Moon Fairy 2003 (Singapore drama) episode 1 and 2 recap

I’m watching this Wuxia series out of curiosity which also starred Christopher Lee from Ru Lai Shen Zhang. This is the first time I’m watching Fann Wong in a series. This series is based on the legend of Chang’e.

The narrator is a prince whom’s lover died tragically during the war. The narrator wrote a story of the Moon Fairy: The tragic love between Christopher (Houyi) and Fann (Chang’e).

Excerpt: Christopher shot nine sun to save the lives of the people. The Jade Emperor got mad at Christopher and sent him to earth and Fann in the heaven. Fann and Christopher separate from each other eternally.

Fann Wong is a moon fairy who envies the life of the earthlings. She would like to see the dragon whom got captured in the heaven. Fann’s first brother arrived to punish the jade rabbit. Ann has a dream of Christopher arriving from earth to heaven for the dragon. The dragon tried to eat the jade rabbit. Fann fought with the dragon. Christopher arrived and fought with the dragon. Christopher shot the arrow at the dragon but Fann’s first brother grabbed it. Fann fought with the dragon and fell down. Christopher held Fann’s hands and they fell down the in the cave. Christopher told Fann she is spoiled for freeing the dragon. Christopher told Fann that she is crying for a small matter but the people in the earth will suffer if the dragon is released.



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