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Ru Lai Shen Zhang episode 42 recap (End)

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Chen Long’s uncle threw water on Chen Long told him he killed his grandpa. Chen Long got mad and untie himself using his power. Chen Long runs in the woods crazily. Phyllis and her parents, and Christopher’s master saw Liu Piao Piao crawling on the street. Athena’s mother apologized to Liu Piao Piao. Sun Xing barge in Chen Long’s father’s room. Sun Xing demanded Chen Long’s father to remove the poison out of Athena’s body. Athena cried and pushed Sun Xing and refuses to admit Sun Xing as her father. Sun Xing punched Chen Long’s father in the woods. Athena told Sun Xing he is a vicious creature. Sun Xing told Chen Long’s father she isn’t a match to fight with him for Athena’s aunt. Chen Long’s father laughed and said he caused Sun Xing to be miserable. When Chen Long is injured terribly, Athena’s stomach hurt so bad. Chilam generates energy for Athena. Chen Long punched Athena and Chilam. Chen Long punched Christopher. Sun Xing fought with Chen long and they both got hurt. Sun Xing told Athena and Chilam he will try his best to cure them. Before Chen Long’s father passed away, he asked Chen Long to kill them for him. Before Sun Xing passed away, he asked Athena to look at him. Athena asked Sun Xing if he has ever loved her mother. Sun Xing told Chilam he never dared to kill him because of his innocent look. Sun Xing asked Chilam to take good care of Athena. Sun Xing told Athena if he knew he has a daughter, he would have live a normal life and taught her martial arts and travel with her. Sun Xing die. Chen Long did a funeral for his grandpa. Chen Long kidnapped Athena. Chen Long tries to rape Athena but she bit him. Chen Long grabbed Christopher and Phyllis and demanded a duel with Chilam. Chilam uses Ru Lai Shen Zhang tenth step and won the duel. Chilam and Athena brought Chen Long to the temple. The monk told Chilam that the martial arts is neither good nor evil, it depends on how the people use it. Phyllis asked Christopher if he would still be with him if she turns ugly. Christopher agrees to be with her. Chilam and Athena horseriding with each other on the plain.

The End!

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