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Swipe Tap Love episode 15 recap





Priscilla took pictures of herself at the chocolate house.Priscilla tasted Vincent’s coffee and didn’t like it. Priscilla told Vincent that Elaine liked Raymond after seeing his sculpture. Vincent showed his cup of coffee with the waterfall in Argentina. Vincent told Priscilla he came to this chocolate house because of Miss Chocolate. Priscilla asked Vincent to show him the picture of Mr. Lok to confirmed it if it is Raymond. Priscilla looked at the photo and understands why the macaroni soup is unforgettable. Priscilla stared at Raymond and laughed and asked him when he’s going to change his hairstyle like a Korean Artiste. Priscilla looked at the photo album of her parents when they met each other.

5 thoughts on “Swipe Tap Love episode 15 recap

  1. where u get those photos from cause i wanna watch ep 17 with eng sub

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