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The Legend of Love episode 16 recap

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The two gods tied the rope hanging Sonija and Deric. The soul went back in Deric’s body. Deric told his parents he won’t marry anyone besides Sonija. Angela’s father told Deric that he sold his fabric store to Wilson’s store. Wilson showed Deric the documents he signed. Deric told Sonija he suspects that Stephen wants them to misunderstand since he likes her. Sonija asked Leila to observe Stephen. Angela’s father used the documents to buy Wilson’s fabric store. Stephen got a heart ache. Leila went inside Stephen’s heart and saw the Devil Stephen capture the kind Stephen. Leila blow her energy to Stephen. Stephen promised Leila he will try to suppress the heart.

Deric search for a job. Deric carries a bag of rice. Deric’s mom refused to eat dinner and blamed Sonija for bringing all the bad deeds.

Deric’s mom has a nightmare of Sonija killing her. Deric’s mother saw Rain leaving Wilson. Deric’s mother is scared that Sonija will kill her. The two gods disguised into Deric’s parents and happily walked with Deric and Sonija. Stephen is surprised that Sonija didn’t kill Deric’s mom. Stephen pretends to faint and sucked Leila’s power. Deric and Sonija held the dream catcher, and went inside Deric’s mother’s dream. Leila went in the dream and saw the female god and lied to the male god that something happened to the female god. Sonija saw the fake sonija stabbed Deric’s mother. Sonija knows Leila is trying to prevent her to ruin Stephen’s plan. Leila told Sonija she has to understand that she is willing to sacrifice for Stephen just like she loves Deric. Leila told Sonija even though Stephen is evil, he is still her lover.

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