Treasure Venture episode 9 and 10 recap

Wu Ma pushed the needles on the soil lady and she laughed. The big monk Wuji yelled when Wuma pushed needle on him. The big monk accused Bai Rue Xue and Ruo Han of poisoning the elder monk. The two child monks pinpointed the big monk of hating the elder monk. Yu Lung and his friends search Bai Rue Xue’s room and saw the bottle of poison. Bai Rue Xue told the big monk that someone sent her to put this powder in the elder monk’s food but she has no idea it was poison. Bai Rue Xue accused Wuji. Yu Lung grabbed Wuji’s soldiers and said he believes he is innocent because they were both asleep the elder monk got assassinated. The soil lady leaves the temple and bid farewell to the lil monk and Wuma. Wu Ma and the lil monk flew a kite together. The soil lady teared up in happiness. Jian Ping told Yu Lung he got a better impression of him after believing in Bai Rue Xue. Yu Lung asked Jian Ping if he can help her save her father, would she consider being with him. Yu Lung touched Jian Ping’s face. Yu Lung fought with Ruo Han wearing a mask. Bai Rue Xue asked Wuji to leave. Jian Ping told Bai Rue Xue if she loves her brother Ruo Han, she should take him. Jian Ping said she can persuade Ruo Han to be with Bai Rue Xue. Bai Rue Xue told Jian Ping that Ruo Han likes her and will be heartbroken. Bai Rue Xue told Jian Ping that she doesn’t want Ruo Han to tag along because she’s worried he will be in danger and she pushed him to her because she wants to forget him. Wuji told Eunuch Cao that Jian Ping is in the Shaolin Temple and accused him of murder. Jian Ping told Ruo Han she doesn’t likes him nor hate him and don’t dream. Wuji became and eunuch and sent soldiers and burned the temple but couldn’t find Jian Ping and her friends. Wuma and his friends disguised and bribed the guard. The guard received a paper saying that they disguised to leave the gate. Yu Lung stood in front of the guards and asked his friends to leave. Wuji brought Yu Lung tied up to Eunuch Cao. Eunuch Cao stared at Yu Lung and kicked Wuji. Eunuch Cao bowed to Yu Lung. Yu Lung demanded him to tell who ordered him to frame Jian Ping’s father. Yu Lung said he will tell the majesty. Enuch Cao told Yu Lung that if the Jian Ping incident get exposed, he will be accused of rebel. Eunuch Cao knocked Yu Lung. A couple recognized one of the lil monks as their son due to the mole under his foot. Wu Ma told Jian Ping that her father will be executed tomorrow at noon. The majesty told Yu Lung he has to execute Jian Ping and her father to save faces for him. Jian Ping dresses in her lady self and get ready to go to the execution scene to save her father. Ruo Han and Jian Ping, and Wu Ma and the lil monk fought with the soldiers. Eunuch Cao grabbed Jian Ping. Jian Ping’s father said he really doesn’t know where the keys are and even if he kills his daughter, he won’t even know. Yu Lung attacked Eunuch Cao and he got punched. Jian Ping hugged Yu Lung. The soil lady rescued Jian Ping’s father. Ruo Han Han grabbed Jian Ping and flew on the roof. The soil lady told Jian Ping’s father eighteen years ago he killed his son in law and his family. The soil lady apologized to the soil lady for not agreeing his daughter arranged marriage but he just found out his family got executed and exposing his in laws rebellion. Wu Ma showed the soil lady a letter of wedding registration when his house was flooded. Jian Ping asked Wu Ma to help her dresses girly. Ruo Han and Yu Lung and the lil monk watch Wu Ma teaching Jian Ping to act girly. Jian Ping and Wu Ma stared at Bai Rue Xue cooking.



Hobby vs Passion vs Reality

I’ve stumbled about this question many times and wonder why do I even blog? I’m sure you guys do to.

Have you ever heard the saying that some hobbies are better staying as a hobby than a career?

The problem is that so many people can blog but only a few can be successful at it, same with other hobbies which can possibly turn into a career. For example, web design, graphic design, photography, and writing are all hobbies which people can also make money. With so many people pursuing that hobby, it’s hard to stand out.

One of the reasons a few of our blogger buddies have quit blogging because they feel that their time is wasted when their blogs aren’t successful. Some blogs for a hobby; some for money.

My question is: What is your view on hobby turning to a career? Is hobby better as a hobby? Do you wished you have spent your time on other things than blogging?

Rear Mirror episode 11 recap

Tires turn loose in the middle of the road. Dai Chi and Wayne fix the wheel together. Dai Chi told Wayne that being a driver is a big responsibility and he always have to be alert, that’s one of the reasons why he is strict on him. Dai Chi told Wayne that he didn’t mean to rush him but he’s never been late to work and don’t want to lose his record. There’s still fifteen minutes left. Susan asked Louisa to renew her uncle’s contract. During dinner Louisa told her family that Uncle Henry has reserved a table for them at the HK and China Chamber Dance. Susan praises Mary’s scarf. Benjamin and Ryan discuss with each other about the cruise trip. They ignore Louisa. Susan and May saw Louisa visiting her father in the hospital. Louisa’s dog barked at Mary. Before the meeting, Ivan washes his hands repeatedly. Natalie went to the meeting with Ivan. Ivan presents his presentation with confidence at the meeting. Natalie’s colleagues smiled and gave Natalie some documents and asked her to tell Ivan to sign them. They asked her if she’s dating Ivan since she is the first girl that he hires in the IT Department. He never spoke more than three sentences but now he speaks face to face with her. Ivan signed those documents, and his colleagues smiled. Natalie received a text from Ivan to meet him at the ice skating rink at noon. Natalie watch Ivan wearing a suit, in her phone and showed to her friends and said he is not her cup of tea. The girls think he is hot and couldn’t tell he has social anxiety. Ivan asked Natalie out. Natalie rejects Ivan and explains that love and sympathy are different things. Ivan told Natalie he doesn’t have feelings for her. He wanted her to help him woo the girl. He showed Natalie a skater wearing a dress in the ice skating rink. Wayne’s friend got yelled by Ryan for not having a van for him since Wayne is using it. Ryan accused Wayne of breaking his watch. Ryan asked Wayne to pay him three hundred and nine thousand dollars. Wayne showed Ryan a video of himself in the parking lot showing the broken watch to the security guard. Mary pretends to have an Asthma in front of Louisa and asked her to take the dog away. Louisa’s father told Louisa to take her dog to a friend’s house to please Mary. Louisa let her dog stay with Wayne’s son for the night. Louisa envy Wayne for having a warm family. Elaine peeked at Wayne driving Louisa. Natalie took Wayne’s son to visit his mother. Elaine gave him a robot. Natalie and Elaine took him at the park.


Twin of Brothers episode 8 recap

The general froze and asked Raymond and Ron for the pill. Raymond and Ron generates energy for the captain. Raymond and Ron took off the general’s pajamas and blanket. The general captured Raymond and Ron and said being nice is a flaw for your enemy. Raymond and Ron told the general that even if he becomes king, he will be an arrogant one. The general told Ron to not ever let your enemy know what you love or he’ll use you. The captain asked Ron where is the manuel or he’ll cut Raymond’s tongue. Raymond and Ron answered . The general tied them both. Raymond and Ron said it is a shame they sees him as a hero but he is just a cunning person. Flashbacks of the general’s son died in a war, and the captain promised his son he will be a good king. The general told Raymond and Ron if they called him a father then he won’t kill them. They called him father. The captain promised to release them. Ron found the captain pitiful. General Li and Tavia’s maid saved a maid from being raped. The captain asked Raymond and Ron to lead him to the manuel. Raymond pees on the general. Raymond told Ron that escaping from this place is not easy. Raymond and Ron stared at the soldiers. Raymond and Ron has a convo that the they hoped that their father will be a good emperor but they won’t have that chance. The captain sadly walked away. Ron doubts if the incident is related to his son since the captain is always upset when they mentioned about his son. General Li and Tavia’s maid found the fan made out of grass and guesses the whereabout of Raymond and Ron. Raymond and Ron and the general rested in a remote house and drank wine. Raymond and Ron said they’ll never worry about being starved when they are with him.The general said his son also said that. The general said his son has died. His son is a soldier whereas he is a thief and they were destined to fight in the war. The general got drunk. The general woke up and tied them up. Raymond told Ron they always failed to escape because they are not as cunning. Raymond and Ron suddenly feels healthier. Raymond and Ron stared at the general practicing martial arts. The general asked Raymond and Ron how much of those movies they learned from it. The general asked them to call him father if they want him to teach them martial arts. The general brought Raymond and Ron and deals with Derek and Tavia for the manuel. The general has a duel with Derek. Tavia invites the general for a drink of tea. Tavia deals with the general to collaborate with her. The general and his sect left. Raymond and Ron fought with Derek. Derek, Raymond, and Ron saw a rock and doubt what that power is. Derek returned the manuel to Raymond and Ron.


Treasure Venture episode 8 recap

This episode starts with Wu Ma sewed clothes with leftover fabrics. The soil lady told Wu Ma she resembles those mothers. Bai Rue Xue put in some powder in the tofu and brought it to the monks. The fat jerk monks told Bai Rue Xue’s of Jian Ping’s name. Bai Rue Xue told the fat jerk monk that Jian Ping’s father is currently locked in the dungeon. The fat monk pointed a sword at Jian Ping and took her to the elder monk. The elder monk refuse to hand Jian Ping to the palace officials. The elder monk told Wuji he wants to betray his brother which isn’t a filial thing. Jian Ping pleaded for Wuji. The soil lady asked Wu Ma how would he repay her for letter him eat and stay in her house. Wu Ma kidded he will give himself to her. The soil lady told Wu Ma he looks like a pauper, how could he be with her. Wu Ma leaves the house and then asked the soil lady to let him stay for two more days. The soil lady gave the child monks some apples. They told her about Wuji being yelled for saying Jian Ping’s father got arrested. Jian Ping and Ruo Han sat on the roof. Jian Ping told Ruo Han this might be her last day at the temple since she has to search for Wu Ma and visit her father. She had a fun time hanging out with him. Ruo Han told Jian Ping he doesn’t mind if she is a prisoner. Jian Ping hugged Ruo Han. Ruo Han said he also want to stay by her eternally. The soil lady made out with a man and asked him about the jade. He said it is a gift to her daughter in law Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue and Ruo Han found the key in the elder monk’s body. Ruo Han fought with the elder monk. Ruo Han pointed a sword at the elder monk. Ruo Han’s master killed the elder monk by hanging him by pulling the rope. Jian Ping wandered in the woods and found Bai Rue Xue. The assassin fought with Ruo Han. Wu Ma grabbed the assassin and took off the mask and surprised it was the soil lady. Jian Ping happily hugged Wu Ma. The child monk asked the soil lady why did he tried to kill Wuji. The soil lady said the one she tried to kill was Jian Ping. The soil lady said she doesn’t know if she should be happy or sad when he called her “mother”. The soil lady asked the child monk to hug her. The child monk said he doesn’t have a mother and ran. Jian Ping trusted Bai Rue Xue after she took the punch for her. Bai Rue Xue asked Jian Ping if she ever makes fun of her and if she would fall for her. Jian Ping told Bai Rue Xue she is a girl. Bai Rue Xue told Jian Ping she will be her sister from now on. Ruo Han and Bai Rue Xue chat about how she saved Jian Ping from the soil lady cause their master asked them not to kill Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue said they have to finish this mission quickly before the child monks heal the elder monk. The fat monk asked Wu Ma to put the ball of needles on the soil lady to prove he isn’t her ally.


Treasure Venture episode 7 recap

Eunuch Cao tortured Jian Ping’s father and demanded him to tell where’s the key. Ruo Ran plays the flute controlling Bai Rue Xue plays the harp. Bai Rue Xue asked Ruo Han if he fell for Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue feels heartbroken. Ruo Ran told Bai Rue Xue he always only love her as a sister. Bai Rue Xue swears to not revenge Jian Ping living as hell. Wu Ma got sick from generating energy for Jian Ping. Jian Ping wants to check Wu Ma’s health. Wu Ma told Jian Ping someday he will leave her and she needs to learn to be independent. Wu Ma wrote a letter for Jian Ping and left. Jian Ping and the child monks found Bai Rue Xue. Bai Rue Xue sighed she is heartbroken and doesn’t want to leave. She rather die than let someone else have him. Wuji saw the child monks brought blanket to Bai Rue Xue. The soil lady saw Wu Ma fainting on the grass. Ruo Han played the flute for Jian Ping. Bai Rue Xue pretends to be scared seeing Ruo Han. Ruo Han told Jian Ping he never thought Bai Rue Xue loved him and he never loved anyone. Jian Ping asked Ruo Han who does he has a crush on. Ruo Han told Jian Ping that she doesn’t need to worry who’s he’s nice to. Friendship and lovers are different. It doesn’t matter to him if Bai Rue Xue suicide. Yu Lung told Jian Ping to calm down. Bai Rue Xue drinks the bowl of medicine and said Ruo Han is not her lover but her brother. Yu Lung laughed. Yu Lung told Jian Ping he hopes she will treat Ruo Han as a close friend. Yu Lung told Jian Ping if she is a gal, he will love her. Eunuch Cao laughed and told Jian Ping’s father that Jian Ping is currently staying with the monks at the temple. Yu Lung came to the soil lady’s house and saw Wu Ma. Bai Rue Xue showed Ruo Han a pill she created which is both a poison and medicine. Jian Ping saw Ruo Han kissing Bai Rue Xue and screamed. Bai Rue Xue asked Jian Ping to kissed Ruo Han to give him more breath.


Rear Mirror episode 10 recap

As Wayne drove Louisa, a reckless driver almost bumped into Louisa’s van. Wayne and Louisa that if the drivers earned more money then the would be more calm making their deliveries. Louisa plans to increase the salary of the truck drivers. Louisa visits Uncle Bing and his lawyer son Chi Kin and showed a document of raising five percent of Uncle Bing’s salary. The villagers demanded a ten percent raise. Louisa tore the paper. Chaos happens, a man held a piece of beer glass, and Wayne stood in front of him and held the piece toward him. Chung told Wayne that there was a strange woman who hurriedly walked in the bus and stared at the drawing. Natalie hugged her sister Elaine. Elaine told Natalie she divorced her Taiwanese husband and she has mostly unpleasant memories. Elaine said she couldn’t stand living with Wayne as a minibus driver. She left and wanted to seek happiness. Elaine stared at her son’s drawing. Natalie told Elaine she believes she should return back with Wayne. Natalie brought cakes for her colleagues and tried to give to Ivan but he is busy. Computer programs are off. Benjamin and Ryan yelled at Ivan. Ivan washes his hands continuously in the restroom. Natalie asked Ivan to stop washing his hands. Ivan sit on the top of the building. Natalie called Ivan’s name and asked him to pick up the papers. Ivan said he let Louisa’s down. He doesn’t know anything besides cooking. Natalie told Ivan she knows someone who can fix the program, which is Professor Yim. Ivan rode the motorcycle with Natalie in the highway. Natalie hangs out with Ivan for the night. Ivan complained that he hasn’t met Mr.Yim. They argued. Natalie accidentally pushed Ivan in the lake. Natalie threw a lifesaver. Ivan said he got an idea. Ivan successfully upgraded his server. Uncle Wing ate with Louisa and Ivan and praised Ivan. Ivan cried. Louisa told Uncle Wing that she sees potential in Ivan but he needs more confidence and support. Wayne and his son met Louisa at school. Louisa gave Wayne’s son a dairy free chocolate and took a photo with them. Elaine wiped her son’s mouth using a wet towel. Louisa asked Uncle Bing to help her make a delivery. Uncle Ping poke fun of Louisa during the mahjong game. Wayne brought truck drivers. Wayne drove Louisa to the Cafe, Louisa fell asleep in her van.


TVB Gay and Lesbian Series

TVB has featured some gay and lesbian couples. I’ll list some of them. This is by far the gay and lesbian couple I can remember.

Placebo Cure: Cherie Kong and Eileen Yeow play the cute lesbian couple. Probably my favorite lesbian couple. In the series, Cherie nervously blurted out that she likes Kevin when her mom questioned who gave the bouquet of flowers, making Kevin mistaken that she really likes him. In fact, she has a girlfriend played by Eileen Yeow. Actually there should be more series that feature the good side of lesbian couples like Placebo Cure.


Other gay and lesbian couples but I got a vague memory about it cause they are old series and it’s been a pretty long time since I’ve watched them.

Page of Treasure: In Page of Treasure, Macy Chan plays the role of the model whom is a lesbian, she would protect Lily whenever she gets bullied or picked on. Lily found out Macy is a lesbian when she touched her hands.

Ultimate Crimefighter: Kevin and Pierre plays a homosexual couple in The Ultimate Crimefighter. Kevin is bisexual whom fall for Gigi but ends up killing her in the case.

King of Yesterday and Tomorrow: Edmond So and Anthony Tsang ( Kenneth and Hugo) plays a homosexual couple

Gem of Life: Kenny Wong confessed to Bowie he’s gay.

Good Against Evil: Melissa Ng plays a lesbian whom fall for Yoyo Mung

Take my word for it: Bobby Au Yeung ( Pang Sir) has a brother who is gay.

Ups and Down in the Sea of Love: Joyce has a lesbian friend named Wendy.



In Korean Drama Boys Over Flowers, Ji Hoo has a guy friend whom is gay.

In Personal Taste, Jin-ho’s boss is gay and fall for him.

Treasure Venture episode 6 recap

Yay! I’m recapping stuff I love which is old Wuxia Series.

An assassin fought with Ruo Han. The child monks showed the elder monk the knife. The elder monk checked Ruo Han’s pulse and found him affected by another poison when his old wound haven’t completely healed yet. Jian Ping leaned on Ruo Han in his arms. Ruo Han thought about how Jian Ping was raised by Yu Ma and never surrounded by females so she isn’t shy away from him. Yu Ma fought with the lady. Wu Ma asked the lady why does she keeps on attacking Jian Ping. Eunuch Cao demanded Jian Ping’s father to bring his daughter. Jian Ping’s father asked Eunuch Cao to postpone the wedding. Jian Ping’s father confessed that his daughter ran away. Eunuch Cao arrested Jian Ping’s father. Jian Ping had a nightmare of her father. Jian Ping asked Yu Ma if she is her father’s biological’s daughter. Wu Ma told Jian Ping that her father miss her mother everytime he sees her so he’s always strict on her. Jian Ping regrets of not seriously practicing martial arts. Wu Ma teaches Jian Ping his martial arts. Eunuch Cao sent a rebel letter of Jian Ping’s father to the majesty. Yu Lung begged the majesty to spare Jian Ping and her father. Bai Rui Xue used her power, and Ruo Han prevented her. Jian Ping practice martial arts and thought she improved vastly. Bai Rui Xue told Ruo Han it wouldn’t be surprising he fell for Jian Ping. Yu Lung fought with Ruo Han. Jian Ping stopped them. Ruo Han told Jian Ping that his master always tell him to never reveal he has martial arts. Jian Ping asked Yu Lung if he picks on Ruo Han for being poor. Jian Ping told Yu Lung he is a hypocrite. Ruo Han told Jian Ping that she is kinda harsh on Yu Lung, and he always protect her. Jian Ping gave Yu Lung a box of salt.