had profit until laura left and he decided to live as an artist. Dayo got upset and left.

A client asked Dayo to help him find a boyfriend for his daughter Chu which is the fat woman. Dayo showed a clip to his colleagues about Chu grabbing food from the old ladies. Sharon told Dayo and his colleagues that Chu would take away food from the poor and give them fresh food instead. Benz, Jazz, and Louis is happy that Dayo takes this job instead of them. Kate showed Judy the proposal. Dayo told Judy she’s sweet.

Heirs episode 4 recap




Eun Sang left Kim Tan. Rachel took Eun Sang’s document in the plane. Youn Do picked up Rachel at the airport in Korea. Eun Sang sleeps in the sauna for the night. Chan Young’s sister ignores Kim Won’s call. Kim Won bought a necklace for Chan Young’s sister. Eun Sang yelled her mother for giving money to her sister. The mistress slapped Kim Tan’s mother. Kim Tan’s father told Kim Won that he hurt Tan more than he would like. Kim Tan’s mother told Eun Sang that she must lucky being poor since she doesn’t have to go through this fight. Kim Tan’s stepmother yelled at Kim Won for not letting Tan return helping his company. Kim Tan’s mother criticized Eun Sang’s mother and told Eun Sang “At least her daughter is smart, I’m not even nice to your mother.” Eun Sang gave her mother some snacks from US. Eun Sang cries and apologize to her mother for leaving her.

Eun Sang works in the coffee shop while Kim Tan miss Eun Sang. Kim Tan’s stepmother miss Kim Tan and wants Tan to come back to Korea, which he spends three years abroad in US. Kim Tan gave his teacher is final quote “One who wants to wear the crown, bear the crown.” Kim Tan goes back to Korea. Kim Won told Kim Tan he lost his chance to reunite with him. As Kim Tan unpack his stuff, he saw Eun Sang’s dream catcher and hung it in his room.

Young Do’s friend surprisingly saw Eun Sang walked out of Kim Tan’s house. Eun Sang sleepily bought a bottle of drink in the morning. Young Do eat a bowl of ramen noodle in front of Eun San while she fall asleep at the store. A pair of twin fights with each other over a game. Young do asked the twin to behave then the twins cried. Chan Young cooked noodles for Bo Na. Bo Na thinks that Chan Young has found out that she went out with Kim Tan.

Eun Sang and Kim Tan texts each other. Eun Sang went in Kim Tan’s house bring the groceries while Kim Tan walked out of his house. Kim Tan’s mother watch the story of Sleeping Beauty on the phone. Kim Tan’s mother yelled at Eun Sang’s mother for picking the wrong wine. Eun Sang helped her mother serving wine for Kim Tan’s mother. Eun Sang view the range of wine in the storage. Kim Tan’s saw Eun Sang’s back in his house. Kim Tan texts Eun Sang what she’s doing. Eun Sang said she’s drinking water. Kim Tan peeked at Eun Sang drinking water.