Rear Mirror episode 11 recap

Tires turn loose in the middle of the road. Dai Chi and Wayne fix the wheel together. Dai Chi told Wayne that being a driver is a big responsibility and he always have to be alert, that’s one of the reasons why he is strict on him. Dai Chi told Wayne that he didn’t mean to rush him but he’s never been late to work and don’t want to lose his record. There’s still fifteen minutes left. Susan asked Louisa to renew her uncle’s contract. During dinner Louisa told her family that Uncle Henry has reserved a table for them at the HK and China Chamber Dance. Susan praises Mary’s scarf. Benjamin and Ryan discuss with each other about the cruise trip. They ignore Louisa. Susan and May saw Louisa visiting her father in the hospital. Louisa’s dog barked at Mary. Before the meeting, Ivan washes his hands repeatedly. Natalie went to the meeting with Ivan. Ivan presents his presentation with confidence at the meeting. Natalie’s colleagues smiled and gave Natalie some documents and asked her to tell Ivan to sign them. They asked her if she’s dating Ivan since she is the first girl that he hires in the IT Department. He never spoke more than three sentences but now he speaks face to face with her. Ivan signed those documents, and his colleagues smiled. Natalie received a text from Ivan to meet him at the ice skating rink at noon. Natalie watch Ivan wearing a suit, in her phone and showed to her friends and said he is not her cup of tea. The girls think he is hot and couldn’t tell he has social anxiety. Ivan asked Natalie out. Natalie rejects Ivan and explains that love and sympathy are different things. Ivan told Natalie he doesn’t have feelings for her. He wanted her to help him woo the girl. He showed Natalie a skater wearing a dress in the ice skating rink. Wayne’s friend got yelled by Ryan for not having a van for him since Wayne is using it. Ryan accused Wayne of breaking his watch. Ryan asked Wayne to pay him three hundred and nine thousand dollars. Wayne showed Ryan a video of himself in the parking lot showing the broken watch to the security guard. Mary pretends to have an Asthma in front of Louisa and asked her to take the dog away. Louisa’s father told Louisa to take her dog to a friend’s house to please Mary. Louisa let her dog stay with Wayne’s son for the night. Louisa envy Wayne for having a warm family. Elaine peeked at Wayne driving Louisa. Natalie took Wayne’s son to visit his mother. Elaine gave him a robot. Natalie and Elaine took him at the park.


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