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Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 39 recap

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Athena’s mother said Chen Long’s father let his son practice this kind of martial art will ruin hisself since it’s not really a type of martial art. Chen Long’s father is thrilled that Chen Long is improving his skills so he can beat Sun Xing. Liu Piao Piao asked Chen Long’s father what kind of conflict does he has with Sun Xing. Chen Long’s uncle is anxious that Chen Long might be able to kill him. Christopher and his father visits a the sect leader of Emei. Phyllis and Christopher fought with the Emei sect. A nun begged Sun Xing to forgive the leader of the Emei Sect. Christopher, his master, and Phyllis visit Sun Xing. Christopher’s master deals with Sun Xing to allow the Emei sect to his sect. Christopher’s master told Sun Xing he has his own sect but he couldn’t find out who killed his wife. Sun Xing. Christopher teased Chen Long’s uncle about not knowing where Athena’s father was locked. Chen Long is impulsive to practice the martial art. Chen Long’s father threw up blood and hope Chen Long can defeat Sun Xing before he dies. Athena’s mother stared at the prisoners in the dungeon and asked the guard where is her husband. Phyllis reunites with her mother and refuses to look at Athena. Chilam begged Sun Xing to release Athena’s father. Sun Xing rejected the request afraid Chilam will beg him release everyone. Chilam asked Sun Xing to eliminate his Ru Lai Shen Zhang with his life. Sun Xing asked Chilam to try to defeat him. Sun Xing teaches Chilam the next step in Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Sun Xing told Chilam he’s the first one he teaches Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Chilam asked Sun Xing to eleminate his martial art. Sun Xing got angry and eliminates Chilam’s Ru Lai Shen Zhang. Chilam and his friends reunites with Athena’s mother. Christopher and his friends arrived at Sun Xing’s place. Athena’s mother told her husband she was worried about him and she promised she will always be with him. Christopher’s master announced that the previous leader of Emei Sect killed Sun Xing’ wife. Christopher’s master said Sun Xing will kill her and will let them drink her blood.


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