HK-Korean Drama Expression

Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 38 recap

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Liu Piao Piao showed Athena the flute in the box and told her that Chen Long’s father still wants her to be his daughter in law, and he hopes she will break ties with Chilam. Chilam looked at the flute and begged Chen Long to persuade his father to stop. As Chen Long’s father played the tune, Chen Long stepped on the flute. Chen Long asked his father why did he set up him with Athena. Chen Long’s father explained to Chen Long he married his mother because of her looks and brain and he wanted a smart and good looking son. He said he believes Chen Long can be the top martial artist. Chen Long’s father gives Chen Long two options which is to beat Sun Xing or return the book to Chilam’s master and have him kill him. Chen Long stared at the tree and yelled. Chen Long demanded his father for the book. In the dungeon, Chen Long put some needles on Chilam’s master. Chen Long prevented Liu Piao Piao from putting needle on Chilam’s godsister. Chilam’s master said he rather die than give the book to Chen Long’s father. Athena and Chilam saw Chen Long’s father’s bottle in the grass. Chen Long’s father gave Chen Long a pill to have more energy to kill Chilam’s master. Chen Long pressed Chilam’s father’s finger and asked him where’s the book. Chen Long hugged Chilam’s godsister and wants to rape her. Chilam’s master said he burnt the book but he rewritten Tian Can Shen Gong and hid it in his wife’s hairpin. At home, Chilam’s godsister gave Chen Long the hairpin. Chen Lon told Chilam he only makes fun of how weak he is. Chilam’s master tried to beat Chen Long’s father but he fell. Chen Long said it is his karma for trying to kill his son. Chilam’s godsister and Chilam came and saw him die. Chen Long’s father told Athena that her mother is selfish for not taking care of her while he only cares about promoting his son. Chilam’s master asked Chilam to generate energy so he can rewrite the Tian Can Shen Gong. Athena’s mother recognize that the moves he wrote isn’t a type of martial art and he wants them to practice it to turn crazy.



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