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Discovery of Romance episode 1 recap

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What a sweet and great way to start a series with food and drinks along with romance. In the summer of 2004, Tae Hae and Yeo Reum goes on a date. There’s only ten days remaining until their 100th day anniversary. At the coffeeshop, they practice to ask the clerk to register for a double bedroom for the hotel. The waiter in the coffee apologized to Tae Hae that they have to leave since its closing. Yeo Reum got mad that Tae Hae was slow and didn’t managed to ask in time and they wasted them time traveling a long way to the hotel. Tae Hae and Yeo Reum spend their day romantically together throughout the seasons. At the train station in 2009, they met each other to celebrate their five years anniversaries but it becomes their goodbyes. Yeo Reum cried and asked Tae Hae if he noticed she’s been acting weird these days. Yeo Reum breaks up with Tae Hae. Yeo Reum went on a blind date with another perfect man Nam Ha Jin set up by her friends Joon Ho and Han Sol. Ha Jin came near her and asked her if he can kiss her. Yeo Reum slapped him. Yeo Reum said kissing should be natural. Ha Jin Ho told her to close her eyes. They kiss romantically. Phone call interruption from their friends interfere with their relationship. Their friends received a call that Ha Jin is going on another blind date. Yeo Reum sneaked in the hotel using the newspaper as a cover and coincidentally sat in front of Tae Hae. Tae Hae stared at the girl whom Ha Jin is having a conversation and he thinks she’s pretty. Tae Hae and Yeo Reum laughed how their personalities haven’t changed. Yeo Reum heard Tae Rae called the girl pretty and confident, and she becomes hot tempered and screamed. Yeo Reum threw a glass of water at Tae Hae and indirectly break up with Ha Jin. Tae Hae told Yeo Reum he did love her and missed her. Tae Hae asked Yeo Reum to give him a second chance. Ha Jin followed Yeo Reum and said it was his mom’s wishes for him to go on three blind dates. Tae Hae watches Ha Jin hugging Yeo Reum. Tae Hae and Yeo Reum found out their phone got switched. Yeo Reum accidentally broke a watermelon at the market. Tae Hae reminds Yeo Reum to pay back her debt. Yeo Reum turns off the phone and cut watermelon for Ha Jin’s mother. Tae Hae looked at Yeo Reum and Ha Jin’s photos in her phone. Ha Jin’s mother told Tae Hae that Ha Jin and her are both in the thirties and should get married soon. Yeo Reum told a lady at the restaurant that she wanted to get married but she can’t cause she has to pay her debt, so she has to pretend not to be interested in marrying. Ha Jin is a handsome doctor who is currently dating her. Yeo Reum got drunk; Tae Hae sat in front of her and coincidentally Ha Jin is calling her. Yeo Reum held a white rabbit. Yeo Reum asked Tae Hae to touch the rabbit and its fur is soft. Tae Hae touched the rabbit and said he wanted Yeo Reum to appear in his dream. Yeo Reum belives she’s in a dream cause Tae Hae would be too busy to spend time with her. Tae Hae took Yeo Reum to his home. Yeo Reum washes the rabbit in the bathroom and it ran. Tae Hae tries to turn off the shower. Tae Hae wiped Yeo Reum’s face using a towel. Flashbacks of Tae Hae buttoned the shirt for Yeo Reum. Yeo Reum slept with Tae Hae. Ha Jin brought flowers and stood in front of Yeo Reum’s house. Yeo Reum called him to leave and lied that Joon Ho and Han Sol has a fight. Joon Ho and Han Sol arrived at Yeo Reum’s house. Joon Ho took the ear plug and pretends to rush Yeo Reum home from the studio to cut the birthday cake. Han Sol asked “What do you mean, we just went to the studio this morning.” Yeo Reum lied she is at his mother’s house taking care of her. Ha Jin’s mother asked Ha Jin to come in the house.



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