Gilded Chopsticks episode 9 recap



The doctor treated Yongzheng’s poison in time. Yongzheng asked Cho Lam to give the mushroom to Joey for him.Joey thought that Yinsi was the one who found the mushrooms. Cho Lam cooked meals for the empress. Lady Tak and a few maids got diarrhea by the few foods that Cho Lam cooked. Kok Goong Goong told Cho Lam and the servants that he found croton in the food. Cho Lam admit the crime for his friends. Cho Lam received ninety five spanks. Cho Lam kneels outside the palace and fainted. Yongzheng yelled at Bob and Kok Goong Goong. Bob’s servants confessed to Yongzheng that they put in crotons under Bob’s order. Cho Lam asked Yongzheng to not pursue that matter since he understands everyone sees him as a grudge in the imperial kitchen. May sent a letter invitation to Stephanie from Nancy. Stephanie brought Cho Lam with her to meet Nancy. May smelled stinky tofu in the food stall. Cho Lam and Nancy discuss about how stinky tofu is better when it’s more stinky. Cho Lam and Nancy saw the eight banners want to sell their wives and concubines. Cho Lam offended eight banners and got beat up. Cho Lam, Stephanie, Nancy, and May ran away from the guards and the men. Stephanie offered to take Nancy home but she refused.

Ling Po, the man who caused the trouble is grandson of Ha Lung who was the first person who raised the Qing flag. Yonzheng suggests Kangxi to agrees with the Hans official and support Manchu so they can lessen the negatives and live peacefully. Yinsi said it will make Kangxi seems ungrateful if he abolishes the eight banners. Kangxi lets Yinsi take care of the eight banners. The eight banners stood outside and demanded Yinsi to give them more money. Bob gave the chance for Cho Lam to cook since he found out that the majesty is not happy. Cho Lam prepared a food named Manchu and Hans unity for the majesty. Cho Lam explains his balance of flavor in the meal. Yongzheng suggests his plan of emigration and cultivation The court will pay the unemployed banners to emgigrate to Jilin to cultivate the wasteland They can also train their physique to become new recruits for the army. Yinsi worries about the chaos since Yongzheng’s decision affected the eight banners. The 14th prince argued with Yongzheng about the eight banners. Kangxi feels unfair for Yinsi since used him as a pawn to piss up the eight banners. The eight banners demanded more money and land. Yongzheng’s guards took off their shirts in front of the eight banners showing the scars and sacrifices they made. Yonzheng chopped off Ling Po’s hair. Ling Po dared Yongzheng to chop off his head. Yongzheng threw his sword down and ordered the guards to arrest the eight banners.

Gilded Chopsticks episode 8 recap

It feels great listening to old tvb background songs in Gilded Chopsticks.


The fortune teller told Nancy she will marry someone in the palace. The chef told Cho Lam and Jack that the meal in the palace aren’t good except for the empress and the crown prince. Cho Lam received a letter from Captain Nisn and whine he can’t have Nancy. Stephanie promised Cho Lam she will be his matchmaker. Yongzheng gave the sword from his great grandfather to Captain Nian. There’s the background music from Demi God and Semi Devil 96. This series sometimes have modern background played when Cho Lam and Joey appears. While Yongzheng helped Joey cleaning up her stuff, the tenth prince saw them. Cho Lam told Kangxi that the palace is missing the fun atmosphere. Yongzheng told Cho Lam he needs to find the right moment to tell Joey that she likes him. He’s afaraid to tell Joey about his real identity because she doesn’t like Manchus. Louis plays tug o war with the kids, then Joey helps the kids win.Joey gave the kids fruit candies. Louis told Joey that he wished he could be alone like her since there are scheming between the princes in the palace. Louis asked Joey about hanging out with Yongzheng which is the man who helped her pack up her stuff the other day. Joey was like “That’s not Yongzheng, it was Law Goong Goong.” Cho Lam blurted out that Joey has a good catch Law Goong Goong going for her. Joey asked Cho Lam if Law Gong Goong is Yongzheng. Joey and her mother forced Cho Lam to tell. Yongzheng yelled at Cho Lam for blurting out. Joey got mad at Yongzheng.Yongzheng yelled at Cho Lam that he can’t get Nancy so he tries to break up couples like him and Joey.

Bob and Kok Goong Goong arrested Jack for stealing Oolong teas.Wong Cho Lam smelled Oolong tea and went in Bob’s servant room and held a vase. Bob’s servant claimed it as his father’s ash. Chun Wong tripped Bob’s servant while he held the vase and the Oolong tealeaves fell out. Kok Goong Goong ordered Bob’s servant to receive thirty spanks. Stephanie whispered to Cho Lam that she thinks Chun Wong is the five taste master.

Joey coughed badly and needs the seven colored mushroom to cure her. Yongzheng apologized to Cho Lam. Cho Lam smelled the food that Yongzheng brought. Yongzheng asked Cho Lam to find the seven colored mushrooms. Cho Lam smelled the seven colored mushrooms and dug it. Cho Lam got bitten by a snake. Yonzheng spit out the poisons. Cho Lam woke up, then Yongzheng fainted.

Gilded Chopsticks episode 7 recap



Kangxi announced that the crown prince has turned insane due to stress and is demoted to be a commoner. Yongzheng plead the majesty to spare the crown prince but he refuses. Kangxi demoted Songgotu by three ranks for failing to stop the crown prince. Kangxi ordered the guards to put Magistrate Nian in jail for being impulsive of killing the commander. The eight prince showed the crown prince the letter and confirmed that it’s not the same letter as Magistrate Chin. Magistrate Chin’s letter was half burnt. Yinsi told the crown prince he failed due to being panic. During lunch, Joey and her friends and family chat about Yongzheng or Yinsi is more suitable to be the crown prince. Nancy came up to Yongzheng to plead for her brother in jail. Nancy gave a basket of watermelon for Yongzheng. Yongzheng gave the emperor a meal of watermelon. Kangxi ate the meal and yelled at Yongzheng for bringing the watermelon meal to remind him of the crown prince. Yongzheng begged Kangxi to release Captain Nian. Kangxi gave Captain Nian a task to get rid of the bandits to repent his mistake.

May asked Stephanie to attend Nancy’s birthday celebration. Cho Lam brought a pot his salted fish casserole for Nancy. Cho Lam talked to Nancy but she didn’t recognize him. Captain Nian confirmed Cho Lam’s identity as Ko Tin Po. Captain Nian smelled the salted fished casserole and threw Cho Lam out. Stephanie told Cho Lam she won the contest and used his name. Nancy and May saw Stephanie in the street. Stephanie told Captain Nian she participated in the contest for fun. Captain Nian warned Stephanie not to show up in front of Nancy again. Captain Nian asked Nancy to forget Stephanie.

Kangxi is impressed at the watermelon meal. Yongzheng told Kangxi that Cho Lam was the one who made him the watermelon meal. Kangxi asked Yongzheng to recruit Cho Lam to the palace. Kangxi dresses as a commoner and arrived in Cho Lam’s restaurant. Cho Lam cooked salted fish buns for Kangxi. Kangxi asked Cho Lam why doesn’t he cook in the palace. Kangxi gave Cho Lam a token that no one can execute him. Cho Lam dropped the token and the dishes broken. The guards came and called Kangxi “Majesty!”. Kangxi told Cho Lam he hopes he can work for him as a cook. Cho Lam holds the token and is happy to bring back his salted fish buns. The scholar told Stephanie it will not be easy for Cho Lam to stand out in the palace since the Five Taste Master is there. Cho Lam, Stephanie, and Jack happily enjoy the elegant look of the palace. Kok Goong Gonog showed them around. They met Bob in the kitchen. Cho Lam told Bob his master lost to the five taste master. Yongzheng visit Cho Lam and told him if he’s being bullied, he can help him. Cho Lam asked Yongzheng if he can leave cause of the rules. Cho Lam saw a guy got spanked forty times for stealing a green food.

Emergency Couple episode 1 recap

Was browsing through the Dramafever kdrama 2014 selections to watch and recap. I decided to recap Emergency Couple!



Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee rushed to the church. Oh Chang Min Oh Jin Hee burst in the church while the priest dictate. Oh Chang Min announced to the guests that they will have a wedding here. The priest recite the letter “Oh Chang Min was my favorite top student in medical school.” Oh Chang Min put the ring for Oh Jin Hee and kisses her. After they got married, the couple complaned about each other to their doctors. Oh Jin Hee has hair loss and is scared to tell her husband. Oh Chang Min sighed about his wife being lazy and can’t do a simple chore. Chang Min scold Doctor Bong for avoiding signing a contract f selling those medicines. Oh Jin Hee read the divorce letter at home. Doctor Bong brought Chang Min to a lady at the bar. The lady touched Chang Min’s hands. Chang Min sung with the lady while dancing on the table. In the kichen, while Jin Hee cooks, she got a heartache. Chang Min got drunk and walked in the rain. Someone bumped into him, and he dropped and picked up his stuff. Chang Min arrive home yelling at his wife while she sleeps. Chang Min is disgusted at his wife’s homemade curry. Chang Min saw his fish missing in the aquarium. Jin Hee said she felt so weak that she couldn’t fee the fish. Chang Min used a scissor and cut Jin Hee’s pink cloth. Jin Hee used a stick to ruin Chang Min’s radio. Chang Min used the knife to cut Jin Hee’s purse. Do you think the purse or the radio is more valuable? Jin Hee threw the camera. Chang Min threw the bowls. Jin Hee threw the books. The throwing between the couples valuables continues.

Six years later, After their divorce, Chang Ming made a speech about singing a song for his best friend’s wedding Yoo Sang Chul. Chang Min asked Jin Hee to play the piano. Chang Min called Jin Hee about parking in front of his car. Chang Min stared at Jin Hee Chang Min saw Jin Hee wearing her old same wedding dress and laughed. Chang Min saw with her mother and hearing another couple mocking her mother and his status. Jin Hee threw up after drinking and chatting with her friends. While Doctor Gook, is treating Jin Hee, she slaps him. It’s Chang Min’s first day of his new career as an intern doctor at another hospital. Doctor Gook, saw Chang Min and his friends talking about if there’s a hot girl in the hospital. Chang Min and his friend stared at a sexy girl walking by at the hospital. Chang Min asked the woman to lend her cell phone. Chang Min called his friend and pretends he has a seminar so he couldn’t attend the surgery. The female asked him if he’s a doctor. The same hot female doctor walked by and saw Chang Min. She introduces herself as Han Ra Eum. Doctor Gook yelled at Chang Min and his friends and set the guidelines. Jin Hee woke up and listen to Doctor Gook talking and saying her name. Jin Hee went out of her patient room and claimed identity. Changmin shockingly saw Jin Hee.

TVB Bloggers Countdown

There are actually lots of TVB Blogs, but it’s just most of them are taking breaks or have retired.

Yay Let’s do it! In addition to the current ones, here are the past tvb bloggers.

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I wonder why I’m still blogging and watching dramas!

-It’s just lucky that I’m still here in the tvb blogging world despite I’m bored of TVB Series.

-My First tvb series were Romance Beyond 1993 and A Good Match of Heaven 1995. My first asian drama was Taiwanese Justice Bao 1993 which is great enough to get me hooked to asian dramas.

– The Last TVB Series I liked was The Four 2008. After that I just watch tvb series for the sake of it.

-I have no favorite tvb series in 2013 but did enjoyed Inbound Troubles and Change of Heart.

-I’m glad Dramafever is here or I wouldn’t know or enjoy kdramas.

-I’m glad to meet a tvb and kdrama fan such as Dapowerz and Lucy

-I realize that there are other priorities I have to keep up which leaves watching dramas and blogging as my last priority. Yeah fans got better things to do than watch dramas these days.

– I like ancient tvb series over modern ones but the recent ancient series haven’t been good.

-I’ve been bored of TVB Series since 2009 anyway. It is a surprise I still watch tvb series until now.

-The recent kdramas haven’t been appealing either. 2012 and 2013 wasn’t a good year of kdramas for me. The recent mainland dramas use too much CGI. The old tvb and mainland dramas were a lot better.

-We’ll see how long I will be able to keep up with this blog.

Liebster Award

Thanks Kelly from Kellykdramafantasy and Love of TVB TVB and Thai Lakorns for tagging me the Liebster award. This is the second time I’m doing this.


Questions from Kelly!
Here’s my questions for you!

1. If you can be a female drama lead in any drama, who would it be?
That’s a tough question. I would want to be Park Shin Hye/ Go Mi Nam in You’re Beautiful to have three lovely guys.

2. What would you do if a banana you are about to eat comes to life and begs you for his/her life?
I would freak out and drop it since it can talk.

3.What is your all time favourite song to sing at the karaoke?
It’s a Vietnamese song but I forgot the title. I sang it when I was a child.

4. What subject are you majoring in and do you know what you want to be in the future/what is your occupation?
AW. Too personal.

5.If the world ends in a week, would you still watch dramas for the remaining time or would you think that it’s a waste of time?

6. Do you believe in supernatural beings such as ghost, gumiho, aliens, etc.?
Aliens and Ghosts

7. What influences your choice in picking a drama to watch?
I pick drama based on the storyline then the casts and the length of the drama.

8. What is the earliest memory you can remember?
I have a very good memory that my family and friends sometimes ask me questions if they forgot the name.

9. What food out of any dramas you’ve watch do you want to try?
Everytime I watch tvb series, I’m craving for hotpot or ancient chinese palace food. The food in TVB Always and Ever and a Recipe in the Heart cooked by Bobby looks good.

10.What would you do if you have amnesia? (kinda like making up your own story involving amnesia)
That would be fun to see how we can mess everyone’s life.

Questions from Love of TVB

1. Who is your favorite actor/actress? (You can list two maximum if you are having a really hard choice.)

My favorite TVB actor would be Chilam Cheung and Vincent Zhao . My Favorite actress would be Gigi Lai and Song Hye Kyo

2. What is your all-time favorite series?
Demi God and Semi Devil 96

3. Who is your favorite on-screen and off-screen pairing?
Onscreen Couple: Chilam Cheung and Gigi Lai. Both are my favorite tvb actor and acresss too.
Off Screen Couple: Chilam Cheung and Anita Yuen or Nick Cheung and Esther Kwan

4. Who is your favorite singer (can be an individual, band, or group)?
Too many to name but I mostly listen to American or asian pop. Lee Hom Wang is one of my favorite singers.

5. How long have you been watching TVB or dramas in general? And do you watch other dramas from other countries, besides TVB?
Been watching tvb series since I was eight. I watch Korean Dramas, and ancient Mainland and Taiwanese Dramas from time to time.

6. How long have you been in the blogging world?

I’ve been blogging for one year and a half and will turn 2 in a few months.

7. What part of the world do you live in? (You can be specific or not).
Texas, USA

8. How old are you? (You can give an age group.)
In the mid 20s but below 30.

9. What are you studying, and what major? If you’re working, then what field?
I already told yall TVB Bloggers about it. Got a Bachelor Degree in the teaching field but now taking classes in another field. Want to know more, message me on twitter.

10. List five facts about yourself.

-I’m a lot more friendly in real life and on twitter than on blogs. I’m just lazy to read blogs and enjoy being chatty. That’s why Dapowerz and Lynne said I’m always talking.

-I love Classic Milk Tea and Jasmine Bubble Teas but that’s obvious.

-I love seafood and I love to eat. I think eating is the joy of life.

-I’ve Watched too many dramas and been in the online world since 2007. I used to read TVB Musing, KTVB, TVB Index, and TVB Square’s blogs.

-I’m starting too lose interesting in blogging and just enjoy chilling on twitter and real life but we’ll see how long I will stay in the blogging world. Sometimes I feel Blogging can be boring and a waste of time. But will try not to shut my blog like some of my blogger friends.

I’ve been Liebster again. Thanks Zombie Mama and Ahning74 for nominating me.

Questions from Zombie Mama:

1. What was your favorite drama of 2013?
My favorite kdrama in 2013 was Flower Boys Next Door. I just liked the casts, and how the characters are portrayed and the video game theme.

2. If K-Pop is your thing, which artist/group is your all-time favorite? Which song and/or album of his/hers/theirs is your

I don’t really listen to kpop but I liked BEAST AND Big Bang. My all time favorite would be Wedding Dress by Big Bang; catchy song I can listen over and over.

3. If you were to star in your very own noona romance drama, who would be the younger man to steal your heart and how would
he do it?

If I were in a noona romance, it would be Gyun Joong in Big or Young Do in Heirs. They have this witty and hard to get and caring personality.

4. Who is your all-time favorite K-Drama/K-Pop star/group? Why?
I don’t really listen to kpop and no preference on it since I listen to whatever song is good. I think Beast and TVXQ have most of the good songs.

5. If you could spend a day hanging out with your ultimate bias, who would it be and what would you do?
Used to fall for Lee Dong Wook and Park Shi Hoo. I find most of the kdrama actors perfect. If I could spend the whole day with my eye candies, I would want to go to the beach or eat seafood. I just love outdoor.

6. If you could visit South Korea, would you be more interested in exploring the country as a whole or would you rather visit all of your favorite drama locations? Why?
I would visit my favorite drama location since I’m curious on how it is compared to the drama.

7. Which do you enjoy more: Watching all the newest dramas, even if it means waiting a week to find out what happens next or waiting until a drama has finished airing so you can marathon the entire drama in one go?
For kdramas, I would prefer waiting for all the episodes to come out because I don’t like the long wait.

8. In your opinion, which K-drama has the best kiss scene and which has the worst?
The best kiss scene would be Park Min Young and Lee Min Ho in City Hunter. Worst kiss Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun in BOF.

9. What is the most played song on your iPod (or equivalent) right now?
Don’t have one but the Osts in Big and Flower Boys Next Door have been catchy for me recently.

10. If you could interview any Hallyu star, who would it be and what would you ask?
I would interview Jungsu or Jung Yong Hwa and asked him about his pressure to keep his face toward his fans.

Questions from Ahning
1. How did you came up with your blog name?
i wanted to create a blog focusing on Korean and HK Dramas where everyone is strangled on the island and enjoying watching dramas.

2. Your favorite voice actor/actress in a drama/show (if their is one).

3. A favorable memory of a drama/show.
Too many good memories of the love in ancient series.

4. What’s your opinion on CGI works?
I like CGI if it’s used minimal like Demi God of Semi Devils or Dark Tales. I don’t like when the whole background consists of colorful CGI cause it eliminates the beautiful nature and the focus on swordfights.

5. Sacrificing yourself for love? Or the world?
I would choose love. Love is a strong feeling.

6. Most saddest scene in a drama/show?
In the ending of Bu Bu Jing Xin where Ruoxi saw the modern of Yongzheng.

7. Which drama/show do you watch the most?
I watch mostly TVB Series but there are some ancient dramas in the 90s I’ve rewatched quite a few times.

8. How old is your blog now?
Almost 2.

9. Favorite drama character.
Ling Wu Chong in State of Divinity. He must be the coolest Wuxia character for me.

10. What’s your motto in life?
Life is Short. Try to live as happily as you can.

Questions from Lynne

1. Your favourite tvb themesong. Leave a link if you can!
Too many but I do love the oldies.

My favorite would be Lost in Love theme song by William So and Flora Chan

2. Create a character you’d like to see in a TVB series! (occupation, personality, who’d you want to play it etc)
Kate Tsui as a seductive cop. It would be cool to see her join Charmaine and Sonija in TVB’s Angel’s Mission hahaha.

3. What is your favourite post that you’ve written? Leave a link!
My favorite recap I’ve written is The Bund 1996. I enjoyed staying up late and doing a marathon of it.
Once Upon a Time in Shanghai 1996

4. Your favourite drama from last year.
My favorite drama last year was Inbound Trouble and it was the only drama I find decent though I love the casts in Change of Heart.

5. Tell us one memorable scene from the drama you answered for number 4.
It’s actually harder for me to remember favorite scenes from recent tvb series than the old ones. I did like the weeding scene between Joey and Roger.

6. Tell us an embarrassing moment that you’ve experienced. OR if you’re not too interested in sharing that, what is your favourite flower? haha
My favorite flower would be Lilies.

7. Most inspiring quote from a drama
From Rosy Business when Wayne (Chai Gau) asked “How many 10 years does one have in his lifetime?”

8. I know there would be lots, but name one retired TVB actress AND actor that you would like to see back onscreen again and WHY?

Given low quality of TVB Series, I wouldn’t really want my favorites to come back but I would love to see Gigi Lai and Nick Cheung again.

9. Your favourite place you’ve visited.
Nova Scotia beach at Halifax, Canada.

10. Your favourite onscreen partnership (does not have to be a couple).
Moses Chan and Gigi Lai in Ultimate Crimefighter and Gem of Life.

Questions from Talking about TVB

1.If you could play any role in a TVB drama who would it be and why?
Either a smart cop like Sonija Kwok in Angels of Mission or a TVB Wuxia character like Gigi in Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber 2000.

2.If you could meet any TVB artist who will it be and what is the first thing you would do?
I would want to meet the nice and sweet Linda Chung and take a picture with her or Kenneth Ma.

3.You would marry which TVB artist (if they were like 22 years old instead of their actual age now)

Nah I’m not that obsessed with them that much to marry them. Can I choose a tvb character instead?

4. Which TVB artist do you ship them with?

5.Who do you prefer in acting wise: Raymond Lam or Ron Ng?
Raymond a bit better than Ron but both are pretty much the same on standard.

6. Who do you want to win TV King at the end of this year and why?
Would be cool to see Bosco win for The Ultimate Addiction

7.Who do you want to win TV Queen and why?
Would be cool to see Bosco and Kate win together in The Ultimate Addiction but neverthless I don’t really care about the awards anymore.

8.If you could change one ending in either: Witness Insecurity or Bottled Passion, what would it be and why?
The couples to be together. Both have sad endings.

9. Who is your favorite childhood actor or actress?
Esther Kwan

10. Favourite drama of all time?
Demi God and Semi Devil 96

Questions for you guys:

1.What are your hobbies besides watching dramas.
2. What’s your major?
3. What’s your favorite drink?
4. Who’s your favorite onscreen couple?
5. Who influenced you to blog?
6. Describes your personality?
7. How many languages do you speak?
8. How long do you think you will stay blogging?
9. Who’s your favorite actor and actress?
10. What are your pet peeves?

I’m tagging

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Gilded Chopsticks episode 6 recap



Yongzheng asked the scholar for advice and gave him an analogy of the majesty’s cat eating all his fish but he doesn’t have proof it was him. The scholar told Yongzheng to stop him as soon as he can. Yinsi’s servant told Yinsi that only Magistrate Chin’s brother body is missing from Magistrate Chin’s family. The orphans ran up to Joey. Joey fought with Yinsi’s guards. Yinsi showed Joey the school he bought for the orphans. This scene of Louis and Joey makes me miss the good old ancient tvb series. Yinsi visits Magistrate Chin’s brother and promises him he will find the killer. Yinsi told the crown prince that Magistrate Chin’s brother said he’s behind the murder. Yinsi showed a letter to the crown prince and claimed that Magistrate Chin’s brother wrote it. Yinsi asked the crown prince to turn himself in or he will give the letter to the majesty. Songgotu gave the crown prince a suggestion of collaborating with him to take down the majesty. After hearing about the crown prince’s plan, Yongzheng worry about the emperor and is on his way to stop to prevent the majesty to go to the palace. One thing I’m anticipating about this drama is to see historical fiction of Yongzheng and the eight prince. The captain and the guards refused to leave the palace. Magistrate Nian killed the captain and took the token and ordered the majesty’s guard to return to the camp. Li Goong Goong brought dumpling for the magistrate. Li Goong Goong told the magistrate that the majesty praised him. Songgotu. ate the dumpling and threw it said he’s been defeated. And there’s those background songs from Demi God and Semi Devils 96. Yea. I was curious to see the downfall of the crown prince in this drama.

Kangxi asked the crown prince if he wanted to kill him to hide the evidence of killing Magistrate Chin’s family. Aw. I love listening to the 90s tvb ancient series background songs. Kangxi told the crown prince he spoiled him but he appointed him to be the crown prince because of his mother.Kangxi slapped the crown prince and asked him why did he disappoint him. The crown prince told the majesty he had to pay the guards in the court a few thousand of taels to keep his potion. He had not choice but to embezzle money. The crown prince since he never had the chance to see his mother so now he got the chance. Kangxi ordered the guards to put the crown prince under house arrest. Kangxi called Yongzheng dumb for not stopping Songgu’s plan. Yongzheng visits the crown prince. The crown prince told Yongzheng he thought he was the only brother who cares for him but he also wanted the crown. The crown prince told Yongzheng he will eventually ascend the throne. Yongzheng told the crown prince he’s unfilial to force the emeperor to step down. The crown prince since he rather be unfilial than being stabbed by the eight prince. The crown prince said now he’s in under house arrest, he doesn’t need to worry about bribing the guards. Yongzheng told the crown prince he will always be his brother. The crown prince hugged Yongzheng. The crown prince told Yongzheng to be careful of Yinsi.

Heirs episode 12 recap



Eun Sang refuses to take Kim Tan’s hands and walked away. Eun Sang cried in front of Young Do. The following day, Kim Tan stared at Eun Sang at the gym. Bo Na and Myung Soo looked at Eun Sang and Young Do camp photos and asked Young Do if he likes Eun Sang. Kim Tan told Hyo Shin that the chairwoman isn’t her birth mother and he has another mom. Kim Won saw his girlfriend in his father’s room. Kim Tan came across Kim Won’s girlfriend seeing her cry and asked her if she’s fine. Kim Tan sat on the bench with Kim Won’s girlfriend. Kim Won’s girlfriend said Kim Won was right about his brother being tall and handsome. Eun saw Young Do and her mother together in front of the convenience store. Eun Sang called Young Do. As Young Do left, Eun Sang talked to her mother. Eun Sang met with Young Do and he saw the bag that Eun Sang’s mother had. Young Do waited for Eun Sang’s mother in front of Kim Tan’s house and asked her where is Eun Sang. Eun Sang’s mother texted that Eun Sang is at work. Kim Tan saw Young Do rose the motorcycle near his house. Young Do told Eun Sang he’s lonely when she’s not around. He’s happy when she’s back.

At the golf course, Young Do asked Kim Tan if it would be more shocking to know he’s the illegitimate son or Eun Sang being a housemaid. Young Do told Kim Tan if he keeps on protecting Eun Sang, he will reveal his identity. Kim Tan told Young Do he will get rid of his family and his gang. Kim Tan told Young Do he can do anything to him but he can’t do to Eun Sang. Kim Tan told Young Do he doesn’t have time to fight with him cause he has other important things to take care.Eun Sang sadly saw Kim Tan passing by her. Hyo Shin asked Kim Tan and Eun Sang why did they avoid each other’s eye contact. As Kim Tan left the room, he told Eun Sang he only wanted to see her. Kim Tan told his stepmother he wants to invite Rachel for dinner.

At the party, Kim Tan’s mother looked at Madam Han and told Rachel that she owns the largest bar. Kim Tan’s mother asked the chairwoman about Tan eating with Rachel’s family without her. Kim Tan waits for Eun Sang and kissed her twice for lying about not missing him. Kim Tan asked Rachel to come to his room. Kim Tan saw the chairwoman slapped his mother. Kim Tan revealed he’s the illegitimate son in front of Rachel and her mother. Kim Tan asked Rachel to cancel the engagement. Kim Tan’s father slapped Kim Tan. Kim Tan told his father he can kicked him out out of the house but don’t hurt his mother. After work, Eun Sang saw Kim Tan and cried.