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The Legend of Love episode 15 recap

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Sonija drinks wine to relieve her sadness. Deric got mad that Stephen hung out with Sonija. Deric pushed Sonija. Deric wrote a divorce letter to Sonija. Deric yelled at his family and asked them not to bug in his business with Sonija. Deric tries to tear Sonija’s scarf. Sonija fainted. Stephen picked Sonija up in front of Deric. When the servants brought the sculpture of the God of Fortune, Deric threw it away. Deric got into a tantrum and angrily wants to throw away Sonija’s clothing. Deric told his mother that he only consider his girl friend as a sister.

Leila got mad at Stephen eating with Sonija while she waits for him. Stephen told Leila he was busy with work so he forgot her meeting. Leila persuaded Leila not to leave. Deric’s father let Deric manage his business. The gods helps Sonija turned invisible to visit Deric. Sonija surprisingly saw some strange power inside Deric’s body while he is sleeping. The two gods found out the Deric’s soul has gone away.

The god takes out Sonija’s soul to find Deric’s soul. Stephen asked Wilson to persuade Deric to sign a document. Sonija found Deric in the soul place. Sonija has two hours to find Deric’s favorite object to save Deric. Deric signed Wilson’s document. The two gods search for Sonija’s clothing in Deric’s room. Stephen uses his power to cause Leila to get stuck in the room. Stephen caused the clothes to be thrown in the fire. Sonija asked Leila to try to prevent the soul guards to burn Deric’s soul. Stephen punched Deric’s soul. Sonija plays Deric’s favorite tune. Some of Deric’s soul returned. Deric jumped down the cliff. Sonija is about to jump down.

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