Twin of Brothers episode 7 recap

Raymond told Tavia he likes her. Tavia told Li Qian that Raymond and Ron are talented guys since they can survive as orphans and they worked for her brother. Tavia asked Li Qian if she likes Raymond. Li Qian swear she doesn’t like Raymond. Derek failed to use the manuel. Nancy played the harp. Derek fought with Nancy. Nancy told Derek she will see him again. Li Qian and Tavia drinks with a general. Li Qian and Tavia fought with the soldiers. Raymond rode a horse and fought with the soldiers. A general whistled and Tavia and Raymond rode on a horse and escaped. The soldiers arrested Li Qian. Raymond and Tavia hopped the horse on the other side of the road. General Li rode the horse with Tavia’s servant and asked her to leave. General Li fought with some soldiers. General Li spared the general’s life. Nancy visited Ron. Nancy told Ron he likes him because he is a gentleman whom doesn’t fall for a villain like her. Nancy was about to kiss Ron. Leila fought with Nancy. Derek fought with Leila. Ron stopped them. Leila explains to Ron that if he got distracted by love while practicing the martial art in the manuel, it may cause him to turn evil. Derek and General Li taught Raymond and Ron some martial art skills. Raymond and Ron fought with the soldier. Raymond released Li Qian. Li Qian asked Tavia and Derek to save Raymond and Ron. The general slapped Raymond and Ron and asked them where is the manuel. The general placed Raymond and Ron in the hot cauldron. Raymond and Ron’s martial art power rose and they stood and spit water at the general and smiled.




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