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The Legend of Love episode 19 recap

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Sonija held the charm and the gumiho got shocked. The two gods grabbed the gumiho, and the gumhio got out of Angela’s body. Rain returned home and begged Wilson to forgive him. Rain slaps herself. Deric’s brother drew on Rain’s face thinking the gumiho has possessed her. Rain got mad and left. Wilson saw Rain buying Buddhist sculpture in the market. Rain begged Wilson for forgivness in front of the crowd. The gumiho possessed Deric’s father. The two gods fought with the gumiho. Deric’s parents found out that Sonija is a god. Sonija brought a bowl of hound blood and asked her family to put her finger in to test if they are possessed by a gumiho. Angela refused to put her finger in the blood disgusted by the blood. The gumiho possessed Deric’s brother forced Angela to put the finger in the blood. The gods fought with the gumiho. Deric fainted.

Leila demanded the gumiho to return Stephen’s heart. The gumiho tricked Leila into opening a box with seven colored fumes. Stephen punched the gumiho and sucked her breath. Stephen then sucked Leila’s breath.

Helena told the gods she’s going to fake Deric’s death so the power will be released. Helena asked Sonija to use her love to let Deric wake up. While the gods used power, Rain asked Wilson to see her. Wilson asked Rain to leave afraid that the gumiho will enter the house. Rain begged Wilson to forgive her. Stephen came. Sonija managed to convince Deric to wake up. Stephen captured Deric’s family and the gods and blackmailed Deric for the power. Stephen beat up Deric. Stephen turned Deric into a cow.

Leila told Sonija that Stephen turned Deric into a cow. Leila told Sonija that she wanted to become a fairy because of her. Leila told Sonija after seeing her giving up her fairy status to be with Deric, she realize how strong love is and how much she can sacrificial for her lover. Leila told Sonija when she died, take her heart and put it in Stephen to turn him back to his normal self. Sonija search for Deric. Sonija found Deric. Sonija swallowed the power to save Deric.

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