Gilded Chopsticks episode 6 recap



Yongzheng asked the scholar for advice and gave him an analogy of the majesty’s cat eating all his fish but he doesn’t have proof it was him. The scholar told Yongzheng to stop him as soon as he can. Yinsi’s servant told Yinsi that only Magistrate Chin’s brother body is missing from Magistrate Chin’s family. The orphans ran up to Joey. Joey fought with Yinsi’s guards. Yinsi showed Joey the school he bought for the orphans. This scene of Louis and Joey makes me miss the good old ancient tvb series. Yinsi visits Magistrate Chin’s brother and promises him he will find the killer. Yinsi told the crown prince that Magistrate Chin’s brother said he’s behind the murder. Yinsi showed a letter to the crown prince and claimed that Magistrate Chin’s brother wrote it. Yinsi asked the crown prince to turn himself in or he will give the letter to the majesty. Songgotu gave the crown prince a suggestion of collaborating with him to take down the majesty. After hearing about the crown prince’s plan, Yongzheng worry about the emperor and is on his way to stop to prevent the majesty to go to the palace. One thing I’m anticipating about this drama is to see historical fiction of Yongzheng and the eight prince. The captain and the guards refused to leave the palace. Magistrate Nian killed the captain and took the token and ordered the majesty’s guard to return to the camp. Li Goong Goong brought dumpling for the magistrate. Li Goong Goong told the magistrate that the majesty praised him. Songgotu. ate the dumpling and threw it said he’s been defeated. And there’s those background songs from Demi God and Semi Devils 96. Yea. I was curious to see the downfall of the crown prince in this drama.

Kangxi asked the crown prince if he wanted to kill him to hide the evidence of killing Magistrate Chin’s family. Aw. I love listening to the 90s tvb ancient series background songs. Kangxi told the crown prince he spoiled him but he appointed him to be the crown prince because of his mother.Kangxi slapped the crown prince and asked him why did he disappoint him. The crown prince told the majesty he had to pay the guards in the court a few thousand of taels to keep his potion. He had not choice but to embezzle money. The crown prince since he never had the chance to see his mother so now he got the chance. Kangxi ordered the guards to put the crown prince under house arrest. Kangxi called Yongzheng dumb for not stopping Songgu’s plan. Yongzheng visits the crown prince. The crown prince told Yongzheng he thought he was the only brother who cares for him but he also wanted the crown. The crown prince told Yongzheng he will eventually ascend the throne. Yongzheng told the crown prince he’s unfilial to force the emeperor to step down. The crown prince since he rather be unfilial than being stabbed by the eight prince. The crown prince said now he’s in under house arrest, he doesn’t need to worry about bribing the guards. Yongzheng told the crown prince he will always be his brother. The crown prince hugged Yongzheng. The crown prince told Yongzheng to be careful of Yinsi.

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