Moon Fairy episode 3 and 4 recap

Christopher arrived in the Jade Emperor’s kingdom in heaven and confronted him about releasing the dragon. Christopher shot arrows at a bat attacking the farmer but he swung it into his father. Christopher’s father died. Fann looked at Christopher hugging her mother, in the mirror. The rabbit wants Fann to teach her to pass through the door. Fann plays the harp for her mother, and she threw her harp. Ann’s mother told her husband about him loving a female in the earth and gave birth to Fann. Christopher told her mother he knew knew how love was until she took care of him. A kid got attacked by a snake. Flashback: Christopher shot the arrow at the snake. Christopher told her mother that everyone wants to be a fairy but doesn’t know that they can’t fall in love. Christopher kneel in front of the kid’s mother and asked her to let him be her son. Fann’s maid practices her power and managed to imitate her looks. Fann wants to sneak out in the earth and let her the rabbit disguised as her. Fann bought a bun on the street and create a hairpin and gave it to the seller. The seller looked at the golden pin suddenly disappear. The seller chased Fann. Fann flew in the sky and bumped into Christopher. Fann wants to help Christopher defeat the bat. Fann fought with the bat. Fann got captured by the bat. Christopher arrived and about to shoot arrows. The bat left. Christopher asked Fann to return to heaven.




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