Treasure Venture episode 9 and 10 recap

Wu Ma pushed the needles on the soil lady and she laughed. The big monk Wuji yelled when Wuma pushed needle on him. The big monk accused Bai Rue Xue and Ruo Han of poisoning the elder monk. The two child monks pinpointed the big monk of hating the elder monk. Yu Lung and his friends search Bai Rue Xue’s room and saw the bottle of poison. Bai Rue Xue told the big monk that someone sent her to put this powder in the elder monk’s food but she has no idea it was poison. Bai Rue Xue accused Wuji. Yu Lung grabbed Wuji’s soldiers and said he believes he is innocent because they were both asleep the elder monk got assassinated. The soil lady leaves the temple and bid farewell to the lil monk and Wuma. Wu Ma and the lil monk flew a kite together. The soil lady teared up in happiness. Jian Ping told Yu Lung he got a better impression of him after believing in Bai Rue Xue. Yu Lung asked Jian Ping if he can help her save her father, would she consider being with him. Yu Lung touched Jian Ping’s face. Yu Lung fought with Ruo Han wearing a mask. Bai Rue Xue asked Wuji to leave. Jian Ping told Bai Rue Xue if she loves her brother Ruo Han, she should take him. Jian Ping said she can persuade Ruo Han to be with Bai Rue Xue. Bai Rue Xue told Jian Ping that Ruo Han likes her and will be heartbroken. Bai Rue Xue told Jian Ping that she doesn’t want Ruo Han to tag along because she’s worried he will be in danger and she pushed him to her because she wants to forget him. Wuji told Eunuch Cao that Jian Ping is in the Shaolin Temple and accused him of murder. Jian Ping told Ruo Han she doesn’t likes him nor hate him and don’t dream. Wuji became and eunuch and sent soldiers and burned the temple but couldn’t find Jian Ping and her friends. Wuma and his friends disguised and bribed the guard. The guard received a paper saying that they disguised to leave the gate. Yu Lung stood in front of the guards and asked his friends to leave. Wuji brought Yu Lung tied up to Eunuch Cao. Eunuch Cao stared at Yu Lung and kicked Wuji. Eunuch Cao bowed to Yu Lung. Yu Lung demanded him to tell who ordered him to frame Jian Ping’s father. Yu Lung said he will tell the majesty. Enuch Cao told Yu Lung that if the Jian Ping incident get exposed, he will be accused of rebel. Eunuch Cao knocked Yu Lung. A couple recognized one of the lil monks as their son due to the mole under his foot. Wu Ma told Jian Ping that her father will be executed tomorrow at noon. The majesty told Yu Lung he has to execute Jian Ping and her father to save faces for him. Jian Ping dresses in her lady self and get ready to go to the execution scene to save her father. Ruo Han and Jian Ping, and Wu Ma and the lil monk fought with the soldiers. Eunuch Cao grabbed Jian Ping. Jian Ping’s father said he really doesn’t know where the keys are and even if he kills his daughter, he won’t even know. Yu Lung attacked Eunuch Cao and he got punched. Jian Ping hugged Yu Lung. The soil lady rescued Jian Ping’s father. Ruo Han Han grabbed Jian Ping and flew on the roof. The soil lady told Jian Ping’s father eighteen years ago he killed his son in law and his family. The soil lady apologized to the soil lady for not agreeing his daughter arranged marriage but he just found out his family got executed and exposing his in laws rebellion. Wu Ma showed the soil lady a letter of wedding registration when his house was flooded. Jian Ping asked Wu Ma to help her dresses girly. Ruo Han and Yu Lung and the lil monk watch Wu Ma teaching Jian Ping to act girly. Jian Ping and Wu Ma stared at Bai Rue Xue cooking.




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