HK-Korean Drama Expression

Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 40 recap

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Christopher’s master asked Sun Xing to kill the nun. The elder lady, whom Christopher and Phyllis encountered, arrived and took off her fake mustache, and apologized for mistaken him for killing his grandpa due to rumors. She admits she accused Sun Xing of stealing Ru Lai Shen Zhang novel and uses Athena’s aunt to fight against him. She said she got tricked by Chen Long’s father. She asked Sun Xing if he remembered a child who used to bring medicine to Emei Sect. Flashbacks of Chen Long’s father peeking at Athena’s aunt. Sun Xing arrived in front of Athena’s aunt and said he falls for her at first sight. Sun Xing flirted with Athena. Chen Long’s father used some wooden sticks and hit Sun Xing behind his back. The elder lady told Sun Xing that he used to criticize Chen Long’s father. Chen Long’s father is selfish and took it to heart. Chen Long’s father massaged Athena’s leg. Sun Xing pushed Chen Long’s father and called him ugly.Athena told Sun Xing she likes Chen Long’s father. Sun Xing told Chen Long’s father “Hey ugly face, Sun Ling only use you to drive me away, you better hide in the forest or I will scratch the other half of your face. You are ugly and weak, what’s the point of living. If I were you, I would die”. Christopher’s master released the two nuns and gave him a list of hundred prisoners he wanted to be released. Chilam questioned where is Athena’s father. Chen Long’s uncle said he died from aging. Sun Xing told Chilam that Chen Long’s father is selfish and couldn’t win Athena aunt’s heart so he revenged. Chen Long asked Sun Xing why does he keep on revenging instead of letting go. Christopher asked his master if the leader of Emei sect is the illegitimate daughter of Athena’s master. Liu Piao Piao arrived at Athena’s home. Athena said she came here to lead Athena to Chen Long’s place to marry Chen Long. Athena got a stomach ache. Chilam and Christopher’s master used powers on Athena to suppress the poison. Phyllis whined to Christopher that Athena is hurt because of her. Christopher told Phyllis not to waste Athena’s hard work.


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