Emergency Couple episode 2 recap



Oh Jin Hee stared at Han Ah Reum’s beautiful body and is envious. Oh Jin Hee got yelled by her boss in the office. Her colleagues gossip that she might get fired. They wonder what is Oh Jin Hee’s age. Oh Chang Min blurted out her age and everyone was surprised he knew. Oh Jin Hee cried and said she’s old and it took her six year to be an intern. Doctor Gook called her a big rock and said if she acts clumsy again she’ll be fired. Oh Chang Min asked Oh Jin Hee to leave since he believes she can’t be a doctor. Oh Chang Mn saw his mother and dragged Oh Jin Hee in a room. Doctor Gook yelled at Oh Jin Hee and Oh Chang Min for missing their patient operation. Oh Chang Min asked Doctor Gook to transfer him to a different department. A female surgeon pretended to be a patient and helped Jin Hee and Chang Min saving a patient’s life. A drunkard held a gun at the people at the hospital and demanded to see his girlfriend Soon Young. The drunkard pointed the gun at Chang Min. Jin Hee used the medical tool and pushed it on the drunkard’s back.

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