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Swipe Tap Love episode 17 recap

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Yau Yau told Raymond she wants to see Priscilla. Priscilla told Yau Yau on the phone to tell Raymond that she will not change. Priscilla rode the motorcycle with Roger. Roger asked Kaki to sing a song based on her mood. Roger told Kaki that her friend Priscilla helped Raymond find his dream. Priscilla recalled Raymond making her chocolate milk when she was asleep. Eddie piggyback Kelly out of her house which the power is out. Eddie told Kelly about the story of his wife and daughter left him but he’s still saving money and waiting for him. Eddie told Kelly she has to wait for the one. Kelly told Eddie he was always there for her. It would be great if he was her father. Eddie danced in front of Kelly. Raymond thought of Priscilla and designed a glass. This series reminds me of Karma Rider about the love between Raymond and Priscilla, and Roger and Kaki. Kaki reunites with her longtime crush. Roger fainted after falling from a motorcycle in the rain.

Whether or not I see you or am with you, I want what’s good for you. I won’t be ok if I don’t see you or can’t be with you.

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