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TVB Series is going down. KDRAMAS is unsatisfying!

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I know that’s the saying if fans asked us which one is better “TVB or Korean?” “Japanese Dramas or KDRAMAS”. Mainland are too longwinded. Well though TVB is going down, I will stick with TVB. Mainland Dramas are too draggy and KDRAMAS require too much attention. I watch TVB and Korean Dramas with a few Mainland Dramas thrown in. I’m a sucker love for KDRAMAS when there are really good ones out there, mostly from 2004-2011 was the best year of kdramas for me. For TVB, the 90s and the early 2000s were the best for me. I watch Mainland Dramas too but not many of them though. TVB is really going down with shortage of casts and good script. The plot keep on repeating. I might just keep this blog for only a few years. Korean Dramas aren’t the best but TVB is going downhill. Mainland Dramas is not my thing.

The reason I blog mostly about TVB and KDRAMAS cause they are most available for me to watch and they have decent international fans. You know it’s really hard to recap Mainland Dramas unless you are Chinese and familiar with the cultural context. Well, that’s my perspective as a Vietnamese who recap recent asian dramas. I think Dramatictealeaves is an awesome CDRAMA recapper and she does understand why there’s not many CDRAMA bloggers too though she does a good job. xd.

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