The Ultimate Addiction episode 19 recap

One thing I like about modern dramas is how I can connect it to real life. Just like how this series makes me think of how we would deal with the harshness if we were in the character’s situation.

The CCB post flyers searching for Kate.The CCB researched the fake 5,000 phone number calls started and most of them started with the number 6, 5, and 9. Bosco suggests the committee to expel Elena. Nancy told Jack that she wants to find Kate more than him. Bosco kisses Nancy on the bed. MC Jin told Toby he feels ashamed for yelling at Kate. Toby and MC Jin talked on the phone with each other and she found out that most of the victims are between 20 and 30 years old. Toby read the chats from his online game friend Master Yoda. MC Jin told Toby that most online friends are introverts or leechers and can’t be trusted. Toby thought about online game companies have clients mostly in the 20s and 30s. MC Jin blurted out “Good Idea that’s why I love you”. The game company owner told Ben that Elena’s brother showed him the list of the clients. Ben and Sharon saw a magazine cover of Elena’s brother sleeping with an actress. Elena suspects Bosco influencing her brother to frame her. Bosco looked at Kate photos with her mother. Kate works in a department store. Kate accidentally caused some magazines to be wet and got scold by her boss. The landlord seduced Kate and asked her to taste chicken. The landlord’s wife yelled at Kate. Kate walked alone in the rain.At the hospital, Nancy is upset she isn’t pregnant. Sharon is pregnant with Ben but she doesn’t really want to have a baby at this time. Nancy asked Sharon to cherish having a baby. As Ben and Sharon waits for Elena during dinner, she didn’t show up. Elena’s brother kidnapped Elena. Ben and Sharon search for Elena. Elena’s brother asked Elena to sign the document to transfer her share to his son. Elena’s brother said he has AIDS. Elena’s brother pushed the tissues in Elena’s mouth. Sharon grabbed Elena’s dog and recognized his brother’s pearl bracelet from the magazine. Ben found Elena and did the CPR for her. Ben took Elena to the hospital. Sharon saw Elena hugged Ben.


Blogging Checklist

You know how not everyone can be a blogger. Here are some reminders for being a blogger.

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Well known topic: Blogging about the recent series since fans are more familiar with the new series than the old ones. It is more rewarding blogging about topics that fans already know or targeted for international fans.

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Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 29 recap

Christopher Lee is so funny in this series. Athena Chu is so pretty as always. This is the first time I watched Chen Long and Christopher Lee in a series.

Christopher caused the bald man and Master Ha to fight over him to be their sect member. Christopher begged Liu Pao Pao to join master’s ha sect. Athena told Chilam that Phyllis seems to be estranged toward her. Chilam’s godsister and master plans to attend the martial sect competition. Christopher pretends to punch the two master’s in front of Master Ha. The two masters whined that they only received one bowl of congee which is not enough for them to have energy to work. Christopher told Master Ha that perhaps the bald man purposely gave the slaves a small portion of food to make his sect members weaker. Master Ha argued with the bald man. The two masters ran.The two masters are so clumsy fighting over hiding behind a tree. Master Ha saw the two masters. Christopher fought with the sect. As the sect members about to point their swords toward Christopher. Christopher surprisingly used his power on the sect. He was relieved his two hands didn’t get chopped. The two masters are impressed that Christopher mastered the skills. Chen Long’s father eavesdropped at the conversation of Chilam’s master gossiped to the customers at the restaurant that Chen Long is a coward and lost to Sun Xing. Chen Long’s father confronts Chilam’s master. Chilam’s master beat up Chen Long’s father and said his martial art his weak. The two masters argued of walking in front of each other. Christopher broke two branch sticks evenly and asked the two masters to pick one. Whoever chose the longer one gets to walk first. Liu Pao Pao threw a net over Christopher and the two masters. Christopher piggyback his master and fell off on a deserted plain. One of the masters feel weak and asked Christopher to run with his master. The master knocked down the other master. The master fought with Liu Pao Pao. Christopher bowed in front of his master and asked him why does he use his death to make him search for his other master. Christopher and his master cries about the loss of the other master.


Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 28 recap

Sun Xing refuses to take another sect’s land. Athena promised Phyllis she will always take care of her. Phyllis told Athena there are some things she can’t share with her. Phyllis told Athena she is kinda jealous of her. Athena told Phyllis that she is Sun Xing’s illegitimate daughter. Chen Long refuses to let Chilam help him put the woods on the fire.Chen Long apologized to Chilam without facing him. Chen Long’s father demanded Chen Long to bow in front of Chilam and apologized to him. Chilam told Chen Long’s father he finds him too strict on Chen Long. Athena asked Phyllis to tell out her burden. Phyllis asked Athena to leave her alone. Chen Long’s father told Chilam he knows that Chen Long lost confidence. Chen Long’s father lost motivation to treat Phyllis as Chilam tries to persuade him. Chen Long’s father told Chilam that he needs to be cautious when healing Phyllis’s scar. Athena told Chen Long that his dad is hard on him to make him stronger. Chilam stood in front of the house and told Chen Long’s father he is willing to bow in front of him so he can heal Phyllis. Phyllis got angry and told Chilam to be strong and he doesn’t need to plead Chen Long’s father. Chen Long bowed in front of his father so he can treat Phyllis. Chen Long’s father asked Chen Long if he should be happy that he is pleading for his friends. Sun Xing told Chen Long’s uncle he only revenge for the innocent and won’t compete with any sect to be the top sect. Athena’s two masters plans to escape the dungeon during the martial art sect competition. Chen Long’s uncle told Liu Pao Pao he feels poor for her that Sun Xing is always lenient to Athena’s mother. He told her to forget her revenge and it only leads to disappointment. Liu Pao Pao warned Chen Long’s uncle to be careful of Sun Xing’s power. Chen Long’s father caught Chen Long trying to steal the jade frog to give it to Chilam. Chen Long’s father spanked Chen Long. Chen Long left. Chen Long gives the frog to Athena and said he will try to make the medicine to cure Phyllis’s scar. Christopher passed by Liu Pao Pao by the dungeon staircase, he sat down afraid being discovered. Christopher brought the meals for his masters. The master told Christopher that Liu Pao Pao must avoid him since she is sensitive about her looks.


The Ultimate Addiction episode 18 recap

There’s a problem that everytime I start a 30 episodes tvb series, I struggle to finish it. That’s why I skipped a lot of 30 episodes series recently. The Ultimate Addiction started alright but now I’m struggling to finish it. 🙂

I like watching Bosco, Kate, and Nancy interaction the most. Ben and Elena bored me though they are good actors.

Bosco hired an excellent doctor to cure Kate. Doctor Day told Ben he believes Kate can recover in six months. Bosco told Ben he doesn’t even need to tell Kate he helped her, and he will stop visiting her. I’m tired of watching the Business talk. Elena discuss the idea of preventing Hongkong, London, and New York bank partnership. Elena disapprove Honkong partnership with Wan Gu. Jazz joked with his friend that they should kidnap Elena’s dog so she won’t interfere in the meeting. Nancy is upset that Bosco has changed. Jazz asked Bosco if he likes Kate or he just feels guilty. Nancy said Bosco only cares about Kate and doesn’t focus on his work. Nancy worries the company will go down if Bosco continues to care about Kate. In the bathroom as Bosco massaged Nancy, she told him that she doesn’t care how much money they make but she wants to make money with him. Kate and the CCB did a funeral for Kate’s mother. Bosco visited Kate’s father’s grave and promised him not to hurt Kate. MC Jin, Ben, and Jack performed the leg therapy with Kate. This series is starting to be repetitive. You know how there used to be Sharon’s family fight and Ginnie and Bosco family fight, I also think the C-Coins part of Master Fat is draggy. Master Fat heard the news of Elena illegal gambling with her brother and withdraw her stocks. Bosco waits till Elena closes her bank. Elena rejected Hongkong bank listing in Wan Gu.Bosco watches Kate doing therapy, on his ipad. Flashbacks of Nancy giving Bosco money to pay his company’s debt. Brainman has become successful. Bosco proposed to Nancy and promised he will never leave her. Elena’s brother came into Elena’s office and accused her of being bankrupt. I guess since Kate’s revenge is revealed, this series will focus more on Bosco and Elena’s conflicts. Elena’s brother told Elena to retire then he will leave Hongkong. If not, he will drag her down with him. Elena confronts his brother about her cleaning up his mess such as sleeping around. Elena’s brother told Elena it’s better to hand down her business to her family member than an outsider. Seeing Ginnie looking at Stephen played the guitar in the hospital to Kate, makes me wonder if there will be a relationship between Stephen and Ginnie. Ginnie cried and thought about her ex boyfriend whom also played that song. Flashbacks of Ginnie heard the news of the boat where her boyfriend was in, sunk. Some kids bumped into Kate and dropped their ice cream. Kate crawled trying to pick up her father’s watch. Nancy picked up the watch and smiled. Nancy wiped Kate’s face and said she is pitiful now and she should learn to write her name before she dies. Nancy told Kate if she was her she would die. As Bosco drives by the hospital he saw Nancy leaving. Bosco visited Kate but didn’t see her. Bosco asked Nancy where did Kate go. Bosco told Nancy he will take care of Kate but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love her. Nancy cried and told Bosco he promised he would take care of her. Nancy asked Bosco to get his hands off her. Nancy is jealous of Kate.



Dramafever Help Wanted: Fan subbers


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The Ultimate Addiction episode 17 recap

The hot tempered Ben yelled at Bosco for causing Kate to be in coma. He blurted out that Kate is Shing’s daughter. One thing they should elaborate in this series is how come Ben and Kate suspects Bosco of killing Shing? The CCB vowed to arrest Bosco. Bosco gave Sharon the evidence that Cheung Wing Sun money laundering in those bank accounts. Ben fought with Bosco.Stephen Huynh arrived. Ben told Stephen that this case isn’t simple. Stephen yelled at Ben that they are police, they needs evidence, not just based on wild guess. Stephen told Ben he’s reporting this incident to his boss. The C-Coin dropped by fifty percent. The victims stood on the street and demanded for their compensation. The victims begged Elena to help them get their money back. Master Fat said on the TV that he feels guilty and this is the worst stock analysis he made. Master Fat told Mrs. Kei he’s just an employee and has to please his boss but people depends on him as a financial analyst . Master Fat said many people couldn’t hardly find a job, he wouldn’t be where he is now if Bosco didn’t hire him. Master Fat said he always tell the customers that there’s risk in the investment but he didn’t tell down to follow it. Bosco is planning to use the death key. Elena asked Bosco if he knows this will affect many people and he could be arrested too. Bosco blackmailed Elena and asked her to give him the Vice position or he will use the C-Coins. Elena announced to the committee that Bosco will take over Mr. Yau’s position as the Vice Chairman. Bosco visits Kate. Bosco told Kate that he became the vice chairman and she should be mad and wake up. Ben told Kate to wake up to arrest his father’s murderer. Ben asked Elena why did she let Bosco become the Vice Chairman. Ben is frustrated that the investors have been suffering while Bosco is climbing up. Elena told Ben to be optimist and the most important thing is to help the victims. She’s like him can tell what’s good and what’s bad but when it comes to decision making, she has to weight the pros and cons. At the hospital Jack told Ben that his mother was Kate’s mother’s friend. She knew Kate since childhood, and he would visit them in the States. Jack blames himself for not stopping Kate from revenging for his father. Nancy dressed up to celebrate Bosco’s Vice Chairman post. Bosco received a call from Jazz that Kate has woken up. Bosco accused Kate of killing her parents and when she tried to hit him, her arms got weaken. Bosco apologized to Nancy he couldn’t make it tonight. Nancy angrily threw the bottle of champagne in the sea. The doctor told the CCB that Kate suffers from visual problem, she can see but she can’t hit. Kate is frustrated that she can’t even write her name. Ben told Bosco to not see Kate again and to not pretend to be nice. Flashbacks on the yatch, Shing double crossed Bosco and Shing wants Bosco to take the blame since he is still young. Shing said he still has a family. At home, Nancy told Bosco there’s no point in rebuilding the castle since he has fallen for Kate. Nancy picks up the pieces with Bosco. At the hospital, Bosco showed Kate a picture of her father and him and said they were friends. Bosco asked Kate to stand up and hit him if she can. Kate slapped Bosco and cried. Bosco hugged Kate and let her bit his arm. Bosco apologized to Kate.



The Ultimate Addiction episode 16 recap

Kate showed Ben her father’s watch. Ben told Kate she still can’t use dirty tactics to get near Bosco. Kate gave Ben the files of C-Coin and asked Ben to continue to pretend to turn against her. Bosco took Kate to a flat he bought for her. Bosco gave Kate a bull sculpture to celebrate her comeback to work. Nancy is jealous of Kate having Dat working for her. Kate took her bathrobe off in front of Nancy to prove she’s a lesbian. At the meeting Nancy suggests Bosco to reduce selling the C- Coin since she doesn’t trust C-Coins. Bosco gave Nancy a necklace of Athena, goddess of wisdom. Nancy hold a glass piece of the castle and said every piece stands for their hard work. Even if she’s upset with him, she still will work hard for the firm. Kate packed her stuff and leave to her new flat. Kate and Jack announced that Nancy will buy many C-Coins. Stephen and the CCB came to arrest Chung Wing Sun’s wife for money laundering in the cottage. Sharon and the CCB tries to catch Chung Wing Sun but he escaped. Jazz transfer the files into another server. Nancy told Bosco it’s not worth risking more money on C-Coins. Nancy told Bosco they’ve been taped twice since Kate worked for them and he’s manipulating him. Nancy told Bosco he won’t give up C-Coins because this was her plan with her. Bosco asked Nancy if she doesn’t want him to trade C-Coins because if he loses, she will lose everything. Bosco drunkenly leaned on Kate on the sofa and wants to kiss her. While Bosco fell asleep, Kate trembled and tried to pick up the knife in the kitchen. Kate told Jack she needs to refrain herself from stabbing Bosco. When the market opens on monday, Kate plans to close the C-Coins. After this is done, she will go back with her mom back to the States. Kate gave Ben a cheque to give to Stanley. Kate’s mom told Kate she knows she came back to HK to revenge for her father. She asked her to let go of the revenge. Kate’s mom told Kate that god wanted her father to suffer because they did many wrong things. Kate’s mom told Kate to promise not to hurt herself. Kate’s mother got a headache and passed away. Kate promised she will avenge for her father. As Kate is about to terminate the C-Coins, Bosco pluck out the Death Key. Bosco said after he saw her holding the knife, he asked Jazz to follow her. Kate told Bosco he caused her parents to die. Kate pushed Bosco and tripped the hill. Bosco grabbed Kate’s hand. Kate fell down the hill.



Yan Hua San Yue episode 3 recap

Rong Ruo and Si Zhen held each other’s hands in jail. Rong Ruo told Si Zhen he can tell by her expression that she is shy. Rong Ruo gave Si Zhen a bracelet and a flute. Rong Ruo plays the flute for Si Zhen. The guards tell each other that when the couple are in love, dead doesn’t matter to them no more. Rong Ruo feels happy staying in jail with Si Zhen by his side. Rong Ruo gave Si Zhen a box of make up. Ron Ruo put on make up for Si Zhen. The guards came to pick up Si Zhen. Si Zhen thanked Rong Ruo and she will see him in the next life. Rong Ruo told the guard Si Zhen is his wife. Kangxi asked his eunuch to tell the guard to release Si Zhen. Kangxi and Si Zhen talk in the private room alone. Kangxi showed the doll to Si Zhen and asked her if she remembers him. Si Zhen remember Kangxi when he used to be the third prince. Si Zhen cried and hugged Kangxi. Si Zhen begged Kangxi to save Rong Ruo. The guard brought wine for Rong Ruo and finds him courageous for not being scared of anyone. Kangxi asked Si Zhen what have she been doing. Si Zhen said she sleeps next to the previous emperor’s tomb everyday. Kangxi told Rong Ruo to stay with Si Zhen in the house he reserved for him. Ming Zhu believes that there will be a conflict between Kangxi and Ao Bai after this incident. Rong Ruo asked Si ZHen if she ever seen an elephant. Rong Ruo said an elephant is seventy times bigger than her and has about twenty teeth. Rong Ruo asked Si Zhen if she knows how to capture an elephant. Rong Ruo said the hunter shoots sleeping dust toward the elephant. Some men shot sleeping dust toward Rong Ruo and Si Zhen. Rong Ruo and Si Zhen kisses each other. Rong Ruo and Si Zhen stayed at some martial artist’s temple. Si Zhen asked Rong Ruo to let her be by him forever. Rong Ruo fought with a martial artist. Ming Zhu deny the marriage between his son and Ao Bai’s daughter in front of Kangxi. Kangxi got mad at Ao Bai for being a hypocrite and only like to please him and the Empress Dowager whereas Ming Zhu is silent and don’t dare to say anything. Empress Dowager told Kangxi to try to stand Ao Bai until he gains more power. A captain of Ao Bai arrived at the temple. The martial artists told the magistrate that they come from a royal descendant. Rong Ruo and Si Zhen escaped through a hollow tree and arrived at a plain with cherry blossoms. Si Zhen asked Rong Ruo if he loves her. Si Zhen shouted that he really loves Si Zhen. Si Zhen cried and asked Rong Ruo to go home.