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Brother’s Keepers episode 32 recap (End)



Louis bought peaches for Krystal. Krystal told Louis he isn’t romantic but she feels warm being around him. Master Ghost ordered Ruco to kill Brother Pau and the triad. Ruco stabbed Master Ghost’s rival Brother Pau’s men to save himself. Ruco told Becky he has to nail Master Ghost so he can start his life again. Ruco watch his family and left a gift for his mom. Louise chased Ruco. Linda called the police on Ruco. While Edwin fight with Ruco, Edwin’s phone dropped on Ruco’s shirt. Linda’s character in Brother’s Keepers reminds me of Gigi Lai in The Gem of Life.

The cops arrested Brother Pau’s men. Edwin and the police tracked Ruco. Ruco and Master Ghost fight with each other. The cops shot Ruco. That part where Becky hugged Ruco was touching. I think Becky does care for Ruco more than Linda. Becky told Linda that Ruco is her spy. Linda held Ruco’s hand in the ambulance.

At the hospital, Linda apologized to Ruco for misunderstanding him. Ruco ate dinner with his family. Ruco told Linda he will leave Hongkong. Linda and Edwin wonder what success Ruco will make.

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