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Brother’s Keepers episode 26 recap



Krystal looked upset seeing Edwin talking to Linda on the phone. Louis and Lam Lam, Edwin and Krystal, took wedding photos. The camera didn’t work when Edwin and Krystal was about to take the pictures. The photographer told Edwin that he only wanted to take photos of him cause Louis paid him. Krystal told Edwin she set up the whole thing since she wanted to spend more time with him. Krystal asked Edwin if he wants to marry her. Edwin lend his friend Yin 180,000 dollars to pay his debt. Leanne saw Ruco staring at Linda in front of her boutique. Ruco bought Linda’s home to keep her memories. Edwin told Ruco that Linda won’t see him. She got her memory back. Edwin told Ruco that Linda can only stand up again if he leave her alone.

Edwin asked Ruco to collaborate with him running the store. Edwin told Ruco that since Krystal have done so much for him, he should marry her. Ruco told Edwin that marrying someone is not to pay the debt. Yin’s wife Judy came up to Edwin and cried and said her mom needs money for surgery. Edwin lend her 80,000 dollars. Krsytal told Edwin that Yin’s wife dressed nicely and she doesn’t believe she’s poor. Edwin yelled at Krystal. Krystal got pissed that Edwin helped Yin’s wife and Linda and not care about her.

Krystal complained to Louis that Edwin lent his friend 200,000 dollars to open his bread store. Louis told Krystal that Ruco’s friend is opening a souvenir shop across her shop. Krystal argued with Yin and Judy. Krystal called Yin a coward who needs his wife to look out for him. Judy slapped Krystal. Krystal kicked Judy and hit her. Krystal crazily slapped Judy multiple times for conning Edwin. Looks like she’s jealous. The police told Krystal that Judy got bruises all over her face, and he will charge her for body harm. In jail, Krystal waited 2 hours for Edwin. Louis bailed Krystal. Krystal upset leaves the police station. Edwin yelled at Krystal for slapping Judy and not reflecting her mistake. Krystal asked Edwin if he wanted to marry her out of pity. Krystal asked Edwin if he has ever loved her. Krystal dumps Edwin. Krystal cried and looked at the river and remembered her dad told her she has to be strong to build up her future.

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