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Brother’s Keepers episode 31 recap



Ruco made friends with someone who lost his wallet. The guy introduced Ruco to a triad. Ruco stared at his family picture. Ruco stared at Linda on the street. Edwin asked Linda if she meets Ruco again, would she get back with him. Edwin would like Linda helping Ruco getting back on track. The cops search the triad’s gambling warehouse. Becky saw Ruco and asked him not to go astray again. Ruco drives the triad while he harassed a girl. Ruco Chan’s life reminds me of Kate in High and Low where they both went to the wrong path due to pressure around them. Ruco got upset that he can’t save the girl. Ruco asked Becky if he can be her spy. Ruco told Becky the drug news about Master Ghost. Ruco helps Brother Pau beating up a gangster. Brother Pau told his friend he can let Ruco be his scapegoat if something happens to him. Those hotpot scenes in tvb series makes me want to eat.

The triad gave Ruco the map of the location they want him to kidnap which happens to be Edwin’s store. Here’s that kidnapping scene from the first episode. Edwin felt the scar on Ruco’s hand. Ruco hugged Linda. Ruco untied Edwin then punched him then tied him back another way. Edwin untied the knot.Edwin looked at Ruco’s symbol on the wall. Edwin beat up Ruco with a stick and left the warehouse. Ruco put on the bomb when the police came.

The triad suspects there’s a mole. Brother Pau pointed a gun toward Ruco. A gangster told Brother Pau that Ruco couldn’t be the mole since he saved him. Linda believes that Ruco was the one who kidnapped her. Linda told Edwin that Ruco has gone too far in kidnapping him. Linda assumes Ruco wants revenge against them.

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