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My Bratty Princess episode 33 (End)




The majesty is getting ready to go to war. Situ Jing told the majesty that Qi Guo Hou and Wen Zhang have different goals for rebellion. Situ Jing said Qi Guo Hou lost his military troop. Situ Jing suggests the majesty to take his troops then Qi Guo Hou will believe that Wen Zhang rebel against him. The majesty will let Wen Tao catch Qi Guo Hou’s son to repent his mistakes. King Yunnan arrives to Bai Yun Fei’s place. King Yunna told Bai Yun Fei that he has to go to war with the majesty. Bai Yun Fei told his dad he will rebel against him if he go to war with the majesty. King Yunnan slapped Bai Yun Fei and grabbed An Ning. Bai Yun Fei took the punch for An Ning. Qi Guo Hou’s son celebrate with Wen Tao about going to war with the majesty. The majesty took Qi Guo Hou’s son jade and send a guard to give it to Qi Guo Hou.

King Yunnan told An Ning after he defeats Zhu Yun he will let her marry Bai Yun Fei. Situ Jing asked the majesty to let her deal with King Yunnan. The majesty gives Situ Jing half an hour to deal with King Yunnan. The majesty hugged Situ Jing before she leaves. When Situ Jing came to negotiate with King Zhu Yun he found Situ Jing looked so much like her mother. King Yunnan remembered his lover. Situ Jing told about her background to King Yunnan. King Yunnan looked at the bracelet on Situ Jing and said it belongs to her grandfather and he gave it to her mother. King Yunnan said he took the bracelet off her mother’s hand. King Yunnan told Situ Jing he is his uncle. Situ Jing cried and hugged King Yunnan.

Situ Jing ate with King Yunnan.King Yunnan received a letter that Qi Guo Hou’s troop is coming. Situ Jing asked King Yunnan to retreat his troops. Situ Jing told King Yunnan that she can persuade Zhu Yun not to go to war against him. King Yunnan told Situ Jin he fell for her trick that whenever he’s still the king, he won’t go to war against the majesty. Situ Jing said by that time Bai Yun Fei is the king, he wouldn’t care if he go to war with the majesty. Situ Jing happily told the majesty her trick that as long as King Yunnan is in his throne, he wouldn’t attack him.

Situ Jing becomes the queen. Situ Jing’s friends gamble if Situ Jing gave birth to a girl or a boy. Situ Jing gave birth to a pair of twins for the majesty.

The End

2 thoughts on “My Bratty Princess episode 33 (End)

  1. I love d film I wish I can see situ jing and empore zhu

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