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Swipe Tap Love episode 1 recap

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Sorry guys! Been on a drama slump and didn’t feel like watching any dramas lately but recently decided to pick up Swipe Tap Love to relax.




Everyone have their unforgettable love. What is yours?

Priscilla daydream of dating his fiancee Tony. Raymond asked Priscilla to share taxi with him during the rainy day. Priscilla asked Raymond to let her borrow his phone.Priscilla tried to reach the line. Tony.Priscilla and Raymond prepare breakfast on their own. Raymond takes his daughter to school. Raymond heard the theme song of The Brave Young Ones in the elevator which Eddie is playing in his phone. Kaki checks on her boyfriend’s phone and doubts he’s cheating on her. Priscilla tripped why reading her text messages. Raymond’s daughter told Raymond she got accused of eating the candies by her class but she didn’t eat it. Raymond believes in his daughter. Tony gave Priscilla a water case. Priscilla is upset that Tony didn’t gave her a call when he’s free. Priscila checked Tony’s phone and saw the messages with another girl. Priscilla is about to throw her phone in the sea.

Trust is like a piece of paper, if it’s crumpled however hard you try to flatten it. it won’t look the same.

One thought on “Swipe Tap Love episode 1 recap

  1. Where did you watch this with English subtitles but without mandarin dubbing?

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